April 03, 2006

Passion And Attitude

I am still at a lost with my home PC. But then again taking the cue from the anon commentor in my last entry "I'd better update this blog" lest I would be risking loosing my readers. LOL. He/she has also suggested for me to buy another PC. If I do, I can now open a second hand PC shop. I have one already old PC which I bought thru the EPF scheme many years ago. It can still run except that the internet connection modem is now not working. All I need to do is buy another modem for it to run again. Or I can always hijack hubby's VIAO laptop every night (need to put some sleeping pill into his nescafe so that he sleeps earlier just to do that LOL!!!!) No way, I am going to do that --- Putting the sleeping pill I mean. For the laptop I can do other things to get it from him *wink* wink*. The current PC, that I using is still not that old. It is a good PC, I am just being stubborn actually. It is easy just to bring the PC to the shop for it to be re-formated. But I am trying to learn a few things along the way, should it happened again, I would know what to do. So far I have already succeeded in getting the login and logoff to be a bit faster than before. We'll see what I can do, I am just a very curious person (hubby is scared that along the way of me trying this and that the software he loaded into the PC will be deleted as well LOL!!).

Anyway, that is not what I am trying to blog about.

The other day, I had a glimpse of CNBC -- Managing Asia. A lady was talking about her company. She is saying that PASSION and the right ATTITUDE are the keys to her success. I can't disagree with that all. But then again :-

Situation 1

You have been working for a number of years in one company. Let's say 10 years. The company seemed to be rock solid in foundation, 100 over years of experience with thousands of employees world wide. The first few years you were there, your job was so challenging. The salary was good, the environment wass not too bad. There were some office politic but you were just busy doing your work and not get sucked into it. All in all, this is the company that you feel that you would retire from.

You are so passionate about your work, your attitude have always been top notch where ever you are. Your boss appreciated your work, you'd do everything you could to bring more work and therefore more business and profit to your company. In such an ideal situation, you started making make personal committment to family. You enjoy working life as well as being able to enjoy family life, have got the means to go for a holiday to some fancy resort, eat out at fancy restaurant once in a while. Perhaps even buy a new car maybe, a house or renovate your current one, taking bank loans to do all those.

Suddenly, the company started to have financial problem, due to mismanagement at the corporate level. Down sizing started, you are at the danger point of losing your job. You can now see, ugly things in the company which you'd never see before. Your boss just couldn't careless about you anymore as he is also trying to save his skin. Colleagues back stabbing each other to make sure they don't loose their job. You can feel in your bones that you are fast becoming dispensible.

Would you still have PASSION and the right ATTITUDE?

Situation 2

Still in the same out look as above. The company is now being bought over by another company. In this a takeover situation, for sure the "aggressor" will have their own set of current people who are already managing the company. You are now feeling that you are fast becoming redundant.

Would you still have PASSION and the right ATTITUDE?

Situation 3

Your spouse comes home one day declaring that he/she has resigned from the job. For no reason what so ever except that he/she is no longger passionate about work. You'd be left to be the bread winner for the family for the next months (maybe years to come).

Would you still have PASSION and the right ATTITUDE toward your spouse?

I am just trying to induce some ideas, the situation above are common to our everyday lives. Common to people like me who are intrapreneure. Not very brave to venture out to be an entrepreneur.

Well as someone said to me "it's NOT the end of the world" Life goes on, think of the worst case senario so that you can plan ahead. I agree, because we tend to always be complacent in our comfort zone. Think about it.


MA said...

Good post !

Many of us are complacent when we reach a certain level of comfort zone in our career. Especially those in well-known and established companies.

I had been in one and it was the BEST job I ever had in every sense of the word. Salary, benefits, holidays, travels, great co-workers and clients; I can even go home and have lunch with my kids !

Global recession saw everything slipping away. I was laid off. With zero income and 3 kids and a maid. Sure, there were payouts - but how long can you last with your commitments and maintenance ?

What I have learnt (and experienced) is that : Like they say - When one door is closed on you, another one opens.

Only that, do not keep looking at the closed door for too long, lest we missed out the open doors.


Queen Of The House said...

I like what MA said above. Opportunities are always out there, it's just that we have to make sure we grab it while we are still marketable and have lots of drive and passion in us. But getting out of our comfort zone is not easy .... just testing the waters could be too scary sometimes.

Anonymous said...

love ur blog.Can i link it to mine?

AuntyN said...

MA & QOTH: so very true!!. Opportunities will come to those who nver tire oneself to seek it. Allah bagi rezeki berlambak2 kita kena usaha untuk cari.

bridgetjoned : If you are not a spam it's OK to link. Thanks for asking.

tee said...

i hope that i won't be in that position, but, if that day comes, well, as MA says ;

"When one door is closed on you, another one opens."

Allaj jua Maha Mengetahui ...

Bergen said...

Nothing last forever. Everything will come to an end one way or another. The right attitude to deal with things that don't go your way is important. And you've gotta be passionate about struggling to make it through another storm. If it doesn't at least you try. And try real hard.

In the end, something good will come out of it. And you get to know yourself better. To become a better person. It's worth the lesson to go through. Every minute of it. Every tears you cry. So you can appreciate every little laughter that come your way out of the blue, out of nowhere.

You've gotta be passionate about living. You've gotta have the right attitude all the time.

You'd do alright, ma'am. You've got what it takes to make it. Nothing to it.

Nothing to be afraid of. It ain't dark outside. Just storm clouds passing through.

AuntyN said...

tee : It's a reflection for all of us. Always be prepared for the rainy day is the message here. Not too prudent but enough to make sure we will not think of trying to end our lives suddently.

Bergen : Thank you. Nicely put.I will be OK no matter what. You will too. Sometimes we become so confortable that a little trial will hurt a lot.

Ordinary Superhero said...

Leaving your comfort zone is never easy. But I think having a very strong conviction in your faith that Allah will help you if you work and try hard enough will give you solace during the difficult time.

Having said that, I pray that I will never have to go through that phase.

Sya said...

kak N.. my friend told me.. "Allah yg bagi makan anak2 aku dan bukan aku..". He has 10 children and no permanent job. He did not buy any house, own any vehicle or credit card. All his children is doing well in their "sekolah agama".

If only we don't have any commitments like him ... Im sure we will not worry abt what will happen if there is anything wrong with the organisation that we work with.

AuntyN said...

OS : Yes, strong faith in Allah and Kuat Ikhtiar daya usaha. Nobody wants to be in the situation above, but we should always be prepared for it. I think many of us forget or terleka to plan for the rainy days.

Sya : It's true, Allah bagi rezeki kat kita, tapi kalau tak usaha untuk cari, mana nak datang habuan. But that man has strong conviction Allah bagi rezeki jadi dai usaha mencari. Allah balas dengan rezeki yang tak putus.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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