July 05, 2005


My hubby is out station from yesterday, Monday. Sometimes I like it when he is away for a short while. I don't have to cook or prepare food for him. We just eat what we have at home. Cincai sikitlah, ala kadar saja lah tu. Kalau dia ada kena "beghadon" sikit kata oghang utagha ni. Tau ka apa "beghadon" tu? Maksudnya kena siap semua dengan elok-elok macam tu lah. Kan aku ni isteri mithali ni, hehehe. Anyway, when he is not around I will miss him and he will miss me. Rindu-rindu ni bagus at least we know how much we will miss our loved ones when they are away. We sometimes take their presence for granted, so much so that we tend to overlook the fact that we marry him/her for love in the first place right.

On Sunday, since he knew that he was going away for a few days, he spent his entire day tidying up the bedroom. Not that I can't do it, but most of the things in the room are his and they were all over the place. He will never let me touch them, so I won't touch them at all. He messed up the room, he will clean the room, that's our normal practice. Hubby, is the type who can and will help with the house work. So we usually share work, but since we have a maid he will leave most of the kitchen work to the womenfolk. He still wash dishes anyway. Now, the room is clean, tak semak dah kepala aku tengok buku, newspaper, DVD bersepah kat atas lantai. Nak jalan pun susah tu.

He said he was fed-up of eating rice, I looked up for the recipe and I cooked Curry Mee for him. Alhamdullillah menjadi pulak lah Mee Kari hari tu. Nasib baik menjadi, kalau tidak he will leave with a very sour face, hehehe. Sampai malam pun dia makan mee kari tu, from ther aku boleh agak lah yang dia suka tu. I know he likes Curry Mee, I am not into curry mee that much, in fact if we eat out, I won't even look at the dish. I did try twice before but, last Sunday was the best so far. I will put up the recipe in the recipe blog later OK.

Malam, lepas solat maghrib aku sediakan pakaian dia untuk bawak tu, sambil tu dok sembang jugak on the phone dengan seseorang tu. Multitasking jugaklah sambil menyelam minum air gitu kan. Biasalah aku ni kalau sembang bukan boleh sekejap-sekejap pun. Tapi lepas jugaklah rindu rasanya dengar suara orang yang dah lama tak dengar tu. Senyum memanjang aku jadi nya sepanjang malam tu. Memang dah lama kawan aku ni tak call, aku agak dia pun rindu nak dengar suara aku tu.

Although, I do like a bit of the freedom of not having hubby around, there are lots of things which I don't like when he is not around. I have to send the girls to school. The morning traffic is terrible, I really hate it, I have to be extra careful when driving. I have to water the plants, I have to go to Sya's school to get the report card this week too,and of course I get lonely at night. He jokingly said before he left to me, "malam ni kena peluk bantal lah". Apa lah pulak orang tua ni, masa dia ada pun bukan peluk dia pun hehehe. I responded to him, "same to you" Gelak jugak lah dia tu.

At the end of this week, I am going to have a VIP visitor to the factory. My boss will of course be coming down too. So, I am all tensed up to prepare presentations and trying to get data for the presentations. I don't like the stress because I sometimes get on the wrong side with my boss whenever we try to prepare something like this. Tak lama pun sebab, bila dia datang everything will be OK. Tak kan aku nak biarkan dia marah kat aku lama2 kan.

How long will I be lonely, perhaps until end of the week. Kesian kat aku kan huhuhuhu....
I can almost hear some people will say, betul lah tu, berinternet memanjang sunyi apa nya kan, kan....Pagi2 dah ON pc, petang, malam, sampai nak kematu b*nt*t, sunyi konon. Betul ni sunyi lah wei....


Anonymous said...

Buat AuntyN, di tujukan lagu "Sunyi" nyanyian Gersang sementara masih sunyi ni, Nanti bila dah meriah semula & hubby dah balik rumah, saya tujukan pulak lagu "Bercanda di pasiran pantai" nyanyian Allahyarham Sudir & Kak Nita. Have a good day.

AuntyN said...

Om : Amboi, gelak sakan aunty tengok ni. Thanks for the songs.

Ely said...

kecian auntyN kita sorang nih. memang, abang takder rasa sunyi gitu. my friends kata my suami and i mcm belangkas tak pernah renggang. betul ker? entahlah.

in the meantime auntyN, postlah mee kari kat ur recipe blog, boleh i cuba dan try!

jgn sedih2 ok abang takder!

Arena said...

Biasela, absence makes the heart grom fonder. Kadang2 bila ada kat rumah bukannya borak sangat tapi rasa comforted that he's always by our side.

Kak Teh said...

alah, sat saja N...nanti dia baliklah tu. La ni pi mana pun, just a push of the button dah dengark sora. kalau nak canggih lagi - pakai webcam.

AuntyN said...

Ely : Nanti aunty post mee kari tu.

Arena : Betul tu kan

Kak Teh : Saja mengada2 je ni hehehe. Bukan tak biasa, selalu dah.

Anonymous said...


