September 14, 2005

Lady Driver

Lady drivers !!!!, Have you ever heard such an expression or have you used it yourselves? Don't try to bluff, you must have used it !!

What is the impression given when we exclaimed "Lady drivers!!". It is never used in a complimentary way.

The stigma that all the lady drivers have to live with because, not only men generalise lady drivers as bad drivers but some women do discriminate their own sex. Lady drivers are always associated with slow driving, hesitant, indecisive, too careful, may be even dangerous. Some times I must admit that there are such drivers out there. There are also men drivers who are dangerous to other, who cut corners without signals, who hog the road, who are road bullies (have you ever heard of a lady road bully?).

Can we blame them if we do stupid things like these?

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Well, those were NOT us right? Definitely NOT me (hehehe)

I have been driving since I was in USM. I am more of a defensive driver rather than an offensive one. That came from a Consultant (A Canadian) who came to help the first factory for a research work. A bit on the careful side but there times that I had received traffic tickets for being too fast on the road.

My current car is 3 years old. I have driven 90K km with it. Last week when my hubby was not at home, I heard a strange noise. Something which is peculiar with a car that "young". Told my abang long, could it be the timing belt, he said he wasn't sure. When hubby came back I did tell him too. We planned to take it to the workshop this week-end for regular oil-change etc and of course take a look at the root cause of the "noise".

Well, the car decided that it need to be fixed before the week-end came. I was driving somewhere in Butterworth, I stopped at the traffic light and the engine stopped. Couldn't start the engine although the battery is OK. Called hubby, and I got a lecture before he decided what to do. I told him, "Bang, I am in the middle of a traffic light, obstructing traffic, if you want to "leter", can you do it later please? Can you please come and fix this problem first, get me out of this jam before scolding me?"

Don't know what with SOME husbands. They couldn't think straight maybe, all they think is to blame the wife for doing something stupid. In the end I told my hubby I would call his brother to help if he would not help me. I did call my BIL asked him to arrange for a tow truck which came more than half hour later. Hubby arrived as the tow truck was about to tow my car. Meanwhile I had to endure the stares, the honking from other drivers. The car was towed to the workshop and true enough, the timing belt was the problem. I know you all will say, "Aunty, you should have changed it at 60K or 70K km". I heard it all before. In fact, one of my subordinates came to ask me about a week ago about it. He is driving a similar make car, I told him jokingly yesterday that it was his "mulut masin", to ask me about it and yesterday I was jinxed (betui ke tu?)

Lesson learnt :
1. Don't wait for your other half to solve the problem for you, call your brother or brother-in-law or someone else (hehehe). Endure the "leter" later on for not calling him in the first place. We can NEVER do anything right in our lives can we? *sigh*
2. Try to get to know all the necessary things about your car, so that you will not be embarressed.
3 Use the public transport (impossible in my case though)

I am a few K RM poorer this month. But at least (mujo, borrowing Pokku's term) it didn't happen on my way to KL.

Ladies, I know that some are good drivers, there are men who are worse than us. Any way to all, Berhati-hati di Jalan Raya, ingat orang yang tersayang OK.


Jo Kontan said...

Hello AuntyN,

This is a case of fundamental difference between the XX and XY Chromosomes.

If we are sampling majority of the numbers, we would get the similar results. I wont reveal the result, sure kena bashing from the opposite sex.

We are unique and complimenting in our own way. Enjoy immersing in it, I know I am, Aunty !!

AdieJin said...

Kesian auntyN..tak der ker insan insan nak tolong tolak kereta tu kat tepi ker ?. Sure ada mamat yg jeling n dalam hati menyumpah..hehe..nak buat macamana kan, benda nak jadi.

Anonymous said...

I did wrote something about ladies drivers..bukan nak kutuk umat sendiri, tapi the mentality dah ada sejak azali..bukannya takde lelaki yang bawak keta macam hampeh, tapi otak still nak generalize kat women gak..

Tapi lelaki sekarang bukannya gentleman macam dolu2..few months ago, lepas tutup lib around 10pm, tetiba enjin motor mati (kes lupa isi minyak)..tolak dekat 1/2 kilo, sapa pun tak mai tanya, apatah lagi nak tolong..dah nak dekat sampai petrol station, sorang LELAKI mai tanya, ingatkan nak tolong tolak sekali, tapi bila jawab minyak abih, dia blah gitu jerr...hampeh sungguh..

tapi betui jugak saranan Aunty..pompuan at least kena tau sikit pasai kereta dan enjin..last time, when I was using Honda C70, I used to top-up the air battery every 2 nih tak sempat dah..

AuntyN said...

Tj : amboi sampai macam tu ke theory nye. Bila nak publish jadi thesis.

Adiejin : Ada orang yg tegur nak tolong tolak, masa tu dah nampak tow truck dah tu. But then memang kereta boleh lalu dgn sedang kiri kanan tu, cuma ramai antara orang kita (Msian) yg nak honk, jeling, stare etc.
Betui pun, dah nak jadi kat mana punboleh jadi tu kan?

