March 03, 2006

Hello Again.................Naturally.

Today is Friday, I am at home. I took leave for today. Not MC but annual leave, to clear my leave before it gets forfitted (sp). Planned to update this blog but couldn't find the time. This will do for the time being.

I planned to take a half day leave actually, because I have an invitation to dinner. An ex-blogger YM me last Friday telling me that she is coming home for a week. "That's great", I said, "if you wanted to have mee udang again, let me know" She said, "yesh, yesh, yesh" Her exact word. But early this week she asked if I could come to dinner at her home in Penang Island with her mom. I have met her mom too. We did get along fine. She said that she would be cooking. WOW, gosh, I am so honoured, really!!!!. I couldn't help teasing, when I confirmed that I could go, "Masak sedap2 OK. The whole world will know whether you are a good cook, like wise,..... . She went "gulp!!, you have the ability to make my saham fall kekeke" Just kidding, girl, I was just kidding.

So today, I am waiting for the azan asar to perform the solat before I start my journey to the Penang Island, in anticipation for a dinner cooked by an "anak dara" for me. I'll update later on how good she is in cooking. For some bachelors out there, she is a beautiful person inside out. If you don't believe me, ask Kak Teh and Mutiara. They have met her too. To give you further clue, she is now doing a phd in the USA, I have taken her to eat mee udang and nasi ketam the last time she came home.

Got to go now, otherwise I may be caught in the jam on the bridgr. My rezeki is very murah today, I got free dinner with very nice ladies. Alhamdulillah.

UPDATE : We had ketam masak lemak, steamed bawal with mushroom, mixed vege, sambal belacan and ulam-ulam. Yummy, yummy.


Anonymous said...

OOOh org jauh balik ya? Alhamdulillah rezeki mami an hari ni noo?

Bergen said...

Excuse me, Aunty N. How about that espresso coffee you promised to show how to do it better than the Italian?

Have a nice dinner.

Anonymous said...


atenah ke yang balik tu,
mesti sedapnyer dia masak,
kirim salam kat dia,
chek kat KL mana ada mee udang macam penang..
kat mana kedai mee udang kat penang tu,
teringin jugak nak try 1 hari nanti.


Ely said...

hope u had fun with that ex blogger. tell her dont forget to come back ok! hehehe

Anonymous said...

tumpang lalu...

eddie tersedak la saya kena sebut di sini, bukan saya tapi the outerspace engineer lah. salah prg pun boleh sambut salam ker? niway i am a lousy cook

aiyoh that anak dara dah 2 kali balik Mesia, petik duit kat pokok ke?

saya InsyaAllah kalau tiada aral ni June kut, mee udang and nasi ketam both ok AN

AuntyN said...

Mar : Alhamdulillah murah rezeki dapat makan free. Lagi murah rezeki depa bagi mami makan.

bergen : you are more interested in the esppresso than the anak dara? LOL. Wait let ke get the photos of the gadget first. U may have to wait for a while because I don't have a digital cam.

eddie : tu tenah dah answer. Nak makan mee udang kena balik mai penang lah

ely : she had so much fun here, she will be reluctant to go back there Hehehe

Tenah : She had to come back for something official. All set tenah for the mee udang and nasi ketam in June.

ety said...

AN, anak dara tu balik lagi?...dulu ME tengok jer gambar yg lepas makan mee udang tu...nak dara yg 2 bradik tu?....neway slamat balik cuti...salam blogger dari ME ..

Kak Teh said...

nak mee udang and ketam jugak -
yes, i spent some wonderful time with that young lass when she visited london!

Mutiara said...

N..jangan lupa pesan saya nu..makan utk saya jugak.
entah dia pi beli kat nasi melayu kat Gelugork tu dak?..kidding

AuntyN said...

ety : dia balik sebab ada hal official tu.

Kak Teh : You did didn't you.

Kak Mutiara : Lupaaa lah, Tgk makanan je dah lupa nak makan untuk u, sorry ya, :-)

anedra said...

habaq kat anak dara tu..kak Anedra dia cakap, "AMBOI....BALIK TAK CAKAP PUN!" hehehe..kita pun nak jugak merasa dia masak! :)

How was dinner in the end? I know the company was definitely divine, but the food? haha..

AuntyN said...

Dena : the company was extremely good. We enjoyed each other's company. At least i did.

Nazrah Leopolis said...

tuh kak N, brainstorm dgn i apa nak jamu u that day.and she finally
decided on those things. sampai2 penang she called me, kata auntyN nak mai makan...kalau tak sedap the whole world will know.

now the whole world will know that not only she's a good eater, she is kitchen savvy too. isn't she precious? adik/anak blogger kita tu.

Nazrah Leopolis said...

mee udang dan nasi ketam memanggil lagi...aduh!

Ya Allah Ya Rabbi bukakanlah hati CA untuk ambik cuti seminggu untuk pegi penang, murahkanlah rezeki kami untuk pekena nasik ketam dan mee udang.mudahkanlah perancangan kami untuk bertandang ke rumah aunty N untuk tgk herb garden..AMIN.

AuntyN said...