September 12, 2005

Reflection of My Life

This type of entry had been swinging from one blog to the other. They called it"meme" and some called it tagging. I first read it from Ewok/DZ blog. Later Kak Teh and MakAndeh tagged me. With Kak Teh's achievements and MakAndeh's colourful life, I think mine would be a very boring subject. So if you are going to fall asleep half way through reading this, please move on OK.

Looking back, I think my life is not full of suprises. It has been a good life. No major problem, health or otherwise. Alhamdulillah, I am not tried in those form by Allah. To go more into detail here goes;

1) I was in all girls residential school down south. Travelled by train for more than 12 hours per trip to the school or back home.
2) Learnt to be independent, had to rely on my own self for any decision.
3) Parents were having marrital problems. Managed to escape because I was in the hostel.
4) After SPM entered ITM (now UiTM), from 77 to 79.
5) Learnt the meaning of boy-girl relationship when a friend of elder brothers approached me. He had just came back from overseas and already started working. Told me that he proposed to me when I was 10!!!. Couldn't remember that at all, but maybe because I was naive and kesian accepted him to be my boyfriend.
5) Broke off the relationship after a few months. Couldn't take the pestering of committing into marriage since I wanted to study. I was young and didn't want to be tied down. Thought that I would not be able to handle studies and marriage at the same time. Tak de jodoh (Nasib baik kalau tak sekarang dah bercucu dah, hehehe).
6) At the end of the final year in ITM, "mengorat" current hubby and went steady hehehe

1) Entered and graduated from USM (1980 - 1984)
2) Entered the job market.
First job was a tutor in Chemistry School in USM. First gaji was RM1100 (not bad at all) But stayed for only 2 months plus because I was taking the dean's advise to make it as only a stepping stone.
Second job was a chemist in a factory. Salary was RM850 only. But looking at the prospect and the challenges in the manufacturing I accepted it. Those days time were good. Factory was doing well, bonus was between 2 to 4 months every year. Those were thedays!!
3) Got engaged to uncle Z at the end of 1984. Married a year later Dec 1985 (20 years already you know !!!). He was in KL I was in Prai. So no Hindi movie's drama during the engagement, everything went well.
4) Got married at the end of 1985, Kak Long was born in 1987, Angah was born in 1989.
5) Still working in the same place, but now feeling the tension of being discriminated. When an opportunity for promotion to Asst. Mgr was available, I was not promoted eventhough I was a senior and work as hard as others.

1) Could no longer take the stress in the same company, after almost 11 years, changed line into Quality Engineering. Got a job in the Building & Construction company as an Asst, Mgr.
2) After a year the country was going into recession, Building and Construction was very badly hit. Above all because of the high rate of corruption and foul play in the industry a lot of company went bust. The same fate occured to the company I was in. I managed to get out before I was laid off. I wouldn't get any benefit because I was only 1 year in service for the company.
3) Was lucky that a friend (Chinese lady) was looking for someone to replace her. She was transferred from Quality to Material in an electronic manufacturing concerned. Went for an interview and got the job. The position was Quality Engineer. In term of position it was a demotion but salary wise, no reduction from the B&C company.
4) After 1 year in the electronic company (wasn't able to get along with the boss), found an opening in the current company as a Quality Manager. Alhamdulillah, I was accepted. Joined the current company in Sept 1997.
4) Two more kids (again girls) arrived in 1990s (Ayin in 1992 and Syia in 1994).
5) Had no maid for a short while, had to struggle with 3 small kids and trying to earn a living. Someone said her house was like a pig-stye (sp?), I was there and done that too.
6) Had a chance to travel long haul for the first time to Italy on business trip.
7) Managed to succesfully set-up the Quality system in the current company. Turned the factory from a havoc state into a really process orientated factory. The boss is so proud of the factory from then on had always tried to get as many customers and corporate people to visit the factory. (That's keep me busy all the time even nowadays)

1) Had a chance to travel more, on business, on holiday and performed the umrah. Alhamdulillah.
2) The Operation Manager left, I was appointed to take over. Learn new skill from Quality to Planning and Operations.
3) Last year 2004, my late father was not feeling well. Took care of his needs until 10 Sept 2004.
4) This year discovered and serious into blogging.
5) Make a lot of new friends in the cyber world.

