September 04, 2009

No Special Topic, Anything Goes !!

I am writing this entry at 2.15 am, malam jumaat pulak tu.....

Don't worry nothing to be scared of, this is the month of Ramadhan, all Syaitan are being tied :-)

Actually, there is no special topic that I have in mind, but since I am awake I feel like yakking on my own.

Yesterday's iftar for us is a full family iftar. Kak Long and Angah arrived home Thursday morning around sahur time.

They sleep almost the whole day and in the evening they helped me in the kitchen preparing for iftar. Ayin and Syia took the day off helping because they had been helping for the past weeks. I usually don't prepare many dishes because hubby likes to buy from outside. Between the 3 of us we made Tomyam, fish & chips and coleslaw.

Hubby brought terubuk and pari bakar, sambal tumis sotong and cream puff. Semua sedap-sedap belaka. So Angah and Kak Long kena postpone diet diorang tu. Memang makin berisi diorang sekarang ni.

At the same time I have 3 Indonesian workers who are renovating our house. One of them is a Christian and 2 are Muslims. A few days into Ramadhan the Muslim guys were fasting. Maybe the weather was not very hot so they can fast while working. I provided them with sahur and iftar food too. I will bring out for them and and place on the table ourside the small hut that we have within our compound. But 3 days ago they have started not to fast. I still give them the sahur and iftar. No food in between, but I think they can have instant noodle cooked with boiled water easily.

While cooking Kak Long spilled the secret that Syia had written an entry in her blog about me. Syia and Kak Long now have a blog too. Syia used to write in Bahasa Melayu sms :-) and I had to put a stop to that. Her BM result was so bad that I was wondering why, until I stumble on her blog. I gave her an ultimatum, either you write in proper language or you close your blog. It is mainly peer influence actually since her friends blog are the same. But reading her entry on me makes me feel kind of mushy hehehhe.

I don't want to make this a long entry so I am stopping here. I think there maybe another story during this Ramadhan soon. That is if I am doing the "qiamullail" in front of my pc, that is hehehe.

Salam Nuzul Quran to all my Muslim friends, 17 Ramadhan is Angah's Muslim calender's Birthday. I had to ganti posa more than 17 days because of that 20 years ago :-). It is all worth it.

August 24, 2009

Salam Ramadhan 1430H

Ramadhann is here again. I like Ramadhan because I don't have to think what to eat for breakfast, and lunch. The only think is what to cook for iftar and sahur. I like the tarawikh also because it is a once a year affair. This year I try to start from the first day. So far for the last 3 days I am good. Haven't skip it yet. InsyaAllah, I am trying to do it as much as I could.

There are only 4 of us in the house who are fasting. Hubby, me, Ayin and Syia. My mak doesn't fast this year. She is getting quite weak now. Hardly walk or move anywhere now. She spends most of her time in bed. She even eat in the bedroom. The only place she walks to is the bathroom which is only 3 or 4 steps away.

I think she is on her way to become senile (nyanyok). Although she recognises people but many things escape her memories. Solat time is always out. We need to tell her what prayer she is performing and how many rakaat that is. You tell her just 2 minutes away, and she will be asking you again what is she performing. She also need to be bathed as well. It is like going back to become a child once again. For now, I don't have to feed her but I wonder if she will need to be fed later on.

When she is like this, I can see the attitude of my siblings. Who really care for her and who doesn't. Who comes and visit who hardly ask about her. Even those who come and visit may not even spend time to talk to her, just making sure that they show their face. The only regular one is my younger sister. She is here almost every week.

With the ramadhan already starting, I am also thinking of the Aidilfitri. This year is another year which I can't contribute financialy towards the expenses for the aidilfitri. It is a big burden on my husband because the relatives who comes to our house every year is mine. Hardly anyone from his side comes, so he is spending on my behalf. I don't know how long it's going to be anyway.

To all my Muslim friends out there
Salam Ramadhan, may this Ramadhan be the best for all of us.


August 08, 2009

Of Spam And Article Writing


Dah lama AN tak jenguk blog sendiri ni. Tengok-tengok spam berlambak-lambak lah pulak. Kalau joget lambak tu meriah lah jugak kan. Ni entah apa-apa yang di tulis semuanya dalam foreign language (foreign to me at least).

