February 04, 2008

Travel & Tragedy

It's been a long time that I had a chance to travel on my own (without hubby). Eversince I stopped work, there was no necessity for business travel. The last time I had that was when I was taking the entrpreneural course.

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel without hubby. Not that I don't like to travel with him, but at times I do want to meet my friends whom he can't really relate to or feel shy to relate to. I had to attend a certification course, Kak Long and Angah were starting a new semester. My course was during the weekdays, Ayin and Syia would not be able to follow unless they were willing to forgo (read : ponteng) 4 days of schooling. Hubby would of course need to stay back with them. Since Angah had just acquired her driving licence, she and I would be able to drive alternately to KL and back.

So we travelled south on Tuesday, and we planned to come back home on Friday. We went straight down to Malacca to send angah and I drove to Shah Alam with Kak Long. My course were on Wednesday and Thursday, so early Wednesday morning on my way to the training venue I dropped Kak Long at her campus. Since I was "single" and able to move more freely, I did make some plan to meet some friends. First was the taggers from Joe Perantau's blog. Six of them came to meet me. Sudi jugak diorang ni jumpa makcik ni.
It was about 9.30 pm when I arrived at Abang Lang's house in Shah Alam. They were having a BBQ. What was the occasion? I guessed it was just a family reunion since his eldest daughter, son-in-law and grandaughter were at their home too. I didn't know that they were having the BBQ, so for the whole day I had too much to eat. What with the training menu, the dinner with the tagger at Secret Recipe and then the BBQ. My tummy had quite a jolt that day.

Angah smsed to tell me that she would have class until rather late on Friday, (Kak Long was free the whole day Friday), Angah said that she planned to a give (ponteng) Monday and Tuesday classes a miss for the Chinese New Year week (this week). Most of her classmates are Chinese and they are skipping class too. Wednesday class had been cancelled anyway. That would mean that, if she followed me home, she would be able to stay for a week. Our original plan was, for them to follow me home (as to keep me company during the journey home bound) and they would go back to campus on Sunday by bus and then would be back again for CNY. Hubby had already bought tickets for them to come home from KL to Penang on Wednesday. Kak Long was OK to with the idea. Therefore, I was free on Friday without any plan.

Early morning Friday, I called a few friends to see if they were available. My best friend from STF was availablle. Her hubby was outstation, and she is a full time house wife. Just my luck. I spend 1/2 a day at her home catching up with news. Sadly to know that her elder brother had passed away about a year ago. We knew each other family quite well actually.

Originally, I wanted to visit Kak Yan , who had recently undergone 2 operations. When I called, she told me that she and her husband were planning to go back to husband's kampung for a wedding. Suprisingly, while I was at my best friend place, she called to say that she had managed to persuade the hubby to go by himself. Caya lah you Kak Yan hehehe. So, after leaving my friend's house, I went to pick up Kak Long, had a late lunch with her, tapau Mee Goreng for Kak Yan and off we went to Bangi. Kak Yan was suprised that I managed to find her house just based on the address she sms to me. Not bad huh, for some one who always lost her way hehehe.

Actually, I wanted to see another school friend in Putrajaya, but she was getting ready to attend a niece's engagement ceremony in Lumut, so had to give it a miss. Angah informed us that the bus ticket from Malacca to Shah Alam had already sold out so I advised her to take what ever mean of transport on Friday evening to meet up with me and Kak Long. She ended up taking a bus to Pudu Raya. Her friend picked her up from the bus station and delivered her to Abang Lang's place that night. That saved me a trip to Pudu Raya.

The 3 of us travelled back to Penang on Saturday. If it was a Friday, I would have stopped at Sungai Buloh to meet up with a blogger. Belum ada rezeki nak jumpa ME lagi ni. Hubby had called up to say that he had bought tickets to see a movie that evening at the Sunway Carnival Mall. Since my mother was still at my youngest brother we took the opportunity to see a movie that evening with the whole family, something of a luxury nowadays for us.

The mall was quite packed, it being a Saturday evening and all. While we waiting for the movie to start we all went down to Popular Book Shop. It was about 9.00 pm when suddently there was some commossion going on in the mall. The Popular bookshop and all the other shops doors were lowered. We were not allowed to get out of the shop. I heard a guy was telling someone that there was a robbery at the ground floor and a guard was shot dead. It sounded too fantastic to be real. I spotted a former colleague and re-confirm the news with her. After a few minutes we were allowed to get out. We went up to the cineplex floor and were at first being asked to leave. Hubby and I at first decided to leave, but on second thought, we decided to stay with the other movie goers. The movies were not cancelled. We decided to stay because, at that point if we were to leave, there would be only a few leaving, we had no idea what would be in store for us at the parking lot. If we were to stay, we would be in a crowd, so it seemed safer that way. We watched the movie with the other and came out with the crowd.


I don't know what to say to this, but very early that morning, after the Subuh prayer when I went back to sleep I actually had a dream that, we were in the mall watching a movie, when someone got killed right in front of our eyes. In my dream, I lost my hand bag in the process of rushing to get out of the theater and although I did recover my bag, all my belongings were lost. I told Kak Long and Angah about it and when we were put in the situation at the mall, I recalled the dream. I didn't bring the handbag and Alhamdullillah we were all safe.

Innalillah... our condolence to the gaurd's family.



my condolences to the guards family as well...

amboi turun KL...sampai ke Shah Alam tak bagi tau pun...so unfair!!!!

Anonymous said...

amboi lawat auntie yan tak ajak kita pun walhal nak pi rumah aunty yan tu lalu kat rumah saya. saya ni segan nak pi rumah aunty yan sorang2.


AuntyN said...

eddypurnama :Awat tak habaq yang cek balik mai holiday, kalau tau mesti AN dah pi sana. Lama tak jumpa dgn maktok.

Atenah : I don't know how to contact you. Please drop me an email with your contact nos. Lain kali boleh ajak pi sekali. OK?

Anonymous said...

aunty n, remember me lagi, selendangbiru yg duduk kat bm tu.
can i hv ur emel? (kalau boleh la kan..hehe)..anda something nak tanya sikit kat aunty


cikdinz said...

rasa mcm dlm filem kan. tapi panik gak...

AuntyN said...

selendangbiru : AN ingat.

email to makcik_n@yahoo.com.my

cikdinz : panik jugak lah masa tu walaupun realitinya penyamun tu dah lama hilang dari premis pun hehehe.

atiza said...

salam aunty n.. it's a rough world we're in these days..i shudder to think abt my kids' future..

AuntyN said...

atiza : InsyaAllah things will be OK. Semua ni ada hikmahnya. Kuatkan semangat.

SelendangBiru said...

aunty! awat lama tak update? busy ka? ka dah ada blog lain jugak? mmm..joeperantau dah tukar blog lain ka atau mmg sengaja diprivate kan? huhu

Anonymous said...

Salam Aunty N,

Nice story to read and condolence to the guard family. I like your CKT's receipe. Thanks!

Sue Black