June 02, 2015


Apa tu?

See you later. Now off for meeting first.

May 06, 2015

Reviving The Old Blog?

I was reading Kak Teh's FB entry on calling for the revival of the blogs. Like many others who were once active bloggers and in the category of "Makcik Bloggers" I was very much guilty of abandoning my blog as well.

Had tried many times to pen something down, but somehow, it was just some words about making a comeback, Then, I turned away again and lest the blog unseen for many months. In honour of Kak Teh, I am trying to pen something down here as well.

The last entry was before the Sept 2011 entry was titled the "Raya or Pilihan Raya". What do you know, tomorrow 7 May 2015 is a polling day for Permatang Pauh again. Yes AGAIN!!!.

So we cal all see the poster wars again along the roads in Permatang Pauh parlimentary contituency.

Whatever it is as a responsible citizen, In sya Allah, I will NOT abandon my duty there. Who will I vote ? SSSHHHH, it is a secret OK.... :-)

Since we have had a lot of PRKs and PRU over the years, ( 8 times since 2008), this time around I think it is very much more quiet. Literally, I mean quiet, I don't hear a lot of ceramah around my kampung although the BN candidate is from the neighbouring kampung. I used to be able to hear the PKR's ceramah from my house and my front gate would be almost blocked by cars parked by those attending the ceramah. I  hope that I am not speaking too soon because we have another few hours before mid-night tonight for campaigning.

Anyhow, I hope that nothing wild happens tomorrow and peace can still be maintained.

That's all for the debut comeback entry. I do have a lot to write actually, many things have happened since the last blog entry. In syaa Allah....

September 22, 2014

This Is Already 2014

MashaAllah, It has been almost 4 years since I took a look at this blog. I actually miss writing this blog a lot, but unfortunately I was not able to write anything, update it etc. I think a lot of bloggers have moved to Facebook, but although I do have an account on Facebook but have not been active at all. I just read, taking FB as a source of information and entertainment, that's all. I am trying to revive my writing here. hopefully I can find enough time and ideas.