Kat mana? Kat komen box di last entry lah. Padan muka AN lah sebab lama tak sapu sawang kat blog ni. Habis berabuk dah ni.

I am still writing but not into blogspot. No! No! I don't have any other blog right now. Maybe I will some day when I gather enough knowledge on how to sell affiliate products through blogs. OMG!!! AN ni tak habis lagi berangan lah tu hehehehe. I am sure I can hear small little voices out there mocking me.

Well, my principle is, IT'S FREE TO DREAM and don't you dare to take that away from me.

Coming back about writing. I have been putting my writing skill into something beneficial. I am writing for a local person, a young enough chap to be my son (but he calls me "Kakak" you!!!! hehehe) with articles writing. He pays me of course but not very much lah. I can't get rich by writing for people anyhow. That's as much I have discovered. Right now I have produced almost 30 short articles for him. By doing so I am learning his method of making money on the internet.

Now AN wants to dream again --- Now writing for people. Later write for my own affiliate blogs. Then maybe an ebook or even a hard copy. Imagine a title like "A Millionaire Makcik Blogger"

I told you it's free to dream!!!.

So keep on dreaming people. It keeps your imagination alive.

Salam and thanks for keep on coming even when I have not been very attentive to you all of you.


May 11, 2009

There Is A First For Everything 2

Well. I thought there won't be a sequel to the last entry. But surprisingly there is.

Yesterday 10 May, is Mother's day...

I have been married for nearly 24 years.

I have been a mother for almost 22 years. Kak Long will be 22 in Sept.

I have never recieved any mother's day's gift for all these years. Not that I was hoping or asking anyway. I am taking motherhood for granted I guessed.


Being a sunday, Ayin went to tuition in Bukit Mertajam. I sent her early morning since hubby must have been very tired after arriving home from KL the night before.

Hubby went to fetch Ayin home, and informed me that they were going to the mall. Nowadays the girls either go shoppin by themselves (usually Angah would be the appointed driver) or with their father. Mama has no money to spend, you see, so mama always stay home hehehe.

So, it was a nice surprise when they came back and Ayin handed me a mug wrapped nicely as a gift with the inscription



DRPD : BABA & Semua"

So sweet lah hehehe

I am trying to get the photo taken and will post it up later OK


To all you mothers out there


May 08, 2009

There is Always A First Time For Everything

Lama jugak tak update ni. Bukan apa pun, seminggu lepas tak ada connection kat rumah. So melilau jugak lah aku ni sebab tak dapat nak berinternet. Jadinya aku pun mula masuk internet cafe.

For the last few years I have been active on the internet, blogging or otherwise, I have not used the service of the internet cafe. But recently, when I had no connection at home, and I no longer have the choice of going into the world wide web from the ofice, I had to give the internet cafe a try.

There are not many nearby my home actually. The one I went to was where I was waiting for Ayin to have her tuition. You see, Ayin, my form 5 daughter has 2 nights of tuition in the Kepala Batas/Bertam area. It's about 15 km from my home. My routine for those nights would be to join the solat isyak jemaah at the nearby masjid. After that I would then wait for her in the car in front of the tuition center. This week, I cannot enter the mosque, so I decided that the best thing to do is to lepak at the internet service center/cafe.

Not to bad actually, because, I get to read articles, emails, even reply to comments for the blog. I guessed the younger generations that frequented the cafe must be wondering "apa makcik ni buat kat cyber cafe ni ekk?" Don't care lah, what they think. Even Ayin was laughing at me when I told her that I was "lepaakking" at the internet cafe. She must have thought that her mother is so "ketagih" with the internet sampai sanggup masuk cyber cafe. But then again, the place that I went was an open place, it was not a cafe actually. It only provides the internet service. Even games is not allowed there. There were only 8 pcs there. The main business is more of photostating, bingding, laminating etc.

I have been to another one which is also not a cafe but, this one is a full fledge internet service shop. Still not a cafe because they provide food. This one has two types of rate, RM1.50 per hour if you want to use it in the open common area, with no air cond, or RM2.00 per hour if you want to use the airconded room which has cubicles around the pc, ensuring privacy for the user. Very nice. This facility provides headphone to every pc and games are allowed.

