April 11, 2007

A New Plan

I am now in my second week of my so called retirement. Aku gelak sakan minggu lepas kat orang yang kena pergi kerja. But actually the laugh is really on me. At the end of the day, those who are working will have a pay check at the end of the month. Me? Who is going to give me the paycheck? Nobody. No more employer to credit my monthly pay into the bank anymore. Scary right.
But then, kerja rumah tak pernah habis. Nak buka blog baca komen, or tulis entry baru pun tak sempat. Mana lah pulak nak baca blog orang atau nak berchatting. Sorry lah kalau ada orang yang dok tanya khabar aku kat YM. Dah dua minggu dah aku tak buka YM pun.
Why am I so busy? Well, besides the house work which never seems to finish, my weekends now are filled with a new project. I have taken an entrepreneural course for the 8 weeks. Konon-konon nak jadi usahawan lah ni. So every Friday I have to start my journey, over the weekend I attend the classes and I will be boarding the bus home on Sunday evening. Will reach home early Monday morning and will be dead tired by then. I have not boarded a bus for a long long time and I had mix feeling on my first journey.
What class and where? I will reserve the detail in the future entries. I still have a long way to go. Will not "graduate" until end May. It is an options that we are trying to see if it can be done to supplement our income. It will be hard work and it is not a short term plan in this case. InsyaAllah, with hidayah and berkah from the Almighty we may be starting something new. Nothing big but something which may be suitable for me and the lifestyle I have in mind, which is working from home.
I am taking this course is totally because I am such a newby in this field. I know nothing on how to become a businessperson. The networking amongst the participants is great and very inspiring since many of them have already started their business and yet they are there to find new opportunities.
Actually, I don't really want to post this yet because it is still too new and I was scared that some people would say that " eleh AN tu belum apa-apa dah tulis kat blog. Entah jadi entah tidak tu, hangat-hangat tahi ayam je tu" I hope that negative thoughts are not amongst those who are coming here. What we all need is, the encouragement and motivation to spur us to greater heights. Knowledge is never wasted, you don't have to be too old to change and start something new in your lives. Everything else can be taken away from you, your wealth, youth, but not the knowlwedge that you have.
Wish me luck OK?

April 02, 2007

A New Beginning

Waaaaahhhhh Best nya tak payah pergi kerja. No need to join the morning rush (mana ada traffic jam kat sini pun). No need to think of what to wear to work today. And no need to make my self up as well. Sounds heavenly!!!

That's how I feel today hehehe. Must still wake up at the same time though to prepare breakfast for the girls going to school, but after that I can start doing my other things at a more leisurely rate. Not as before when I had to rush to complete fast so that I can then rush to the office.

But huhuhuhuh. No income for this month and all the months to come. Budget is a bit tight and definitely need to tighten the belts.

I am not going to just sit around the house doing nothing and as Ety had put it study ASTROlogy. Remember I had my stayhome program/plan. Now it's serious execution time.

First thing today after sending Ayin to school was to wash the tiolet (Regular exercise plan hehehe) Ehhh, berpeluh2 tau sental toilet tu. Then, I cook for mak's breakfast and then I start login in here. Seriously, I have allocated some time after the subuh prayer to do some workout exercise. Have started doing it since last week. But have not got into momentum just yet. Need more discipline and determination on that.

I plan to be on the internet for at least a few hours a day while my washing machine is washing my cloths. Then back to the kitchen for cooking lunch and some other housework.

In the afternoon, it's gardening time. I had asked from hubby to use the pasu-pasu that he had bought (save duit aku hehehe) for my gardening project. I have some serai waiting to be planted into the pot, I have some chilies as well. Will be adding some more as I go along.

So now. I am off to the bathroom. I must continue to bathe early otherwise.... come afternoon, I would still be smelling stale ( as in air liur basi). hehehehe.

Have a nice day at the office my friends. Work hard OK hahahahaha.