April 09, 2011

Dari Kamar Hospital Seberang Jaya

No, NO!! I am not sick... Alhamdulillah.... pssst Not really true, I have a slight cold. Not that it would be enough to get warded anyway.

No, I am not working here as well.

But I have been sleeping in this room for more more than 2 weeks.

It is my hubby who is warded here. He has been diagnosed with kidney failure.

He was here at first was to start the Heamodialysis treatment, but the IJC ( the catheter placed for the procedure) was septic or infected by bacteria. He need to be re-admitted to make sure that the infection does not affect his other vital organs.

The story on my hubby would come later.. I promise.

This entry is more about me first..

I thought that my addiction to blogging has been long cured. Looks like I was wrong. In fact I missed it a lot. At times, my mind felt like it was going to explode because, I have many things that I want to blog about but somehow I couldn't do it. Reasons... there are a few, but they may seem trivial and lame at this moment.

Thanks to the technology, you can blog from anywhere right?.

At the beginning of his stay here, I was anxious about hubby's well being, so my mind was focussed on his health. But after he is already stabilised, I was getting very bored. The doctor won't discharge him yet, not until his infection is gone anyway, therefore my mind is left to wonder aimlessly. Thank God Ayin is back from college and I could borrow her laptop and the broadband.

So last night, I wandered through the blogging world to see who is still around. Many have moved to facebook and twitter but there are still a few of my old blogging friends who are still active. Phew!!!. Lega...

I am trying to make a comeback. Not so much to find popularity or what so ever, but there are things that I want to pen down like my hubby's hospital episode, his reaction to ill-health and the caregiver point of view. One day my daughters may need to refer if they have to care for someone they love, just like me. This can be their reference point.

My english is I think dah berterabur...... semua pitching ke laut habis.

It has been 4 years since I left employment and it becomes rather rare that I speak in proper english. So please bear with me.

Untill next time




DeLinn said...

salam AN. Saya la ni dah kat KL, sambung belajar. lama tak dengar citer AN. kalau turun putrajaya tu, gimme a call na. mungkin boleh mengopi sesama kat mamaks.

anyway, send my get well soon to uncle. semoga dia lekas sembuh. ameen.

AuntieYan said...

Salam N,

Com sikit dulu!!!muahhhh!!!

Wellcome back to blogging world.

Kak Yan is still going on strong...be it rain or shines...got people read my blog or not, ...I won't kisah one!!!!ha! ha!

Have a nice day and may your Abg Zul get well soon.

OOD said...

you dont know how much i miss the old blogging gang, the makcik bloggers!! facebook really is the culprit lah!!
please please do come back. Satisfy my kepochi streak, i must read you again! :)


AuntyN said...

Delinn, it is going to be a bit difficult to go to Putrajaya now. Tapi, InsyaAllah AN akan cuba cari peluang. Nak juga kalau dapat mengopi dengan Joe.

Apahal dengan Blog Delinn, macam mana nak baca?

Kak Yann!!!!! Com balik heehe. Terimakasih doakan Zaki (bukan Zul). Nanti nak cerita awatlah sibuk sampai blog berabuk.

OOD, thanks for the encouragement. I Missed blogging a lot. Yes, FB and Twitter are not the same somehow yeahh...