February 01, 2006

Family Day Out

Since so many days holiday for Chinese New Year and Maal Hijrah, I also become so lazy to update. You know lah, holiday mood maaa..... Anyway, I also see so many friends also no update, I am OK what? Join the club horrr?

On the eve of the Chinese New Year, it was customary for the Chinese to have their family dinner. To me it is a good practice which the other races should emulate. But then again if we do that, be sure that you folks stick to the fairness of taking turns between your own parents and the in laws. Don't be so autocratic (may it be the husband or the wife) as to just wanting to spend the dinner at your own parents. Be more tolerant and respect your parner's feeling too.

Enough of that!!. Taking the advantage of my mak not being at home (she was still at my youngest brother's at that time), I asked hubby, if we could take the girls out for dinner. Instead of just having rice and dishes at home, which is getting very boring by the days. He agreed, and when we told the girls that we were going for Pizza they were excited. They had wanted to have Pizza for a long time. Hubby does't really fancy pizza so that's why we rarely eat pizza when we go out. Being the eve of CNY, not many people were in the Pizza Hut restaurant which was rather comfortable. We went early because Angah had a tuition class at 8.30 pm. Oh yes, even during the holidays, tuition classes still go on. It was a good outing, since we were all together as a family, having a meal together outside the home atmosphere. It may NOT be a big deal to some, but for a long time it is becoming difficult for us to go out together as a family. Having mak at home, without the bibik and Kak Long away at the college.

The next day, we had another invitation to a wedding. My cousin, who is already 44 years old had finally met her "jodoh". Actually, while we were having the pizza the previous evening, we were also planning maybe we could go for a western food outlet by the beach in Butterworth. If it means another outing the girls were all ready to go. As I was telling the girls to get ready to go out, one of then was saying " Tu maktok balik macam mana nak pi?" Dissapointed!!!. I had to laugh at their dissapoinment. No rezeki. Mak was sent home by my sisters. She went to the wedding with my youngest brother, then take the ride home to my house from my younger sister S.

So had to scrap the idea of another outing. What touched me was, Syia came to tell me that she volunteered to stay home with Maktok if we decided to go. Kak Long said the same thing. I told them if they were not going we will not go. We can try to plan for another occasion, surely. The next occasion nearly arised on Monday. Hubby's sister invited us for a kenduri aqiqah for her 4 month old grandson. Abang Long's (my eldest brother) brother in law was getting married. We were invited too. But due to the distance (opposite ways anyway) I had told hubby we should go to only his sister's place. Discussed with mak the night before as to where she wanted to go. She said she wanted to stay home, but there would be no one home. She opted to follow Abang Long and S to the wedding instead. If that went well, we may have that family dinner again. But there was a miscommunication that day, which ended up mak being left out by Abang Long and S. In the end, mak followed us to the aqiqah kenduri instead. Not the we minded, the food was really good. The kurma kambing made from the aqiqah meat was really delicious. My SIL even packed lots of rice and dishes to take home. The girls even had a second helping after we reached home. Even Angah who had been trying to cut down rice for dinner to loose weight had another makan. :-).

Failed again, it seems. But nevermine. the rezeki was aplenty. I didn't have to cook yesterday for lunch due to that. For the evening dinner, I asked the girls what they wanted to eat. Kak Long suspiciously answered. "Mama, usually tak pernah tanya pun, masak saja, why hari ni tanya? " I smiled. She continued, " Ni mesti nak pi sama baba makan ni, nak tapau kat kami. Tak fair, tak fair. Sure punya lah, kalau tak boleh pi mama dengan baba nak pi dua orang saja tu ". I said, " OK lah tu, at least you all can still get to eat" Ayin said, it's OK for her that way. That was what we did. Hubby and i went out to do some errant, we had dinner together and bring home some food for the girls.

Today, the girls are out to town.Having a day out on their own. All four of them plus Kak Long's friends. Hubby sent them all to the shopping mall and they will come back on their own. They were given RM30 each as "upah" for the things they do around the house. Incentive lah ni.

So how was your holiday? For those who have not got any (overseas dwellers tu). May be can tell us how the CNY and Maal Hijrah were being celebrated there.


JoeBangla said...

dapat angpau 100 dollars :-)

AuntyN said...

Bila nak belanja? :-)

ibuVouge said...