AuntyN said...

Oren : Belajar dari kesilapan. I am not that bad lah sampai tak tau apa langsung. Tahu jugaklah nak isi air bateri, check minyak hitam etc, etc. Tapi saja nak manja2 tu hehehehe

Mas said...

Cite ni ingatkan Mas pada hubby, hubby kat Perlis. Last week, dia visit Mas kat sini, then on the way balik dia nye temperature naik. Last2 masuk Slim River tukar tangki sbb keta dah jadi mcm kura2(40-50km/j).He started the journey around 9am n he reached Taiping (umah mertua) 9pm.Dah ler pas bengkel tu temperature cume 70-80km/j.Kena potong kepala ngan apek Slim River, maklum ler bila tak arif pasal keta mcm2 hal jadi.

AuntyN said...

Mas : nak jalan jauh kena make sure keta OK dulu. At least air, minyak hitam semua OK. Yang ni I puji my hubby kalau I nak drive long distance dia akan make sure kereta pegi service dulu, cuci dalam luar, tayar pun berkilat tu.

Anonymous said...

kak N,

last month, at 8.50 a.m. received a call from wifey.That time, i just knew something went wrong coz' she is supposed to be driving to work.

'Bang!, accident...' She cried.

'Are u okay? the kids okay?'



'junction in front of home'

Hang up the phone and within 20 minutes, i was there.

It was one heck of 20 minutes.The point is, be there! talk later.

Saya 'bebel' sikitlah, 2 weeks later after her car was repaired and re-painted again.

RojakBuah said... pompuan ckp je tak nak call once happen apa2, first org yg akan dpt call 'hubby' ler...ckp je tu..dlm hati...hubby jugak kan..kan..kan...

AuntyN said...

Po : kalau lah hubby I macam u kan.........hmmmmm. Tak kisah kena bebel but resolve the problem dulu tu yg penting.

RojakBuoh : Dah tu nak call sapa lagi kalau tak call hubby.....? kan, kan kan?

Anonymous said...

You are luckier than me. My husband does not even know the difference between clutch and brake pedal! Tak reti drive...sigh

AuntyN said...

ailin : you think so? at least he can't "bebel & leter" you when something happened.

Ni said...

kami ada satu je keta, so walaupun cik yang drive ke kerja everyday, hubby akan check (every morning!) kereta tu, belek sana, belek sini sebelum dia 'flag-off' cik dan anak-anak keluar dari rumah

atenah said...

jadi member AAM, senang hati. anything happen just call them. 1 morning my kancil tak nak start, call them, depa mai rumah & fix, mmg worth the registration fee. and kalau u drive other ppl's car pun depa fix gak. 1 time was driving uncle's old van, rosak kat shah alam, depa tow for free sampai gombak. mmg wajib jadi member.

Leyla Shuri said...

I am not talking of old cars, i am talking of old hubbies. The older they get, the more leterous they become - sigh -

AuntyN said...

Cikni : my hubby tu he will do that to m y car too. Pagi2 dia hantar anak2 ke sekolah with my car. Kalau I nak drive outstation dia make sure semua OK pun, dia basuh kereta, cuci luar dalam, tayar pun berkilat!!. Tapi anything happened after that (accident ke etc, etc) bebelnya lebih tu sajalah.

Tenah : Masa tak jadi memang tak fikir nak jadi member, masa jadi tu, masa tu nak lah jadi member sesangat.

Lela : are you saying WE should get a younger husband? LOL, That is a really GOOD thoughts!!! hahahaha.

Leyla Shuri said...

I nak cakap...old hubbies equal old cars. Lagi lama, lagi memekak!
Entah apa2 aje bunyi yang keluar dari dalam badan masing2 ie cars & hubbies!
Tapi old cars and old hubbies are daily necessities!

AuntyN said...

Lela : Bagusnya filosopy u tu, LOL. Nasib baik daily necessity bukan BASIC necessity tu. hahaha

Anonymous said...

kak N, my hubby pun kalau dpt call pagi hari mesti ingat cm accident...same impression. cm pun kategori defensive driver, kalau kat KL dah byk pahala kut sbb asyik kena kutuk, but now driving in Japan so very happy sbb orang Jepun ni baik hati punya driver...

anedra said...

When I drive, my N jadi macam driving instructor it annoys me. Everything also he wants to comment. Kalau dia drive like pelesit, I cannot say anything lah..and if he scratches the's NOT a crime, but kalau I scratch it, aiyoh..kena periksa left, right, center and all!! Not ALL women drivers are bad lah..sama je laki perempuan, kan?

AuntyN said...

cm : senang lah drive kat Japan tu no. Tak payah stress.

anedra : Uncle Z tak lah jkadi instructor tapi kalau kereta tergaris sikit macam kes csi lah tu. Agree with you, bukan semau driver lelaki tu bagus dan bukan semua driver perempuan tu tak bagus.

Anonymous said...

auntyN, how can I email you personally?

AuntyN said...

neiLSs, it's OK?

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