September 14, 2008

Nora - Dalam Kenangan

Oh yes, I have been neglecting my blog for a long time.
Thank you for visiting, comments and wishes but, Sorry to all who have been coming here without any new content. I didn't even realise there had been a "war" going on on the comment page. Hehehehe.
Kak Mutiara, thanks for coming to my defense. I appreciate that very much. But again, what happened there may have given me a good idea for a blog entry. Before that, let me just post an entry, a sad one by the way as a tribute to my young niece.
InsyaAllah, I will tell more why I had been busy for the past few months. July and August were the busiest months for me and September is Ramdhan. A full time house wife job is a never ending job, but then again I do have time to satisfy some "addiction". So just wait and see ( I hope iit would be NOT too long...).

Here is a story on Nora.

Although this happened 2 months back, I could still remember it well. I was on my way back from Langkawi, that day. It was a trip with the committee members of USAHAWATI, for a 2 days, 1 night road show trip. On the way back that evening I took a lift from Kak Zaini and her family.

As we were approaching the Kuala Kedah road, I received a call from Abang Lang, a distressed voice on the other end of the phone could only reflect his emotion at that time. I could understand how he felt but unable to console him as much as he needed it. He was telling me the worsening condition of Nora. Her kidney had totally failed and the doctor was contemplating doing a dialysis for her.

Not much later, about an hour later, I received another call from him telling me that Nora is no longer with us. I could not say much except for “Innalillahiwainailaihirajiun…” She passed away at 9.15 pm on 8 July 2008, without regaining consciousness after being in a coma for more than 3 weeks. She was only 26 years old.

I remembered carrying her, and playing with her whenever I was down in Shah Alam, years ago when she was a toddler. Watched her grew up into a boisterous young lady, later a wife and mother. I remembered her wedding, I wrote about it in this blog too. I remembered her stay at our house when she was pregnant with her daughter, the first time after her marriage, and the last time stayed at our house last raya, with her husband and daughter. She was supposed to come and stay again on the 31 May 2008. That date was the last date we see her “alive”.

On 31 May 2008 was the wedding of another one of my nieces here in the north. Abang Lang came back with only Kak Lang and his daughters only. Nora was their eldest daughter. At one time we thought that she might be the only daughter, because Abang Lang has 5 sons after Nora. But Allah has planned that Abang Lang would have 2 more daughters besides Nora. Being the eldest and the only girl in the family for a long time, she was rougher and hard headed than the brothers. I used to remember Kak Lang having such a headache over her.

Abang Lang arrived late on the 30th night. Nora and her sisters were having high fever. So instead of staying at my house, they decided to stay at my younger sister’s place, which is nearer to the vicinity of the kenduri. They never did stay at my house on that occasion because Abang Lang took them to Sungai Petani after the kenduri. Apparently it was Nora’s last visit up north.

She never actually recovered from the high fever. When they went back to Shah Alam her conditioned worsened. She was hospitalised right after. She came home for a short while because she wanted to see her husband, back to Kuantan, where he is working. According to Kak Lang she was so weak and delirous that they had decided to admit her into the hospital. She was conscious for about a week and then she slipped into a coma. Up until the end the doctor could not tell us what was wrong with her. They suspected a form of virus attack, but what virus and where it came from was a mystery until today. The doctor was asking the family if she had been to overseas lately, Nora had never stepped out of the country at all.

I visited her once when she was at the hospital, taking the trip down with my mother who wanted to visit her sick granddaughter. All we could see from outside the room was her stiff body lying there with life support machine wired to her. It was sad to see her in that condition.

Hearing the doctor’s report on her condition and seeing her body system “shutting down” one by one was the saddest thing for the parents and us the families to undergo. After the high fever, the brain was swollen and when they sedated her to the maximum level after which she could not be revived. The doctor decided to sadate her because her white blod cell count was high. If she had survived, she would have been bed-ridden. After that you could see other organs starting to break down. Her kidneys were malfunctioning and the lungs were infected. It was like that until the end.

She left behind a young daughter just about to celebrate her one year old birthday when Nora passed away. Athirah now called her grandmother (Kak Lang) “mak”. Nora had a good and pious husband who was praying for her every step of the way when she was at the hospital. I could not have found a more “sabar” nephew-in-law than he is. It was heart wrenching to see the parents bury their eldest daughter, albeit submitting to Allah's will.
Hanya redha dan sabar sahaja yang dapat mengubat hati yang luluh.

Now, all we have of Nora was her memories. She short-lived us all, her grandmothers (my mother & her maternal grandmother), her parents, uncles and aunties.

Walaupun Allah hanya “meminjamkan” Nora kepada kami hanya untuk 26 tahun namun, kami redha dengan ketentuanNya. Semoga Allah mencucuri Rahmatnya kepada Nora dan menempatkan dia bersama orang-orangyang beriman, InsyaAllah.
This is the last smile from her.


atiza said...

Salam...Al fatihah untuk take care ye

AuntyN said...


That was fast. Thank you

You take care too...

Mutiara said...

Takziah and you have a wonderful Ramadan

Anonymous said...

Takziah dan al fatihah kepada arwah.


AuntyN said...

Kak Mutiara

Thanks and you have a good Ramadhan too.


Thank you

KakNi said...

Al Fatehah... memang sedih, lagi sedih sebab tak tahu pun punca penyakit yang dihadapi...

Semoga Allah mengampuni dosa nya dan menempatkan arwah di kalangan orang yang beriman.

Kak Teh said...

al fatehah - dan salam ramadan

Jo Kontan said...

Kak N,

Al Fatehah.

Kinda kind reminder for us, mere mortals.

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan yang Mulia

AuntyN said...



Kak Teh

Tthanks and Salam ramadhan to you too


My thoughts exactly.

Same to you.

Anonymous said...

Pn N,

Alfatihah for Nora. I had hoped she'd recover but its not meant to be.


AuntyN said...


Dah itu ketentuan Allah untuk Nora.



Anonymous said...

Pn N,

Kalau nak tengok blog kawan kita yg jauh nun, googlekan lifeasataitai...

How's things with u?

Looking forward to hearing more from u dear.

AuntyN said...


Hey you, you should replace calling me Puan to Kak N lah. :-) Don't feel nice to be called that anymore. Things are fine with me right now. Getting very lazy lah hehehe.

Will look up the blog later.