April 04, 2006

Useless Ramblings

Sometimes, I feel funny. Here I am blogging my heart out, trying to keep up with the makciks and the pakciks of the blogging worlds, as well as with the other anak-anak ciks who are posting entries after entries into their blogs. Kak Teh would be able to tell how much the sentraal station list has grown. So many new blogs have appreared. A lot have dissappeared as well. There also those which are in the personal list at each blog itself. How many blogs are there from Malaysian bloggers only? Can someone provide the stats? There must be thousands right?

I really don't know where they get ideas after ideas for interesting blogging materials. There times ilham or ideas just pop up from the little things we do or conversations we have with someone. There are also times when we can't find anything to write at all. Many of the makcik bloggers have been on the blogs for at least a year. Some are experiencing "kekeringan" ideas. There are times when we really wanted to write something so bad, but have to reflect on it's suitability. Why? We are scared that our readers may find it offensive, or even think that we are showing off or something. It may even be resorted to nasty comments.

Off late I am finding time is my enemy when come to blogging. With the limited time and the PC being not up to top speed, as well as work requirements I am finding that I am getting very "lazy" to update my blog. I do feel kind of guilty but then again, when I hopped around there many who are pretty much like me. Some are even worse than me. Their updates are not as regular. I have tried, if you can see the pattern to update my blog like 2 or 3 times in a week. Weekend "traffics" are not as heavy as the week days, so I rarely update during the weekend. I would hope that it would be sufficient because when I go to a blog which have too many updates within the week, I have problem to catch up. You wouldn't want to miss anything the writer writes, but too many for you to digest at one go. I even stopped one person from posting another entry before I could post a comment at one time. Luckily he was very understanding.

I really don't know why I should be boring you with this useless ramblings, so I'd better stop. But before I go, here are birthday dedications to:-

1. My 3rd daughter Ayin who celebrates her 14th birthday today 4 April
2. To an ex-blogger anakdagang ( a friend) who celebrates his birthday on 5 April - no idea how old you are *wink*

To both, Many Happy returns of the day
May your days be filled with Rahmah from Allah
May success be part of your lives story in this dunia and also akhirah
May you both always be under the blessing of Allah

Happy Birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ayin and anakdagang.

Bergen said...

Happy birthday.

Ely said...

auntyN, you nvr bore ur readers with ur ramblings. one must be a good rambler to have a blog kan?

and it is not a sin to not have any ideas on what to write. got idea, will blog.

looking forward to ur new entries...take ur time :)

Happy birthday to a Ayin and Anakdagang.

MA said...

Happy Birthday Ayin !

Happy Birthday Anak Dagang !

Kak N - we blog because we WANT to, not because we HAVE to.

Topic of entries pun is up to us, because we are the blog OWNERs - not because we are PAID to blog or entertain our readers.

Tu yang tak paham bila ada yang DICTATE the bloggers on WHAT to write, WHEN to write and HOW to write it.

* geleng kepala *

aNIe said...


begitu juga SELAMAT HARI JADI untuk anak dagang...walaupun tak kenal...

Kak N...lady ni akan menulis bila terasa nak menulis...bila-bila lady suka...cuma bila sibuk...blog tak akan ber'update' berhari-hari...

Betul apa kata MA...we blog because we want to...not because we have to...

MA said...

AN : I kena clarify wht I meant by the last line - takut ada yg salah faham.

What I meant by DICTATE tu - readers yang bagi komen secara sinis atau kurang berhemah.

Ramai yang request bloggers to write abt certain issues - that is perfectly all right and understandable. The word here is REQUEST.

Ini ada komen-komen sumbang yang kata the entries :

" ...went off bearing lah..."

"... tak cukup rencah lah..."

Itu yang lawak tu - mcm kena hantar karangan kat cikgu sekolah pulak untuk digredkan.

Orang-orang mcm ni tak faham apa yang dimaksudkan dengan blogging.

JoeBangla said...

happy birthday ayin, happy birthday Omar

Anonymous said...

happy bday to ayin and anakdagang!

AuntyN dun worry, I'll visit and read this blog, even if it is full of ramblings :)

Kopi Suam said...

Happy birthday Ayin

Aunty N..menulis blog ni pun mcm air laut jugak ada pasang ada surutnyer...tapi kalau dah jadi penulis blog tegar boleh stop sekejap aje..lepas tu nanti ketagih semula untuk menulis...but blog adalah satu2nya tempat nak meluahkan rasa hati kan...kekadang berkongsi dengan manusia pun tak jalan gak..so kongsikanlah dnegan blog... :)

Anonymous said...

selamat hari jadi buat anak dara kami yg sorang ni Fathiyatilhana.Sayang anak mama dan abah ,jgn dok merap sgt tahun ni nak dapat adik...mama tak larat.

AuntyN said...

mar : :-)

bergen : Confused???

ely : Thanks

lady : You memang rajin menulis..
keep it up

MA : It's OK. Kita menulis bukan kerana nama kan. Syok sendiri je ni hahaha

joe : :-)

CD : Thanks. Likewise, I'll read yours too.

Kopisuam : Iye lah, ada pasang surut. Ada masa blog update cepat sikit, tak de bersawang lah blog tu :-)

fidah : Happy Birthday to Fatiyatilhana (sedapnya nama) jugak. Apasalah dia mintak adik, bagi je lah hehehe.

Lollies said...

I am one of those, I do try to reflect whether it's an offense or bunyi macam bagus. tapi we cannot satisy everyone's palletes.

saya try update dalam 3 hari sekali kalau tidak kekeringan idea

AuntyN said...

Lollies : Good to see you are doing OK.

Anonymous said...


I really appreciate your thought of me on my birthday. Happy Birthday to Ayin as well.

Panjang umur kita ketemu ye AuntyN.

AuntyN said...

anak dagang : InsyaAllah Om.

Anonymous said...

masa, timing, mood pun penting kan auntyN dalam nak tulis blog ni?

AuntyN said...

ni : betui tu. Tak berleteaq lagi ka? :-)

Jo Kontan said...

AN : Macamana pulak, apa yang saya ingin luahkan di sini telah pun dituliskan dengan terangnya oleh MA. He he haaaa.

Lemme repeat for the 3rd time, Great Minds Do think Alike. Chewah!!

Ditambah lagi dengan suntikan AN "Syok sendiri je ni hahaha.... How can I not agree to that ??

Anak Dagang sama besday my new Baby??

AuntyN said...

Tj : ye lah tu, :-) great minds think alike (tak habis nak mengopi si Tj ni hehe)

Jaga lah baby tu, sure terkenan dgn anak dagang suka merantau jauh. :-)

ety said...

Ayin and AD aka Omar...hepi belated besday dari ME....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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