September 04, 2009

No Special Topic, Anything Goes !!

I am writing this entry at 2.15 am, malam jumaat pulak tu.....

Don't worry nothing to be scared of, this is the month of Ramadhan, all Syaitan are being tied :-)

Actually, there is no special topic that I have in mind, but since I am awake I feel like yakking on my own.

Yesterday's iftar for us is a full family iftar. Kak Long and Angah arrived home Thursday morning around sahur time.

They sleep almost the whole day and in the evening they helped me in the kitchen preparing for iftar. Ayin and Syia took the day off helping because they had been helping for the past weeks. I usually don't prepare many dishes because hubby likes to buy from outside. Between the 3 of us we made Tomyam, fish & chips and coleslaw.

Hubby brought terubuk and pari bakar, sambal tumis sotong and cream puff. Semua sedap-sedap belaka. So Angah and Kak Long kena postpone diet diorang tu. Memang makin berisi diorang sekarang ni.

At the same time I have 3 Indonesian workers who are renovating our house. One of them is a Christian and 2 are Muslims. A few days into Ramadhan the Muslim guys were fasting. Maybe the weather was not very hot so they can fast while working. I provided them with sahur and iftar food too. I will bring out for them and and place on the table ourside the small hut that we have within our compound. But 3 days ago they have started not to fast. I still give them the sahur and iftar. No food in between, but I think they can have instant noodle cooked with boiled water easily.

While cooking Kak Long spilled the secret that Syia had written an entry in her blog about me. Syia and Kak Long now have a blog too. Syia used to write in Bahasa Melayu sms :-) and I had to put a stop to that. Her BM result was so bad that I was wondering why, until I stumble on her blog. I gave her an ultimatum, either you write in proper language or you close your blog. It is mainly peer influence actually since her friends blog are the same. But reading her entry on me makes me feel kind of mushy hehehhe.

I don't want to make this a long entry so I am stopping here. I think there maybe another story during this Ramadhan soon. That is if I am doing the "qiamullail" in front of my pc, that is hehehe.

Salam Nuzul Quran to all my Muslim friends, 17 Ramadhan is Angah's Muslim calender's Birthday. I had to ganti posa more than 17 days because of that 20 years ago :-). It is all worth it.