December 19, 2006

The Stay-Over

Last weekend, Ayin and Syia had a ball of a time.
On saturday, the girls were taken by my youngest brother and his family to enjoy themselves. With them was another niece Jee ( my younger sister's daughter). The program at first was just to see a movie. At first I thought that my brother was going to fetch the girls (Ayin, Syia, Jee and Farah) and take them to the cineplex in Megamall Prai. They were to go and watch the movie by themselves and later my brother would fetch them from the mall and bring them home. It turned out that my brother, his whole family (wife, another 3 year-old daughter and 8 year-old son) plus the 4 girls went to watch the movie together.
They left my house at about 2.00 pm, after the zuhur prayer. At about 5.00pm, Ayin smsed me to say that they are going to the Pesta Pulau Pinang. I haven't been to the Pesta in ages now. Since they are in good hands, I had no worry. At about 10.00 pm, Ayin called to say that they would be late since they are going to do some bowling. I just informed her to confirm that my brother would have to send Jee home, as my sister had gone home after getting tired of waiting for them to come back.
At about midnight, again a call came in to inform me that they would be late as there was another 5 games of bowling which had not been completed. My brother had brought too many games. The bowling alley closed at 2.00 am. They gave up eventually, without completing the games and informed me that they were going to stay overnight at my brother's place in SP. It was school holiday and they were in good hands, I was OK with that. Once in a while I have to let them have some fun without us the parents tagging along.
On sunday afternoon, my brother sent the girls back again and this time Farah decided to stay at my house for a few days. It was obvious that they had fun from the stories they related to me. They were late because they stayed up until 4.00 am chatting. It's a normal behavious for teenage girls like them and I am happy that they are able to connect with each other as cousins.
I remember, after SPM way back in 1976, my friends and I had a similar stay-over at friends' house. We were from resedential school, so we have friends from all over the country. What a group of us in the northern states did was to spend a night or two at each other's place. Ain from Tanjung Malim, Kay from Penang Island, Rod from Alor Star, Chon from Kulim, Azi from SP, MM and Nor from Perlis. My sister S joined us when we went round the northern states.
We all started at my house in BM, then we went to Penang Island to stay at Kay's, then moved to Azi's house in SP. After that we all headed to Alor Star and we end up in Perlis. MM house was very much a kampung house, right next to the padi field, so we enjoyed the evening breeze from the field. We slept there and we walked to Nor's house for breakfast and lunch the following day. At Nor's house we had to bathe from the cold perigi's water (berkemban and all hehe) . We couldn't understand at first her mother's thick dialect when she spoke and had to get MM and Nor to translate.
It was also, the first time we went to Padang Besar and cross over to Thailand side for some shopping. MM's mother acted as a guide, and we were a bit apprehensive because of the security of that area then was not as good as now. There wasn't any shopping complex like the current one in Padang Besar then. It was very much like a "cowboy" town. You had to cross through barb wired fence to get across the borders.
Back then, at every house we stopped we sure did not get enough sleep since we were always chatting until early hours. It was great and that was the only opportunity for a group of us to be together because we never had another chance after that, anymore. After SPM we went our different ways after spending 6 years as sisters in a boarding school. Looking back, I think it was the best time spent with them, and I do miss them all.


Bergen said...
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Bergen said...

Let the good times roll.

Kak Elle said...

yes the good old days:)I didn't realise you have 3 girls...macam my nieces kalau dah group together tak payah makan dan tido ..... berbual satu malam.

pawaka1 said...

pests pulau pinang memang bestb

AuntyN said...

bergen : Yeah, let the good time roll hehehe.

kak elle : Correction there. I have 4 daughters. 1 in campus, 3 at home. Plus a niece at home right now there there is 4.

pawaka1 : Dah lama sangat AN tak pi Pesta Pulau Pinang. Tak tau pulak best tak best. How are you?

pawaka1 said...

surviving la AN...have fun for lunch tmorrow

tokasid said...

Salam to kak AN

Nak tanya, anak kak AN si Syia dapat masuk sekolah mana? MRSM ka?

AuntyN said...

pawaka : Will do for sure.

Tokasid : SYia masuk sekolah Menengah Mengkuang Saja. Tak dapat MRSM atau mana2 sekolah pun.

Jo Kontan said...

1976 ! OMG, that was Looooong time ago..

Toinnggg !! (Hey I got an Idea !)

Mebbe I could do a mental exercise 'ere, things that I could remember on that year.

AuntyN said...

TJ: Yes, a really looooong time ago hehehe ( Awat nampak AN masih muda ke? hehehe)

tokasid said...

Tak pa kak AN. SMK Mengkuang pun tak pa. Permata mau jatuh di mana pun akan bersinar juga.
At least for another 3 tahun Syia buleh tidoq bawah 'ketiak' mak.

Kalau dia nak masuk asrama penuh suruh dia pulun PMR.

Kak AN dok Mengkuang eh! Dekat menaksah Ibnu Qayyim Dr Asri tok mufti Perelih ka?

AuntyN said...

toasid : Haah, mak dia yg tak nak bagi anak dia keluaq dari bawah ketiak tu hehehe.

Sekolah tu pun ada asrama, tapi tak mau duduk asrama (nak berulang alik pun boleh). AN arrange transport untuk Syia ke sekolah saja.

AN tak duduk Mengkuang, tapi tak berapa jauh lah. Menaksah tu AN tak pernah kelih lah pulak. Nanti nak pi cari.

Anonymous said...

sekolah men mengkuang? dekat la ngan umah chek :)

tokasid said...

Saya rasa kalu dia dok ghumah lagi elok. Anak saya dari form 1-sampai PMR saya hantar and amek tiap3 hari. Tu anak teruna tu. Sekolah pun semua budak jantan(SMKA). Minggu depan PMR dia keluar. Kalau ada rezeki harap2 dapat pi KISAS( dulu Kolej Islam Kelang). dak pun Sek Intergrasi kat sini( bahasa Arab sini baguih resultnya). Bukan apa, masa lower primary saya rasa elok dok rumah. Kalu dok asrama nanti jadi macam kebanyakkan kita la. Saya dari F1 dok asrama(kak AN pun sama) sampai MCE.Pas tu masuk Asasi dan fakulti. Dok rumah boleh kira ngan jari. Lepas grad keja dan menikah. saya rasa tak berapa mesra dgn siblings walaupun rapat. Depa tgk saya sbagai abang not a friend.

Dewan Pengajian Ibnu Qayyim ni banyak mengajar tentang hadith2 dan manhaj salafussoleh. Saya tak berpeluang ke sana lagi pasai jauh di negeri cincalok. Tapi selalu attend kuliah Dr Asri di KL bila berpeluang.

AuntyN said...

alinlai : Tang mana rumah cek tu.

Tokasid : Tu lah tak berpa nak bagi depa duduk asrama ni, biaq duduk dengan kita dok nampak hari-hari. Dulu masa AN tu adik beradik ghamai 8 orang, pi sorang senang sikit mak nak bela yang lain tu :-)