March 28, 2006


This entry has nothing to do with JLo or her movie Enough. Although I must say, I like the movie very much. It just so inspirational and touching to see a person fight and survive an abusive marriage. It must have been an inspiration for other women who are in similar situation. Well, I am not asking anyone of you who is in similar situation to go and learn martial art so that you can beat up your abusive partner. Just take the good thing out of the bad situation.

Enough of Enough.

Yesterday, we had some customers at my work premise. A very high level customer personnel. So, naturally I would be involved. I would be the one to organise the visit agenda from the time they were here till they leave. My boss was here too.

Early morning, when I arrived at work it would be normal that I check the email first. I saw my boss email asking to download the presentation to be given to the customer, into my laptop. No worry there, can do, will do. It was the boss who compiled the presentation given by all his senior managers into something which he consider presentable to the customer. Which is a natural way with my boss anyway. So I had of course be able to take a first glance at the presentation.

In one of the pages, the boss wrote something like this;

All the Senior Managers have at least 15 years of experience in
technical, commercial or financial role

CEO with more than 20 years of activity in the this industry

DOO with more than 30 years of experience in System Design, Product and Project Management, Sales & Marketing inn the related industry.

Other Managers in Sales, Services, Finance are also with more than 20 years of

N, ...... with enough experience in the job

(Yes, in red bold lettering) !!!!

My first reaction to that statement was,

"What? !!!!, My boss doesn't know how much experience I have got? !!"

Showed the slide to the HRM and said to him, "I was there with him last week how come he didn't ask me if he didn't know?".

The HRM said, "He has you resume what? It's impossible that he would not know".

Enough of that.

When the boss arrived, my HRM asked me if I had asked him whether he knows how much experience I have in the job. I answered, No I didn't. I am taking this positively this time.


"I am assuming that he thinks I look young and therefore he has to stress that I have ENOUGH experience." We both laugh because he knows how old I am. And I do look my age anyway.

During the presentation, I was all prepared to asnwer the question from the customers, if they asked me how long I have been with the company etc. But then my boss way of presenting it actually was a like this.

Bla, bla, bla......

For N, we are all gentlemen, so we will not mentioned how much experience she has. We would just say "enough".

Everyone present laughed.

Enough said !!!!

Moral of the story is,

Don't take things negatively at first glance, be open minded about it. It may be something good.


mama irma said...

Yes N, Your boss has such chivalry and a gentleman!!!Luckily you didn't apprehend him earlier!
p/s: are you coming to the Golden Jubilee Dinner this 1st April at Sunway Lagoon Resort?

Queen Of The House said...

Wah, I like your bosslah, AuntyN. Got style! (Possible ke itu coverline dia saja, sebab dia memang betul-betul terlupa?) Whatever pun, it was a good one.

Jo Kontan said...

Super !!

"For N, we are all gentlemen, so we will not mentioned how much experience she has. We would just say "enough"."

I think I can emulate this kinda presentation's statement on my next presentation.

Kopi Jo Kopiiii...

Sya said...

Wah best ler dapat boss gitu and again kak N u did not look yr age. u look younger..

AuntyN said...

mama irma : As a person he is a gentlemen. No lah, not going to the Gala Dinner tu.

QOTH : I think he knows. Dia saja nak buat lawak je tu :-)

TJ : You ni kan, kena tukar nick from Topi Jo to COPY Jo tu hehehe.

Sya : Lagi best kalau dia boleh bagi increment ribu-ribu hehehe. Thanks.

Bergen said...

you did good, ma'am! Way to go.

AuntyN said...

Bergen : Thanks, Alhamdulillah for now. But not sure how long more.

Anonymous said...


You lest you forget, the BOSS loves and knows how to flatter being omputih... but its good that the guests caught on. The BOSS is known to be flat with his humour or flattery (cos org kita tak paham)....

AMZA - glad that the visit went well.

maklang said...

Awt muda tu makan ape AuntyN. Maklang ni nampak tua dari usia sebenar le...

Ordinary Superhero said...

In that case, it shoud read 'more than enough'. :)

MA said...

Boss Mat Salleh memang tak lokek dengan pujian whenever it is due - Boss local with exception of a few - HAMPEH.

Reason ? Takut anak buah naik kepala.

But in actual fact, a word of encouragement will motivate an employee even further.

Anonymous said...

Agree to your assessment about not looking things negatively at first glance, and your boss best la mami

Anonymous said...

caya lah auntyN! nasib baik tak naik hangin satu badan no...

aNIe said...

Bersetuju dengan kak N...'Don't take things negatively at first glance...'

heheh...tak dpt tgk kak N...tapi sya ckp kak N looks younger than her age...

Anonymous said...

Tengok citer enough versi Industan hari sabtu tu ari..hehehhe..

Nor Razi said...


Can't argue more. I have experienced working with the American and the Japanese. Nothing compares to them in the even of uplifting the spirit of the worker. In the place I work, only my Mem Kecik says thanks for the job good done by her subordinites. Others not even say thank you. Forget about patting others shoulders ............. like you said, hampeh. (I do hope you act like my Mem Kecik)


Nampak tue ker....... dulu kata masih bergetah lagi hehehehehe ...... peace

Arena said...

Pesanan yang baik..

Anonymous said...

ceq sokong la sapa2 yg dok kata auntyN looks younger than her age. indeed. =) muda rupa, muda jiwa.. caya la!

n yes, true enough, don't take things negatively at first glance.

miss ya aunty!

Unknown said...

AN cayang, i've posted using pos ekspress.. sepatutnye dah sampai tau.. huhuhu..

Blabarella said...

Classy statement from the boss, that. :)

Ely said...

betul tuh. postive thinking kan?

AuntyN said...

AMZA : Hopefully the customers were satisfied with our hospitability. :-)

maklang : Makan tu macam biasa je, nasik dgn lauk2. terlebih makan mungkin lah :-) Maybe positive attitude, senyum selalu kut tu yang nampak muda tu hehehe.

OS : Nasib boss tak kata macam tu hehe, sounds like overcook je tu :-)

MA : It's true. A kind word can get you going all day!!

mar : My boss tu as a person he is OK, As a boss, hmmmm, I have seen better.

Ni : hangin pun tak guna, he is the BOSS!!!

Lady : ada-ada je lah si Sya tu *blush*

anon : Ada ENOUGH versi hindustan? Ye ke? tak tahu pun.

budak : I always thank my people, always share information and get their opinion. I manage thru teamwork.
Walau "bergetah" macam mana pun, kalau dah tua tu tetap tua. Baik sendiri mengaku tua dari di kata tak sedar diri dah tua.

arena : sesama memesan untuk kebaikan

fatihah : thank you *blush* Miss u too.

ima : dah dapat. Uncle tak cakap dia terima tu. Nanti I will bank in money later.

Blab : Hey you!!! Good to see you here. hugs

Ely : Must always be positive. :-)

anedra said...

how "diplomatic" of the boss! haha! funny story!

AuntyN said...

Dena : Hehe. Mat Saleh boss, biasalah.

Anonymous said...

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