September 13, 2011

Aidilfitri 1432H

This year is the first year my hubby celebrated hari raya aidilfitri as a kidney patient. Eventhough it was hari raya day, if it is the schedule dialysis day then dialysis will have to be done. So, for this year raya, hubby's day started at 3.00am. Angah and syia sent hubby to KPJ for the dialysis. That way it freed from the task of sending him so that I could start cooking.

However all the preparation and planning had to be done by me, with the help of the girls. Previous years, shopping for the raya preparation mostly would be done by hubby and/or me. This year, Kak Long and Angah followed me to the wet market, send the chicken to hubby's brother's house, to A tu Z to buy the flowers decoration etc. We were out early morning and was only home around 5pm.

I had to do the marketing on sunday because I had to bring my maid to the immigration office on Monday. But it was a vood plan because the girls helped to ut the meat and veggies while I and the maid were out of the house. By the time we were home, everything were already completed. Alhamdullillah. That's the beauty of having 4 daughters!!!

As always my main dishes were rendang daging, ayam serai lengkuas, sayur lodeh & nasi himpit aka lontong,kuah kacang,ketupat palas.Like last year the ketupat palas, I made them myself, I maid them in 3 flavours, plain, with kacang andjagung. Very adventurous right? Hehehe, terlebih rajin lah tu. Cuma yang kacang tu terlembik sikit, yang lain semua ok.

But, this year my cooking is a little lack of flavour, kurang masin, kurang manis, to cater for hubby's taste too. So we have to also serve salt as a side dish hehehe. I cooked rendang and ayam on monday afternoon, my sister came to prepare kuah laksa on the same day. I cooked lontong before subuh prayer on the raya day, so that I could bring some for the nurses at the dialysis center. They were surprised that I managed to cook so early, because after subuh I was already there waiting for hubby to complete dialysis. The reason for the early start was because the staffs wanted to celebrate raya at home earlier, rather than go home at 10pm, they hoped to finish work at around 4 or 5 pm.

Pssst: I am tired of typing using the samsung galaxy tab. So I will continue later.


pB said...

aunty ...

doa - doakan lah nyer agar anak anak dara pB yang seramai 4 orang tu rajin rajin seperti anak dara Aunty

aNIe said...

Kak N...selamat hari raya... Maaf Zahir Batin...

AuntyN said...

PB: Amin!!!

Anie : Selamat hari raya untuk anie juga