My aspiration for the next years to come.
1) I am 47 years old, hope to be able to work for another 8 years so that I would be able to cash in the retirement benefit (Then can go for a round the world trip with hubby, "berangan lagi")
2) Hope to perform Haj with hubby within the next 2 years (hopefully before I am 50)
3) Hope to be able to start a business venture soon to sustain life after retirement (from boredom and also for the children education. My youngest will only be 18 by then).
4) Other than that hope and pray if I were to live long, I will be granted a healthy life, not senile or become an invalid.
5) Hope before I die I would be able to pay all my debt (to the person alive as well as those required by Allah, solat, puasa, zakat, haji etc)

Just to add,
My biological age is 47, I look 37, young at heart as a 27 year old, and the voice of a 17 year girl (Perasan nye hehehehehe)

Well, that's the story of my life. Tell me yours.


Pak Idrus said...

Appreciate if you could post an image of your goodself...thanks.

AuntyN said...

pak idrus : malu lah. Thanks for asking anyway.

AdieJin said...

memalu lak auntyN ni. Pos jer ler gambaq tu..ramai peminat di luaq ni dok tunggu. Ni, ketam tak dak la di Tesco. Penat saja pi tadi. Ish..last last makan laksa di Penang Village. Haram tak sedap pun. Tak pa lah hujung bulan pi Tanjung pekana yang original..have a nice day.

atenah said...

ur life is good, Alhamdulillah

Traveler said...

Menarik riwayat AuntyN semenjak lebih 30 tahun yang lalu. Esok-esok buat bukulah AuntyN.

Memangpun suara AuntyN macam gadis 17tahun :).

AuntieYan said...

N....yang tak tahan tu sora macam umuq 17 tawon tu....!

Anonymous said...

aunty N..age is just a number !!!

Kak Teh said...

N - apalah nak heran dengan apa yang I buat - all in thename of cari makan, what! anyway, I pun bila tua2 nak rely on my voice saja..So far, my voice has been my rezki too and Alhamdulillah, the voice does not grow old with the age, kan?

RojakBuah said... kira ala2 sweet 17 ke Aunty? Nak ngorat boleh ke? hahaaaa....

AuntyN said...

AdieJin : Malu tu kan separuh dari iman, hehehe. Takut kena serbu pun ye sbb ramai peminat lah konon nye, hahaha.
Hari tu dok pester sangat pasai gulai ketam dah cari ketam tak jumpa pulak tu!!!

Tenah : Alhamdullillah, so far so good. Yang pahit tu letak tepi sajalah, ingat untuk buat pedoman je tu. Tapi selagi hidup selagi tu ada cabaran yang menanti.

Om : Ada orang nak beli ka biograpgy makcik kampung ni? hehehe.
Thanks for the compliment on the voice.

Kak Yan :Tu yang susah nak tepis phone call budak lelaki kawan angah tu. Depa selalu tak percaya saya ni mama angah bukan kakak dia, hehehe. Susah jugak tu actually.

Minah : Oh Yes, age is just a number, which is progressively increasing huhuhu.

Kak Teh : Tu lah no, voice don't age, lucky for us, esp. in your industry.

AuntyN said...

RojakBuoh : hahahaha. Suara je, muka tu bila tengok takut lari pulak tu hehehe.

OOD said...

vavava... berQualiti sungguh hidup cik puan manager kualiti ni!!!

suara like a 17 year old? perh... ni yang rasa nak telepon ni!

bila2 turun KL bawak mee udang ya?

Pak Idrus said...

Lady, you must be a charming lady..I knew that, you have exposed yourself already in this blog, so 'apa nak malu'...take care.

AuntyN said...

OOD : Kalau nak makan mee udang mai sini lah, tak sedap yang tapau tu. Esp. by the time sampai KL mesti sejuk dah tu.
Nanti kita calling2 OK so that u can hear my 17 year old voice hahaha.

Pak Idrus : Thank you so much. Nanti nak pi korek gambar yg masa cun melecun tu dulu hehehe.
Expose melalui tulisan tu OK sikit nak tunjuk gambar tu kena jugak fikir banyak kali tu.

