April 17, 2009

Meronda Blog

I have just finished "meronda" blog-blog kawan-kawan. Cuma selected few lah yang aku ronda tadi tu. Dah lama sangat aku tak baca blog kawan-kawan dan juga sesetengah blog yang dulu-dulu aku tak pernah miss.

Anyway, yang aku musykil ni ialah ada lah dua tiga blog yang "by invitation only".

Wandering why the owner had decided to do that. One of them is Madam TaiTai, I heard she had an unwanted comment.

Must be a harsh one, eh madam? I hope she was very strong in encountering the comment.

I remembered long time ago when I used to recieve some unwanted comments too. But then again, I didn't think that they were really harsh. Someone did call me "perasan" once, and there were very racist type of comments at one time too.

I hope to those who have recieved those hurtful harsh comments, please remain strong and one day please open your blog again. Not that it is my business anyway, and who am I to give the advise anyway, but, to me there more people at lost here rather than just opening to the few invited ones.

Why? It is still opinion anyway OK. Because to me, there are better mannered people who would like to enjoy your blog than just the one who enjoyed throwing the sarcatic remarks around.

That's what I think anyway.

Keep on blogging and let us enjoy your stories the right way.

p/s EddyPurnama - what happened to you?

April 14, 2009

A LOOOONG Menopause

OMG, what a long menopause, hehehehe.

Well I did it again yes? I seem to have abandoned my blog for a very very long time.

In between I have missed new years and what ever other celebration there was from then till now.

Well, I have not been around the blog for a long time, not reading not writing. I don't know, kinda lazy I guess. Not that I don't have time, but somehow, I never got around to post anything on the blog. My girls have been asking

"Mama, why aren't you blogging anymore?"

"One of my friends, ehem, ehem had been reading your blog" Kak Long said.

" Yes Mama, my friend also now started to call me Angah after reading your blog" Angah said.

"Mama, Do you want me to continue your blog for you? " Syia asked me.

I said to Syia, well then, it will have to be changed to "anak_auntyn.blogspot.com" otherwise noone will understand the new lingo "auntyN" is using. You see, Syia's friend is a blogger and her lingo would only suitable for audience of their ages. I was trying hard to understand what Syia's friend was writing when I visited her blog.

There are a lot of things to write actually but, I was kind of lazy.

I am stopping here and I hope you enjoy the glimpse of my house. Untill next time when I will tell you about the Ikan Keli Project which we are currently doing at home.