My friend's husband is also operating an internet kiosk similar to the first one. He is somewhere in Kulim. His service is also around RM1.50 per hour due to the competion which had set-up after him in the area.

Another reason for visiting the so called cyber cafe is that I was very much interested in setting one myself. People say that if you want to do a business, do something that you have a lot of passion for. I know that I have lots of passion for the internet hehehe. I am just scouting. Not sure what and how it is going to turn out yet. In the days of recession it is very difficult to start and maintain a business. You can ask any new or would be entreprenuer or even those who have been in business right now. business is slow, and to start a new business is like almost impossible to get any financing.

To get the so called government grants are almost impossible. You may need to pocket out your own money to get those grants too, if you know what I mean. So how do we blame people for resorting to go to "alongs" for business capital. Sometimes they just have to as a last resort.

Anyhow, it's been over 2 years that I have become a full time stay at home mom/wife etc. I think my husband is getting fedup of seeing me at home without any contribution to the family financially. Alhamdulillah he is still working. I may have to start finding something soon, I guess.

Anyone can offer me a part time job which I can do from home? Maybe, typing work or whatever. I am open for suggesstion.

Yesterday, I was visited by PS my former colleuage. She is working in KL right now, and she said that she has tented her resignation. And you know what she is going to do? Going to sell nasi lemak in Kajang area somewhere. Her office work provides good money but, she couldn't stand the pressure anymore. Well, all the best to her and friends in their nasi lemak business. You may be asking me to do the same here, sell nasi lemak in fromt of my house maybe?, I can tell you I will be competing with so many around the corners of the streets here. Almost every corner here have a nasi lemak stall. I don't want to add another one. Nanti, it will become more of a charaty then a business for me.

That's all for my rambling this time.

Whatever it is, there is always a first time for something, if it's good just take it. Don't have to be shy about it. I am also learning something new every day.

April 17, 2009

Meronda Blog

I have just finished "meronda" blog-blog kawan-kawan. Cuma selected few lah yang aku ronda tadi tu. Dah lama sangat aku tak baca blog kawan-kawan dan juga sesetengah blog yang dulu-dulu aku tak pernah miss.

Anyway, yang aku musykil ni ialah ada lah dua tiga blog yang "by invitation only".

Wandering why the owner had decided to do that. One of them is Madam TaiTai, I heard she had an unwanted comment.

Must be a harsh one, eh madam? I hope she was very strong in encountering the comment.

I remembered long time ago when I used to recieve some unwanted comments too. But then again, I didn't think that they were really harsh. Someone did call me "perasan" once, and there were very racist type of comments at one time too.

I hope to those who have recieved those hurtful harsh comments, please remain strong and one day please open your blog again. Not that it is my business anyway, and who am I to give the advise anyway, but, to me there more people at lost here rather than just opening to the few invited ones.

Why? It is still opinion anyway OK. Because to me, there are better mannered people who would like to enjoy your blog than just the one who enjoyed throwing the sarcatic remarks around.

That's what I think anyway.

Keep on blogging and let us enjoy your stories the right way.

p/s EddyPurnama - what happened to you?

April 14, 2009

A LOOOONG Menopause

OMG, what a long menopause, hehehehe.

Well I did it again yes? I seem to have abandoned my blog for a very very long time.

In between I have missed new years and what ever other celebration there was from then till now.

Well, I have not been around the blog for a long time, not reading not writing. I don't know, kinda lazy I guess. Not that I don't have time, but somehow, I never got around to post anything on the blog. My girls have been asking

"Mama, why aren't you blogging anymore?"

"One of my friends, ehem, ehem had been reading your blog" Kak Long said.

" Yes Mama, my friend also now started to call me Angah after reading your blog" Angah said.

"Mama, Do you want me to continue your blog for you? " Syia asked me.

I said to Syia, well then, it will have to be changed to "" otherwise noone will understand the new lingo "auntyN" is using. You see, Syia's friend is a blogger and her lingo would only suitable for audience of their ages. I was trying hard to understand what Syia's friend was writing when I visited her blog.

There are a lot of things to write actually but, I was kind of lazy.

I am stopping here and I hope you enjoy the glimpse of my house. Untill next time when I will tell you about the Ikan Keli Project which we are currently doing at home.