July 16, 2005

Of Dinner and Movie

I was at home Thursday. I took a day off to finish up a presentation which a friend asked me to do. We were supposed to go to his client's place that afternoon. Appointment was set at 3.00 pm. I was supposed to meet him at McDonald around 1.30 pm to go over the presentation before heading to the client's place. I slept late the night before to try to finish it but still couldn't finish it.

Although you hadn't got enough sleep the night before you still need to wake up at your usual time for subuh and wifely duties. After my husband left for work I set myself in front of the PC to finish off my presentation. I was getting exasperated actually because I thought I may not have finished in time. Wanted to print something but the printer ink was finished. So resorted to opening a few windows for references.

Finished up everything at about 10.30 am and called my friend to re-confirm. He said OK and I had then a chance to chat with some friends online. Nearly 12.00 noon, my friend called again to tell me that the appointment was cancelled. Alamak, pulak dah.. What else makin rancaklah berborak tu.

I was contemplating whether to go back to work to save a half day leave, but in the end the hibernating "MALAS" virus engulfed my whole body system. So in the end I decided not to go back to the office. Instead, I called my hubby and persuaded him to accompany me to Penang after work. I had to go to the college for something and he said that he could go check his digital camera which he sent for repair last week. Good excuse to go dating actually right? That's what we did, we went off to Penang, had a simple dinner for 2, near the Jalan Kilat stadium, the stalls on Jalan Perak. After that we went to Gurney Plaza for the digital camera and was told it was not yet ready. Actually the guy was supposed to check for us whether it is cheaper to repair or to buy a new one.

While we were there, hubby asked whether I wanted to watch a movie or not. It had been really long time since we watch a movie. I couldn't even remember the last movie we watched as well. We did plan a few weeks back to go to a movie but had to cancel it. While debating on which film to watch, would it Mr & Mrs Smith or the War of the World, I remembered that someone said he slept thru a scene in Mr & Mrs Smith so I said let's watch War of the Worlds. I don't think I have to do a review here. Most of you have already seen it by now. But I think it is an intruiging movie, you need to think hard to actually get the conclusion of the movie. Two of my staffs told me they don't understand the ending, when I told them I had watched the movie the night before.

We arrived home by midnite and it was thunder and lightning after that followed by heavy rain, which reminded me so much of the film we just watched. Takut pulak ada alien space ship tertanam kat bawah rumah aku ni hehehehe.

On the whole, I had an unproductive day but did fill it up with something beautiful.

I hope you all have a beautiful week-end as well.


Anonymous said...

sekali sekala kena gak dating kan, all work and no play makes N a dull Aunty!! Never! :)

Ely said...

auntyN, this posting, the part abt the movie, reminded me of the movie, Suami Isteri & ..., "lepas tgk wayang buat aper?", that was the dialogue hehehehe.

jgn marah

Me n My Life said...

bila umur dah 40 carat watching movies berdua2an is soooo sweet kan...my hubby sure tidor kalau ajak p tgk movies..nyampah betul..tak romantic langsung!!

makcik piah

AuntyN said...

Tenah : hahaha, sure hope not a dull aunty.

Ely : sorry to disappoint u, hehehe, nothing happened afterward, though it was raining so heavily.

Kak Safiah : Luckily my hubby likes movies, jadi tak pernah lah dia tidur dalam panggung tu.

Anonymous said...

w/end tak buat apa pon. shppng barang sket pasai nak buat jamuan kat skolah this tues. mudahan takdak students i yg saket perut pasai makan masakan i. heh. =P

Anonymous said...

waaaa seronoknyaaaa pegi movie, berdua2an... Kak N, what is your YM ID? - Eastar

AuntyN said...

lilheaven: masak elok2 sure tak sakitnya.

Easter : Seronokkkk sgt tu.YM ID? Mine at home not at office so kalau nak YM kena tunggu masa ada kat rumah aje tu.Nak jugak ke?

WRA said...

My friend watched War of The World ni...katanya baru dia perasan yg Tom Cruise tu mmg pandai berlakon....hehehehe...

Myself? Tak sempat la kot coz perut dah sarat...due bila-bila masa aje, kang ter**** kat panggung, naya je..,hehhehe

anedra said...

Aunty, glad you had a swell weekend berdating with Uncle! It's fun to have a nice berdua-duaan, manja-manja session once in a while kan?

Mine was restful but N-less. Sob! he had to work the weekend thru, so no dating for me! Next weekend, hopefully!

AuntyN said...

Alex : Lorrr Tom Cruise dah kaya raya baru perasan dia pandai berlakun :-)
Good Luck with the birth, lepas pantang lah gi tengok wayang tu OK? Nanti cinema kena ambik jadi anak angkat pulak tu LOL.

Anedra : Sian dia, set dgn N next week gi dating OK. Jgn rindu2 dan sunyi2 OK.

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