August 20, 2011

Menopause - On Pause

I couldn't quite remember when I had my period last. Probably last March or April. It stopped most probably due to the high stress level I was in when hubby was in the hospital. When it didn't appear in May, June and July I thought that it might as well be so. I am menopaused at last.. Anyway, I am already 53 year old this year. I couldn't wait to fast for the whole month this Ramadhan.

But think again... It appeared again right in the middle of Ramadhan. My full month fasting plan for this Ramadhan, is now short of 7 days. Too bad!!!!! Ah well, it may just prove that my menopause is now on pause.

My younger sister who is 50 years old this year was telling me that she she had not had her period for a few month also, but recently she went to the clinic and the doctor gave her medication and she menstruated after that.

My older sister I heard menopause at the age of 52. She is now 55. So I guessed looking at the family history, I should be what the medical term would described as peri-menopause. A stage when your period would not be as regular as before, prior to full fledged menopause.

Luckily for me, I don't really have the kind of symptom that I heard about when menopause is looming. I do experience some hot flashes, but could it be because of the hot weather now?

Maybe it just to show that I am probably still very healthy and "awet muda" hehehe



Anonymous said...

please start amik evening primrose oil. ada gek capsule dijual di pharmacy kita....merata....that will help regulate and mood swing and feeling hot flushes

AuntieYan said...

Salam N,

Kak Yan dah banyak tahun puasa penuh.
Period stopped masa usia masuk went out well without any symptom..alhamdulillah, tak mengalami apa-apa mood swing what so ever...
Life must goes on and I am very happy...still young at heart...awwwu!!!!! :-)

AuntyN said...

Anon : Tq for the suggestion

Kak Yan: ingat tahun ni boleh puasa penuh. Terbabas rupanya. Maklum lah masih 'muda' hehehe.