July 02, 2005

Happy Birthday to Anak Menakanku

I wasn't sure it is your birthday today.
So this dedication comes a little late.
It's better late than never people say
So here's a wish from me for someone as special as you.

I knew you when you were just starting into your teen
First time we met, I was just got into your family circle
Your family engulfs me with kindness and love
A happiness that seems to last a lifetime.

We went our different ways,
You to faraway land to find knowledge and wisdom
I started career and family
almost 20 years, we never set eyes again

Funny isn't it J,
When suddenly a 19 year old boy
A young person with great talent
Was the person responsible
For our meeting after almost 2 decades long

So today J,
As you journey into another age dimension
Whatever age you are, to me you are still that 10 year old
A young man with great loving heart
Full of kindness and responsibility

My wish for you,
May Allah shower you with Happiness
May you always be under HIS protection and Blessing
Many Happy Returns of the day to J
We love you so very much

AuntyN and family


shidah said...

happy birthday to Javard ! best wishes. auntyN, nanti esok2 bday saya, buat dedication cam ni.... aunty saya tak ber blog la....

AuntyN said...

Bila bday nya Shidah, Insyaallah kalau ingat boleh lah buat

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to JavardKent also!

atenah said...

happy birthday, javard! am looking forward to your indy movie.

Javard said...

Dear aunty N...thank you so much. words cannot describe how i i was so touched to read the dedication. Sedih ada, sebak ada. To think back how technology and the magic of AF brought us back together. Terima kasih 2 everyone, including pak Cik and all your daughters.
Give me a buzz the next time you are here. we definitely go makan. my treat.
Terima kasih banyak-banyak....i am soooooooooo topuched. thanks.

Javard said...

thanks atinah, delinn and shidah..thank u