October 06, 2006


I was away from the office for the last 2 days. I went for a training course with PS. Maybe to some it is not understandable why with the company is about to close down, we were so keen on going for training. Well, I am helping the company to reduce the company money in the HRDF. If not utilised, the company cannot re-claim the money. So what other ways to do but to go for training. (Read : The training can be usedby me if I decide to become a consultant later on ) Of course, training is always associated with lavish meals. There are usually morning and afternoon tea breaks and a lunch. So since I was fasting, the training provider gave me Tesco shopping voucher instead.
I have known the training provider since 1994. On and off we had used them to provide training for the employees, from my first company till now. Some of the trainers/consultants had become my friends over the years. One of them is Christina.
I haven't seen Christina for some time, over the years, we changed, and shamefully I had forgotten how she looks like. So when she met us during the break, she said we (PS and I) look familiar (luckily she forgotten me as well hehehe). I asked whether Christina was still around and she said,
"Is Christina is still around? " Mock surprise tone. " I am Christina"
"sorry, so very sorry" I said, " I didn't recognise you, you look different, did you have a plastic surgery or something. You look so young". Hehehe, Of course lah, need to cover maaa. .
" Ya lah, plastic surgery lorr, that's why I look different now, hahaha" Luckily she is sporting enough.
Later during the class, the trainer Joyce asked me.
Joyce : "N, were you from LT Sdn Bhd, before?"
Me : " Yes, why?"
Joyce : " Christina was asking whether you were from that company and she was telling me that you gave birth 2 days after you finished the course ?"
Joyce was asking for confirmation.
Me : " Yes, that was me"
At lunch, while Joyce and the other participants went to lunch I had a chat with Christina reminescing over old times and friends. Of course the story came out again.
Christina :" I used to tell your story in my other trianing classes. I told them that we had a lady pregnant at full term during one of the training. We finished the course on Friday, she gave birth on Sunday " I should ask for a royalty for this right?
Me : "Yes, Joyce was asking me just now, I said, when you asked me then, when I was due, I said next week."
Christina : "No, no, I still remember your exact words. You said, if I tell you when I am due, you all will be worried".
Me : "If I am not mistaken, you pestered me again and I did tell you all. You and Linda's reaction was " why so fast?""
Me : " My answered was, "What Fast!, I had been carrying the baby for 9 months already" "
Anyway, that baby is 12 years old already. Yes, I was full term pregnant with Syia when I was scheduled for the Lead Assessor's training. It was a 5 days training, with live audit conducted at their client's premise. The training was in Penang Island, I was driving to and from home to the training place. I had to use the ferry and training usually finished at after 8.00 pm. It was interesting and but rather hectic for a pregnant mom in her last trimester. Unknowing to me, they had a little contigency plan on their own during the mock audit, just in case I decided to gave birth during that time :-), although I didn't see an ambulance witing the compound.
I went back to the office on Saturday ( we were working 5 and 1/2 days at that time, Saturday was half day). I wanted to clear my stuff before the maternity leave. On Sunday, Syia was eager to come out into the world. It was the labour day, 1st of May 1994. Although it was a quality training, Syia was borned feet first, against the normalcy of birth. Yes, she was breached, but Alhamdulillah it was a normal delivery, no suction, no forcept, not ceaserian. Perhaps she just refused to conform to normal rules I guessed, hehehe.
Let see if I can get more training before we leave.


KakNi said...

Larat lagi AuntyN no masa tu... yang penting tu semuanya selamat

Kak Teh said...

N, the same happened to me, I was heavily pregnant too when we knew the BBc was going to close down our section. And I was sent off for training too in that condition. But thattraining was to help us cope with life outside the BBC and it really helped me a lot. And come to think of it - I am so thankful i went through all that.

Anonymous said...

ayaarrrkk..citer pasai pregnant plak...ada 'isi' ka??? :)

patut tak bleh panggil Aunty..I heard your voice, macam cik kak-cik kak jek..isskk..anyway, thanks for the call..

saya dah start keja la Aunty..

AuntyN said...

ahni : Tak larat pun kena larat jugak lah. Lagipun boss ada sekali masa tu. Yang tak larat tu pasai kena drive balik tiap2 malam dan esoknta pagi2 dah kena rush pi pulau pulak.

Kak Teh : For sure the training usually help. Ni yang dok try cari lebih anyak ni. Duit tu banyak lagi wooo..

oren : "isi"? Kah kah kah. Isyyy malu lah dah nak pakai maternity dress ni. Orang nanti kata orang tua gatai kut.
OK OK , nanti lepas raya kita contact lagi no, sorry AN sibuk tak leh nak jumpa hari tu.

Nong said...

You must be one strong lady pergi training masa sarat mengandung. I was a weakling during pregnancies. Nasib tak kena buang kerja pasal banyak MC. He he..

Ordinary Superhero said...

hah ha, I am hopeless when it comes to names and faces too.

Ari said...

One of the training that I had attended, the trainer try real hard to train us to accept fate, that there is life beyond 'the company'.. all sort of bs..just to prepare us before the slaughter..!They chop off the whole department and out source it..it was not my department..but I'm a hard core union leader at that time.. majority are very happy with their compensation..but life must go on..some do really become real successful business man..some do wither..

AuntyN said...

Nong : Alhamdulillah, my pregnancies were all OK. Sehari pun tak MC. Sihat walafiat, jadi tak de reason tak pergi training tu.

OSH : Wah ada geng rupanya ni hehe. Usually I remember a face but I forgot the name. Tapi hari tu terbalik pulak. :-)

En Ari : Ketahan diri kita yang dapat terima qada dan qadar, agaknya yang dapat tentukan kita successful atau otherwise agaknya kan?

Mama Rock said...

hehehe, auntyn...sib baik tak deliver masa training ya. my waterbag broke while i was in the office! orang lain panic giler, mama sempat gi bye-bye lagi kat sumer orang before run off to hospital :)

AuntyN said...

mamarock : haah lah, kalau jadi camtu sure panik semua orang. Anyway my boss pun ada sama masa training tu so OK lah I think hehehe.

Nor Razi said...

Lama dah tak masuk sini

AN, Sama keadaan ajer kita rupanya. Tempat budak pun sekarang ada restructuring macam nak kuarkan org ajer. Nasib baik budak decided nak sambung belajr jadi adala circle of friend baru yg budak boleh tanyakan oppurtunity bari

UglyButAdorable said...

whoaaa..gave birth just after 2 days of training..pegh..dasat la AN nie..

Ordinary Superhero said...

Ooit, training tak abih lagi ka? Bila nak update nih?

AuntyN said...

LB : This is not re-structuring ni, ni totally bought over. Tak per, AN dah nak sampai retirement age dah so InsyaAllah evrything will be OK :-)

Adorable : Hehe, Alhamdulillah, I was fine and tak terberanak masa training tu hehe.

OSH : Amboi, amboi hehehe, kadang2 dia pun lambat update, nak kata orang pulak ekk? Gurau aje OSH OK. Sat lagi AN update OK?