Aunty N
kalau kat kg dulu raya cina best, dapat buah berangan yg besar besar tu, air kotak,buah limau jgn cakapla, bleh wat stok sebulan.
tapi skang nyonya &apek yg dok bagi dah mati, anak anak pun x semesra mak bapak dia.
Kalau maal hijrah, lepas solat maghrib, org kg akan berselawat dari rumah ke rumah then sampai masjid, pastu solat isyak.lepas solat ada makan makan

Anonymous said...

same old, same old. ada dinner by Chinese Students Ass kat campus, tak pi pun. Punya la ramai org pi, sampai tak muat dewan and have to be turned away. Maal Hijrah, Muslims kat sini tak celebrate pun, ug geng Wahabi sure kata bidaah. GAsak kome la

Count Byron said...

AN. Lovely family!

I like your outings..and your sensitivity to Mak's presence. It is something to be emulated.

Anak2 pun faham sangat. Itu yang best tu.

Lana said...

AuntyN.. seems like you have a great long weekend too.. bestnya anak2 dah besar..

Anonymous said...

cuti panjang kali nih memang best, tapi tang jammed tu yang tak best..bayangkan, nak beratur bayar tol kat Jambatan saja dok dekat 40 minit, tu pun pakai touch n go..

tapi saya suka sambut maal hijrah kat Penang, di sisi family..mak akan ingatkan kitaorang to baca doa akhir tahun n awal tahun, then buat solat hajat, which I will forget to do if I celebrate it alone in KL..

AuntyN said...

IV : I suka buah berangan. La ni mahai bukan main no? Oren so far ada beli sekali baru yang lain semua orang hadiah, Alhamdullilah. Your Maal Hijrah is really good.

tenah : Kalau celebrate Maal Hijrah bidaah, New Year 1 Jan celebration tu apa hukum no? :-)

Count : ALhamdulillah so far so good. InsyaAllah anak2 akan faham bila kami ni tua2 dan dah tak larat dah tu :-). btw, la ni cek muda lagi kan, kan....

lana : It was a good looooonggg weekends. Tu tak cerita yang dok kerja rumah tak habis2 tu hehehe

oren : memang nak pi Pulau tu jam memanjang. Kami kalau tak kena pi tak sampai lah ke Penang tu. Lama ka balik mai tu? Betui2, ada orang2 tua yang dok peringat awai tahun tu memang penting, kita buat2 lupa selalunya tu :-)

Anonymous said...

CNY holidays this year for me is more towards staying alert. Takut baby terkejut masa jiran main mercun.. :o

alih2 baby maintain cool, ayah dia yg terkejut dek bunyi mercun :)

AuntyN said...

CD : Biasalah tu. Tak per berjaga2 tu. But I am so happy now, those things are behind me now :-). I used to curse all the Chinese neighbours for all the noise they made with the mercun.

aNIe said...

Kak N..masa bersama anak2 & keluarga sesuatu yang tak ternilai...errmmm...beruntun kak N dpt anak2 yang bertanggungjawab..sanggup offer diri untuk jaga maktoknya untuk benarkan mama & yang lain2 kluar...orang kata sejuk perut mak yang mengandung....alhamdullillah...SALAM MAAL HIJRAH juga buat kak N

Anonymous said...

AuntyN Selamat (belated) Awal Muharram ngan Chinese New Year :)

Cuti tak buat apa2, just my husband ada long weekend break. Bulih jalan2 sikit saja lah :)

AuntyN said...

Lady : Alhamdulillah. Hopefully they stay that way forever. Salam Maal Hijrah to you too.

Marlinda : Baru je skodeng your blog tengok gambar2 :-). Jalan2 pergi mana?

Count Byron said...

Memang cek muda aih..
nana terlopong sat tadi..
siap dengan sejambak bunga & lagu elvis lagi

Nana ni masih cuti.. anak2 dok heret merata2 pelusuk

AuntyN said...

Nana Count: Lucky you, dah lah masih cuti, being driven around, dengan lagu2 yang begitu merdu sekali. Cek suka sangat tu.

Nak bagi bunga kat sapa tu?

Bergen said...

If you happen to one day find yourself in Damansara Perdana give me a call so I can take you this pizza place in Taman Tun. I promise you won't eat any other pizza once you have a taste of Canadian Pizza.

Note: They don't pay me to write this as if it's an advertisement.

AuntyN said...

bergen it's a date then. I will take it up on that offer.

*garu kepala* how to call you?

I actually prefer the original Italian pizza, very simple topping to Pizza Hut. Whenever in KL have been eating "Popeye Pizza" from Mario's in Ampang Point (I think!)

Same note : Mario doesn't pay me to advertise either hehehe

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