April 12, 2006

Celebrating Friendship

Today 12 April, 2 blogger friends are celebrating their birthdays. MakAndeh and Anedra. To both, Many Happy returns of the day. I hope that this day is another milestone in their successful lives. Semoga Allah memberkati usia mereka. Panjang umur, murah rezeki dalam keberkatan selalu. Amiiin.

I remember, over a year ago, when I was still naive of blogging, I have heard of MakAndeh's name being mentioned all over the blogsphere. Being the curious me, I try to find the blog being so frequently mentioned. Femes habis minah ni no, sana sini orang dok sebut. Mai sat nak pi tengok, terrer tegha mana hehehe. Like others, once you started reading, you became hooked to her blog. She has a clear way of expressing her thoughts.

In one of her entries she mentioned that she would be coming up north for a business trip. I emailed her my contact no and if she was willing to meet, it would be my pleasure to meet her. She did called up one day, she told me her plan and we planned to meet. I still remember when she called upon hearing my voice she said,

Andeh : Hello. is this AuntyN? This is MakAndeh

Me : Hello, ye ni AuntyN

Andeh : Betul ke ni makcik2 ni, sora macam anak dara je ni

Me ( LOL ) : Betul ni AuntyN.

I was trying hard to convince her (isyyy perasan lah pulak hehehe) it was really me on the other end. Anyway, we did make plan to meet on Saturday before she and the brood drove home to KL.

A day prior to the meeting, she called again. She said she wanted to take the rain check on the meeting. She said that she had to start her travel early because she wanted to stop at her sister's place. I insisted, by saying that I wouldn't mind if we meet for a few minutes, just to say Hi and Bye. Just meet. because, if I let this opprotunity go by, I knew that she will not meet me ever. I felt that she may have got cold feet, regretting her decision to agree on meeting me.

Luckily she said, OK, she would call, when she started leaving the hotel. I waited for that call, told hubby that I was going to meet with a friend I had met on the net, as she was here up north. I working in the kitchen full clothed (siap dengan tudung ) waiting for MakAndeh to call. I think MakAndeh was too kind to tell me I smelled of ikan when we met, right Andeh?

When we finally meet, at the McDonald, we sat and talk and talk. What was supposed to be a few minutes turned into a couple of hours. It has been that way ever since between us. From the first meeting, we tried to meet up whenever we have the opportunity either in Penang or in KL. There is friendship between us which I will cherish forever. I hope we can remain friends forever too. The world is getting smaller, someone from a different part of the world can be friends what more from the same country. Kata orang,

Ikan di laut
Asam di darat
Dalam periuk jadi kari lah pulak

MakAndeh from KL
AuntyN from Penang
Jumpa di blogsphere
Jadi kawan tak hinggat dunia


To my friend MakAndeh

Happy Birthday
Many Happy returns of the day
Semoga Allah makbulkan segala permintaan
Semoga bahagia selalu


Anonymous said...

Ikan di laut
Asam di darat
Dalam periuk jadi kari lah pulak

Ini lagu sebelum zaman Raju ngan Suparjo nih :D

Happy bday MA & Anedra!

Bergen said...

Good to have friends.

Happy birthday MakAndeh and Anedra.

Kopi Suam said...

Happy birthday Mak Andeh and Anedra...semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki selalu amin...

anedra said...

Thanks AuntyN and the rest!! Terasa tua pulak!! hehehe!

aNIe said...

Kak N....lady masa memula baca blog dia pun samalah mcm kak N...jadi hooked to her blog...and knowing her is something special for me...she is such a pleasant lady...

aNIe said...

Eh!!,...Lupa nak cakap Happy Birthday to Anedra...moga panjang umur..murah rezeki dan sihat serta ceria sentiasa...aminn...

maklang said...

AuntyN tak de throw any party untuk Mak Andeh & Anendra? Kalau ade jemputlah kami jugak...hi..hi..hi...

MA said...

Kak N :

Iskk..terharu lak ada special entry pasal I. Terima kasih di atas persahabatan ini.

Yes, I remembered the day I called you. Sebelum tu dok email ding-dong ding-dong about my plans, and finally called you when I checked in kat Penang.

And it wasn't cold feet, really. Memang ingat nak bagi Brood spend more time kat rumah cousin depa. But you know lah I ni, ada saja cerita. Macam mana cerita kat blog, camtu ler cerita kat luar. Tu yang tup-tup, aisehman dah berjam-jam. Imagine after all that - singgah pulak rumah sis I - lepak dalam 1.5 jam - I drove all the way back to KL the same day. Patah pinggang woh..

I finally told the Brood and Bibik that it was the first time that I met you. And it was then my secret double life was revealed to the Brood. Kakak was suspicious - "Mama tulis apa, pasal kitorang ?" If only she knew ! *wicked grin*

Now, whenever Mama need to be-ronggeng whenever AuntyN is in town, Brood would sign the release form willingly.

They know I am in good company.

Thank you for the friendship. Indeed, this is for life.



KLMari said...

It's really great to know how blogging has stregthen the wonderful friendship between people. Yang jauh, didekat-dekatkan, yang dekat, kita mesra-mesrakan...Tak gitu? hehehhe..Semoga the friendship will last forever. Take care to all of you.

p/s: Happy birthday to Anedra too. I belum baca lagi blog u...Kejap lagi mesti baca gak. Baca sampai khatam. heheheheh...

Sya said...

Kak N.. camana ek sya pun jadi terjumpa pada kak Yan, Kak N, kak Wyn, MA, Pnut.. ada yg sya jumpa orang dulu sebelum jumpa blog. I had to say thanks to kak lady, she is the one that introduce me to MA and all of u.

ps. Happy Birthday to Anedra

tee said...

pagi pagi bangun pagi
jangan lupa gosok gigi
Birthday AuntyN datang lagi
Terasa mesra w/pun tak nah jumpa lagi...

Eppyyy bezdayyyyyyyyy .....

AuntyN said...

CD : kalau lagu konvensional tu boring dah hehehe

Bergen : A good frind is a friend forever. It is nice to hae a real good friend.

kopisuam : Amiin.

dena : You are welcomed, my dear.

lady : she sure is a special lady.

maklang : kalau nak berparty kena ada karaoke session specially for MA hehehe

MA : cayang Brood, hehehe.

klmari : blogging short-cut the introduction.

sya : Friendship yang berkembang namanya tu :-)

tee : baca betul-betul, bukan birthday AuntyN, birthday MakAndeh lah :-)

tee said...

alaaa... mamai lagi kite ni... nampak gaye kena take one step back from blogging ni as advised by MA... he he he ... :) :) :)

ontahsapo said...

saper ikan saper asam ni? betul ker makcik N ni dara lagik ni? isk....(sambil menggaru dagu sendiri..?)

AuntyN said...

tee : nanti bithday aunty, nyanyi lagi ekk? :-)

ontahsapa pulak tunjuk bont*t ni hehe. Sora je, makcik dah lama lagi mak dara tu :-)

tee said...

beresss... :) :) :) tima kacih kerna mai ghumah kite tak sat ni...