May 02, 2011

Kidney Failure - My Husband's Story 3

Sorry lambat sikit update. Been very busy driving around hospitals. My life recently is revolved around 3 hospitals. Will continue soon.

This is what I posted at facebook.

My husband hospital episod

by Normah Hassan on Friday, April 8, 2011 at 10:12am

It started with a simple case of inserting an IJC for haemodialysis when he was first warded. Then a few days after he was discharged, he had to be re-admitted due to infection. Spent 2 nights in ICU because he was coughing blood. Then when the IJC was re-inserted he was bleeding the whole night non stop. So the IJC need to be pulled out again. The neck was swollen rather bad, so the catheters had to be inserted at his groin now for a week.

Due to the bleeding, the dialysis was only done for 40 mins, vs the normal 4 hours last monday. The doctor decided to do the insertion to the groin only last friday. So it was almost 4 days since he was dialysed. Because of that his urea increased and we was vormitting very badly and feeling dizzy. He was dialysed on the bed.

He is still under observation, and so far but stable now. We have been recommended to go to KPJ on Monday for another procedure. I can't remember what is the medical term for it. But according to the nephrologist here it has a lower risk of infection than the common IJC. Next he need to do the permanent fiscular on his arm for dialysis.

Dialysis is for life, 3 times a week at 4 hour every session. Once a person get use to it then, they are almost as healthy as another person.

Moral of the story is TAKE CARE OF YOUR GOD GIVEN ORGANS. Go for a regular checkup and lead a healthy life. Poor health is expansive.


Anie said...

Salam Kak N...lama tak dengar berita... harap2 keadaan suami akak bertambah baik...

NMY said...

Salam Puan N, its has been a while since we met....and am not sure if u still remember me..I was your former MM colleague in KL.
Anyway, I'm sad to hear the news about ur hubby. Can I suggest that you try an alternative way to "cure" the Kidney failure?

Call me up +60122833688

read quran said...

may ALLAH bless ur husband with good health, really sorry to hear abt him, online quran teaching
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AuntyN said...

Anie : salam. Thank you for the dua.

NMY : Terkejut jugak saya yang ada org MM selain dari Aida yang tahu pasal blog ni. Thanks for the info.

read quran : Thanks for the dua.

Anonymous said...

Aunty N, It's been a while since we last spoke in blog/in person. 1st I quit, then u quit, i start again, quit again... I'm very sorry to read that your hubby is not well, I do hope that you are coping as much as possible. My du'a is with you, semoga Allah beri kesabaran dan kekuatan dalam menghadapi dugaanNya. Hugs! *shidah*

Arena said...

Semoga aunty terus tabah. Moga Allah beri kekuatan pada aunty dan uncle untuk hadapi dugaan ini.

AuntyN said...

Kak Lady,

Alhamdulillah suami bertambah sihat. Tu ada update tu. AN sibuk sangatlah, sampai tak terupdate blog.

Jangan Marah ye..
TQ for reading.

AuntyN said...
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AuntyN said...

Shidah, Sorry AN missed your comment. So, have you re-started your blog again? Let me know if you do. :-)

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