Sunyinya malam ini
Tiada bulan tiada bintang
Hanyalah kedengaran
Ombak dipantai
Hatiku tersusuk sayu dan pilu
Mengenangkan nasib diri dirantauan

Kasih di mana dikau
Masihkah ada rindu
Hatiku seperti dulu
Jangan biar dia membeku
Mengharap cinta yang dipandu
Tak ingin ku sendiri lagi

( korus )
Oh teman dimanakah dia
Tidak kelihatan
Ku tertunduk malu
Aku seperti dulu sunyi ( 2X )
Sepi diri ini aku sendiri lagi ( 2X )

AuntyN said...

Kampo : Lama tak nampak ni, tau tau dok mai nyanyi pulak untuk I ni, best nya. Thanks so much!!


what i like about hubby got night shift is becoz i can conquer the bed...hahaha. and i got the whole night to do whatever i want.

AuntieYan said...

N, memang pun, kenkadang bila depa ada rasa rimas, bila depa takdak....sunyi pulak...sunyi dalam keriuhan.!

Anonymous said...

Give me 5 brother Po. There's the lirik for ''Sunyi"... AuntyN, jangan sedih-sedih no..

AuntyN said...

Anne : :-)

Kak Yan : Betui tu kan..

Om : I don't want the lyric, I want the song lah. When are you going to re-open the blog so that I can hear the song, cewah!!.

Tak sedih lah dok senyum aje ni..

anedra said...

kesian lah AuntyN! even though tak peluk malam-malam (ye ke ni? Boleh percaya ke??), still rindu kan? Katil tu pulak rasa luas! Sekejap je..he'll be back soon!

AuntyN said...

anedra : Nape? Tak Percaya?

Percaya laaah....

Anonymous said...

kiter lagi lah dah berbulan tdo peluk bantal ... uwaaaa...nak balik la cam ni

Anonymous said...

"Betul ni sunyi lah wei....
Hehehehe..." Pasal sambil gelak-gelak bila kata sunyi tuh? Mosykil ni nih :-)

Blabarella said...

Ah, .. someone to share my predicament at the moment. I pun sama AuntyN, whenever hubs goes overseas, I feel "lost". Before I wasn't like that, whenever he went away, I'd rejoice at the chance to be by myself, go jalan-jalan by myself, makan by myself, meet up with friends, etc. Not that I don't do that now when he's away, but nowadays, I REALLY feel his absence and feel empty. The first day he goes off I'm usually too sad to do anything much, so I'll just stay home and be by myself.

I'm dealing with the absences better now, but there are times when the tears do come out, and I wish I could just fit in his suitcase and follow him, .. which was why on the last time he went overseas and I was like, wailing my head off (via sms) in sadness, he said "It's time to have a kid".

How true. :)

superunknown said...

sunyi kekadang indah. heheh.

AuntyN said...

cn : peluk kuat2 tu cn, :-). Sabar lah kejap OK. Mai sini aunty peluk *hugs cn*

Phantom : teruskan kemusykilan mu, OK. :-)

Blabarella : I;ve read your blog and I think I can feel how you feel. But even if you have kids, that feeling shouldn't go away. Keep it alive OK. Good Luck in trying to have a child!!!

AuntyN said...

wan : sunyi itu kadang2 terlalu indah, :-)

Pak Idrus said...

Well friend, that is life, and it is getting interesting days by days, his absent give you time to think..it is not easy to live alone, even for a short period after being living together from day one...I know.., being there from time to time...My friend, that is true love...take care.

AuntyN said...

Pak Idrus : Thank you for the words of wisdom. Thanks for coming bye. It is an honour for someone as distinguished as you should grace my blog. Thanks again. take care to you too.

born-again drama queen said...

aunty n, bontot boleh naik kematu ke? sorry soalan super bodoh.

AuntyN said...

nef : hahaha, perumpamaan saja tu. Rasanya tak lah kut.

MA said...

Lonely ? Hehe..subjective tu to different ppl with different life experiences. Sometimes di tengah-tengah orang pun boleh lonely jugak.

I am lonely when I am away from my kids.

Ni lagu jiwang untuk Kak N : :-)

Why do I seem to be caught up inside a dream
All my life, it's always been my shadow and me
Over my shoulder there's always a voice somewhere
Saying I never should try to set my heart free
I wish that love would come and take me in her arms
Show me what I've never known.
Where I could hold someone words like right and wrong
Just fade away like yesterday
Lonely won't leave me alone
Lonely won't leave me alone
Why, tell me why, won't even let me fall in love
Oooooh everywhere I go always by my side
Won't even let me fall in love
I try and say I love you but the words won't come through
In my eyes, see all the tears and sad memories
Why can't I start out new and leave that old feeling too far behind
I guess that lonely needs company
Around each bend of road
I'm thinking that in time there will be that rainbow's end
But when I follow those self illusions
I find that it's only lonely and me again
Lonely won't leave me alone
Lonely won't leave me alone
Why, tell me why, won't even let me fall in love
Oooooh everywhere I go always by my side
Won't even let me fall in love
Lonely won't leave me alone
I wish that love would come
Lonely won't leave me alone
And take me home

(Lonely Wont Leave Me Alone - Glean Medeiros)

AuntyN said...

MA pun nyanyi jugak. Meriah lah camni, makin sunyi di buat nya, hehehe. Thanks so much.

I do agree with u, different situation for different people.

Anonymous said...

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