November 29, 2006

Countdown - the last month.

In about 1 month from today, most of the employees of this factory would be leaving the company. Last week the retrenchment letters were already circulated. There were about 70 employees were offered contract employment term of various options. And those who were offered the contract would have until the end of this week to decide whether to take up the offer or not. There is still one more group to be offered within the next month. In actual term, this is our last month being the full time employee of this company.
There would be around 40 who would be leaving at the end of the month of December. Amongst them would be PS. I would be staying until 31 March 2007. My name was originally in the group with 31st December 2006, but at the eleventh hour, I was asked whether I could stay on a little longer. Since I have not committed to any employment just yet, I decided to accept the request. Boleh lah dok makan gaji for another 3 months tu kan hehehe.
I have no idea why I was asked to stay but, I presumed that they have received their corporate decision on what to make of this factory. The idea so far is that the factory would be turned into a regional hub for one of the core activities to support the company business. There is one such center in the Klang Valley, but they have space constraint there. Since the factory here offered ample space with no rental cost, the idea of setting up the hub here seemed a very viable one. As of now, they are only committed to plan for 1 year ahead only. They need to review other factors before deciding to continue or close down the entire premise. That was the reason for giving some of the employees a year contract to ensure that the business is continued and that the customer is served as normal as before. Let's hope that they really would be turning this facility as planned and that they would need someone to coordinate the activities in this facilities. I would have a glimpse of hope to be offered the job. Amboi!! Masih dok berharap lagi tu.

From the beginning of the year until March 2007, I would really be missing most of my friends/colleagues. It would really be very quiet here in the office and I foresee that I would be yawning and counting the hours in the office. Wouldn't it be nice if I would bring a sofa bed to the office or a small TV to sleep or amuse myself. Nak start tengok telenovela ni, just to past the time tu, hehehe. Gone would be those who I always would go to lunch with, gone would be my clerk who always be reminding me the time for the zuhur prayer. Gone would be people whom I could "tell" (shout is more appropriate actually) my frustration and let off steam when I need to release my tension. I am already missing them as I type this entry.
What would I do for the next 3 months after this ? I foresee a lot of time would be on the internet surfing away, chatting with friends (so those who do not want me to disturb you, you'd better put yourselves invisible on the YM hehe). I hope they woould not cut-off internet connection or block off blogspot. Mati kutu lah aku tak dapat nak bloghopping nanti tu.
Of course, I need to do a lot of office housekeeping. I had started but, somehow there is no momentum and the motivation to clear up my office. Maybe when there're not many people around, I would be in better "mood" to do housekeeping. Dah terpaksa buat masa tu kann.. hehe. What else could I do? Read/finish up a book. Do some research on where to find capital to start a small business maybe. Research on what type of business maybe. Well the list is endless. But.......... would I be up to it? Rasa macam malas je ni hehe. Dok fikir nak duduk rumah, tak payah sibuk2 rush to work. One more thing, I need to polish up on the resume, so that if there is an opportunity somewhere, I would be ready for it.
Anyway, whatever I would do to fill up the time, would defend also on other factors. I think the 3 months would end very fast. But until then, I woud have to concentrate on spending some quality time with those who would be leaving. Need to make sure, we are all in good spirit (not depressed over the predicament), we have good memories together and keep in touch with them.


Unknown said...


I wish you all the best in whatever venture that you will take.

Feel free to YM me if you need any help.

AuntyN said...

jiwa : terimakasih atas offer and support. I think I will take up your offer on the YM tu :-)

Anonymous said...

aunty N good luck yerr n hopefully klu dah start bertelenovela tuh jgn lupa updet blog tau i want to learn from u gak coz i plan 10 years from now i nak berhenti gak la...early retirement coz by that time umah keta semua dah settle n my age pun baru 39...anak2 pun dah besar ok kot umur 39 start buat bisnes sendiri jual kuih ka...nasi lemak ka...ok tak?

Anonymous said...

hoho..buleh sambung tengok bawang putih bawang merah la yek?

Bergen said...

If only we know what the future has in store for us. But then again it's better not to know and just pull through the best we can.

You're doing all right, ma'am.

AuntyN said...

anon : Update blog akan menjadi kemestian tu. Cuma problemnya nak citer apa? Takkan nak cerita episod telenovela pulak kut hehehe. InsyaAllah, kalau kita rajin dan usaha gigih, apa pun menjadi.

oren : nak habaq mai, bawang merah bawang putih, AN belum start tengok lagi tu hehehe.

bergen : Not knowing will be like we are solving a mystery. InsyaAllah I am doing OK so far. :-)

Anonymous said...

auntyN, saya ada gak pengalaman dapat VSS 3 tahun dulu, tapi takle trajis sangat sebab husband ada support makan-minum hehehe... memang kesian nengok member yg jadi ketua keluarga... mana nak cari kerja baru, nak kasi makan keluarga lagi, perit gak tu.

p/s selalu masuk blog ni tapi baru skrg rajin nak comment hik hik hik

AuntyN said...

dabong : Selamat datang :-). Ceritalah sikit pengalaman VSS tu kat blog tu, boleh jadi panduan pada pembaca.

Mama Rock said...

AN, look ont eh bright side, maybe ada better offer elsewhere kan...good luck!

Ordinary Superhero said...

Duduk kat rumah?

It may sounds easy but certainly not for everyone. I count myself lucky because my wife is happy at home running around taking care of our 5 kids. Not an easy task. But at least, I have peace of mind at the office even though I have to work late into the night.

AuntyN said...

mama rock : I am looking at the bright side ni :-). Better offer tu tak sure lah sbb tak cari pun lagi hehe.

OSH : Right now, I feel like staying at home for a while. You are rigth about it not being esy too stay at home as a full time housewife.

Count Byron said...

AN.. a very tough decision indeed..but to some it is a decision they love taking. Whatever happen, the most important thing is AA must feel happy and at ease. But for now.. yes.. spend quality time with those who are leaving. Friendship forged is meant for a lifetime.
May you be strong AN

Anonymous said...


Some of us; me as an example rasa like zombie...., its so sad to leave as the work colleagues have been great... yes, I'll be moving on and most of the staff in KL but its not gonna be the same.

There are some ppl who are excited, for the new opportunities that are open to them.

And for some, we had hoped that they had actually offered the VSS rather than keeping some and retrenching others. Oh well. New things ahead.

We'll miss the factory and its ppl. Send my hugs and love to my band of netball players. I'll miss them the most.


AuntyN said...

AMZA : All the best to you in the new place. Don't worry, you'll make new friends there as well as keeping the old ones :-).

InsyaAllah will sampaikan salam.

Kak Elle said...

AN salam berkenalan...I wish I have the chnace to retire now but once again as long as I can I will esp with everything getting so expensive in sg.All the best to you.

AuntyN said...

kak elle : welcome to my blog. I had been reading yours silently :-)
Thank you.

Kak Elle said...

AN ye ke lain kali tinggalkan lah bekas eh....hehe...kita ni baru nak berjinak blogging selalu nya baca aje..

IBU said...

AuntyN, camna handle staff emotion tu? nak blaja sikit la, boleh? and the technical stuff on regulations 8 calculations tu semua.

cempedak luar pagar,

AuntyN said...

kak elle, OK nanti tinggalkan pesan kat blog :-)

ibu : welcome to my blog. In restrospect, staff ni kita kena selalu berterus terang dengan diorang dalam situasi macam ni. Beri penjelasan yang tepat dan tak de selindung-selindung. siapa pun tak nak jadi macam ni, Tapi dah terpaksa semua kena menerima dengan sebaik mungkin.

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