Nong said...

N, I was in ITM from 1974-1977 School of Applied Science and 1978-1979 BBA kat 14 floor tu. Mungkin pernah terserempak kut!

Selalu gak gi utara. Next time nak buat date dgn u boley ke?

AuntyN said...

Nong ; Boleh sesangat let me know how to contact you and when u are coming OK.

par said...

memang AN nampak muda dan sore pun cam org muda... betoi, ikhlas nie.... kekkekekkeke :)

AuntyN said...

X : terimakasih lah.

frappe_crush said...

alo AN...pakabor..hihkhik

Anonymous said...

Aunty N,
From this entry I come to know that u're the Operation Manager for your company (which I dont know what co it is).Are u still in this position? Hm..perhaps if my students would like to go for their academic visit to your factory,would that be a problem? I'm teaching business students and my students often go for their academic visit at companies in order to apply some theories they learnt in class but mostly in KL.

AuntyN said...

frappe : habaq baik

hazel : u mengajar kat mana tu? Are you talking about practical training?

Javard said...

its so sweet to baca perjalanan hidup kita kan.....hee hee....i still remembered 1984, i think i was dragged to your wedding offence i was only 9 and did not get to make my own decisions....

hee hee..salam to pakcik aki...selamat berpuasa

Jo Kontan said...


Ewok/DZ tuu the owner of Gong Kapas Times ke? Nak the url, bley ?


AuntyN said...

J : Looking back, things seemed to be so smooth, but when we were there, it was like "why is this happening to me?" "When is it going to end?"

Did you come to our wedding? I couldn't remember ( I didn't know you then), I only remeber spending a night in your house during my honeymoon that's all.

Tj : Ewok and DZ are two different people sharing a blog. You can find the url at the Sentraal Station.

Mas said...


Hi auntyn, saya Mas blogger baru. Selamat berkenalan.

AuntyN said...

Waalaikumussalam Mas. Welcome dan selamat berkenalan.

Anonymous said...

I ngajar kat uiTM kampus kelantan. Boring lah student asyik buat academic visit ke KL je.. Penang pon ok gak for a change. It's not practical training. This is like 3 days trip to any companies

AuntyN said...

Hazel, we usually don't entertain student visits. Usually customers' visit. But let me have your contact no. Let's discuss it further OK.

AuntyN said...

Hazel, I know who you are, you are Delinn's twin right? She has my number if you want to talk to me.

Ni said...

Hi auntyn, rasa berbangga betul dengan success story auntyn. Seronok baca cerita orang berjaya nih.

Anonymous said...


truly love this entry of yours!

AuntyN said...

Cikni : Thanks, actually malu jugak nak tulis, takut orang ingat I bangga diri tu. I just wanted to let people know that we can be successful if we work hard and have a positive attitude.

Anon : Thanks. I hope you can tell me who you are!!. I prefer someone to have a name rather than anonymous, so that I can directly "talk" to you.

Anonymous said...

Aunty N,

"an all girls residential school down south"...

are u a "srikandi"?

just wondering... anyway, really enjoy reading ur postings...

AuntyN said...

aylena : Yes, I was in STF from 71 to 76. Are you from there too? Which year girl? I think you must be super duper junior ni,

Thanks for reading.

t o r t s said...

You must be one tough malay lady. It's not easy to survive in the mfg industry up north. Tumpang proud of you.

AuntyN said...

torts : thanks. It was tough but I survived.

Anonymous said...


Tak ada la super duper junior sangat! If not for ur "aunty-identity" tu, in fact i patutnya panggil u KakakN je kot! hehehe...
I was there from 80-84.

"Thanks for reading?" Well, the pleasure is mine actually. Bestlah dengar (read: baca) celoteh u.. Found ur blog by chance. Ni semua akibat dari blog-hopping from MA !

AuntyN said...

aylena : Siapalah auntyN tanpa pembacanya? cewah, macam artist pulak lah hehehehe.
Just trying out my "bakat" penulisan ni, kalau ada rezeki teringin jugak nak cuba menulis secara serius. I like berceloteh (in and out of blog). .
MA is a good writer she can go far (I know her personally too)

Anonymous said...


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