April 19, 2006

It's Just Another Day

Thank you so much to all who had sent wishes doas etc to hubby and I on the occasion of hubby's birthday. Birthdays come, birthdays go, each day and each year we need to reflect where we are right now and where we are going. Umur dah makin meningkat, ibadah macam mana kan? :-)

I know I have been telling you all that hubby doesn't read this blog. He still doesn't, but I think he does know the existence of this blog. Remember, that I told him at one time, that I have sort of a website on the internet. (He doesn't know what a blog is).

Early yesterday morning, after the subuh prayer, he would send the girls to school like every other day. I have told the girls to wish their baba Happy Birthday. He came back to tell me smiling happily that Ayin and Syia did that as they were going down the car at each respective school. But Angah had not said a word. That woman must have forgotten, as she usually would. Angah wished baba in the evening though.

I had ON the PC earlier, open my blog and I saw Kak Long's comment. (At that time only Kak Long's and Joe's comments were there). I left the PC like that while I was working in the kitchen. Later, after he got himself ready to go to work he came into the kitchen, smilling and was asking me about Kak Long's wishes for his birthday. You see, we don't use "Kak Long" at home, she is known by her name amongst us. I confirmed it was her's. To see that he was happy about it, was gratifying enough for the effort I made the night before (with the help of an ahli jemaah :-), thank you my friend).

In the evening, when hubby came home late, his friends "belanja" him for the birthday. Ayin was in front of the PC so I said to show baba all the comments, wishes and duas. Of course he doesn't recognise anyone except for MakAndeh (sesuatu ni hehehe). Who are those people ? Ayin said, "Kawan-kawan Mama". He didn't show any reaction of surprise at discovering the blog. My guess is that he knows, but just that he doesn't read it. I am much more comfortable that he doesn't read. I would pick and choose whatever information from other people's blog for him.

So now that, the cat is "peeking out of the bag", I can't say that it's all out yet. Maybe soon enough. I now can no longer "kutuk" him on the blog anymore right? Hehehe. Actually, when I write about him and me, things that we share and things that maybe important to me but not so to him, it is NOT my intention to tell his bad habits or belittle him. People will start telling me it's HARAM. Not in a way, to "kutuk" him as a bad person. His is far from that. Just that there are always lessons to be learnt and I would use the example which is near me. Something for people to emulate (TJ, take note OK? hehehe), or something to avoid. As husband and wife, there are times when we see things differently. Of course, we are different people with different ideas. We have come to term with that. I have long decided that there are times when Silence is Ibadah. I may not agree with what he says or do, but if it was wrong, the truth will eventually come out. When it does, we will still support each other. Of course if the decision to be made is a big issue, we will discuss and I will get the chance to voice out my opinion. If he agrees or find it reasonable he will follow. If not he will tell me his ideas. Communication is important, and it has to be 2 ways.

If he doesn't agree with what I wanted to do, usually, I would let it go as long as I can. But, as he always said to me, I am a stubborn person, I will still do things which I think is right (even if he doesn't agree with me) one way or the other. For that, if things don't turn out well, I have to brace myself for the consequences. Lots of give and take, a lot of tolerance in our marriage. I can say this for sure, for all the bickering, the "merajuks", the silent treatment, the etc. etc, we still work hard to make this marriage work. There is a lot of love in my household, Alhamdulillah.

To those who have been asking what present I am getting for him, I haven't given him anything yet. Unless you want to count the kiss and the urut as gifts lah hehehe. It is easy to buy presents for him, just ask him what he wants or needs. He'll tell me straight away. In fact he told me a few weeks back already. I haven't been to the Mall to get it. He will get the present eventually.

It was just another day for us. Thank you again to all.


Bergen said...

You know how to make your marriage work, ma'am. (Some Guys Have All The Lucks.)

Ordinary Superhero said...

Puan, saya hadir. :)

Very true that marriage requires a lot of tolerence and give and take. Mmm, nice song. One of my favourite too.

AuntyN said...

bergen : I pray you will find the same (if not better) happiness ASAP!! I will put up the song just for you the next time I change it OK?

OS : Thanks. Your marriage is equally happy I think and it takes two ways to make it work.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps one day we'll have uncle Z open up a blog or be a 'sidekick' writer in AuntyN's blog, who knows?


Jo Kontan said...

AN : Emulate = Best Compliment = Kembang B*nt*t = Not Nice Looking = Maam Tak Nak Rapat..

Huwaa.. Lamanya Bulan nii.

AuntyN said...

CD : HAHAHA, That will be the day!!!. Can you get your wife to be the sidekick writer in your blog? I have seen some husband and wives share blogs. Kind of nice actually. But I don't think i would LIKE him (UZ I mean) to be on the cyberworld. It's going to be the war of the world :-)

TJ : Sabar je lah dengan you ni hehehehe

AzFiqs said...

aisey terlambat 2 hari ni..anyway happy belated birthday to your hubby aunty N..semoga kekal bahagia sekeluarga selamenye..

p/s:kalo berkesempatan dtg la to my wedding next week ek..=)


KakNi said...

tak kawin pun susah, kawin pun tak senang--- semuanya ada cabaran yang tersendiri

beside love, communication adalah perkara yang kedua penting dalam perkahwinan

Nor Razi said...

I reckon maturity has take both of you to serenity

aNIe said...

Kak N...hubby lady pun dah tau tentang kehadiran blog kaklady...lady terpaksa beritau dia sebab taulah kita ni kadang2 nak buat secret meeting dengan makciks blogger yang lain...kene le cakap...kalau tak nanti dia pikir saper le kengkawan lady yang lady jumpa selain sya di sini....biarlah dia tau...cuma dia tak baca saja...takde masa...dan tak minat...

AuntyN said...

Fiqs : Selamat Pengantin Baru. Thanks for the invite.

ahni : Betui lah apa lu cakap tu hehehe.

budak : yes, we look at life with maturity and Alhamdulillah so far so good.

Lady : sama lah hubby kita tu. Dia tak berapa minat nak surf internet. Kadang2 apa-apa website yang dia nak masuk dia suruh I je yangg tengok dan cerita kat dia hehehe

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