May 24, 2006

A little Motivation... A Reminder to me.........

I have been feeling rather lazy lately. I feel like the positve energy in me is drenched out of my body. I lack motivation to climb out of the bed, from under the safe and warmth of the duvet, bathe, clothed myself and come to work. It could be the environment or it could just be me. I just need a little reminder to keep on ....
That You Have What
It Takes To Make
Your Dream A Reality
Knowing that You Are
In Control Of Your Life
That You Have
The Ability Within You
To Do Anything
At Every Opportunity
That Comes by
Accepting Challenges
And Learning
Along The way
The Beautiful Person
That You Are
Giving So Much Hope
Love And Joy
To Those Around You.
- Anoynamous -
For whatever it's worth, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.There is a silver lining through dark clouds and rainbows form when light shine on the raindrops.
Have a good day everyone.


PB said...

Assalamualaikum Aunty N

PB pun makin hari makin malas.
Macam tak der semangat nak dtg ofis.

Tak sabar nak tunggu cuti sekolah.
Time tu tak perlu rushing2 sebab tak perlu hantar anak sekolah...

Ordinary Superhero said...

Have a good and meaningful day to you too. Biasa lah tu sekali sekala rasa malas.

Anonymous said...

me too!! felt the same way almost everyday..dunno maybe my work just drain lots of my energy!! Anyway like reading ur blog !

Anonymous said...

Positive mind>negative mind =happiness,cancelling out the laziness..

sorrow is spice of life,thats when having happy family and reliable friends lift u out from it..

Anonymous said...

MR pun ada gak masalah ni!!!malas bangat sekarang ni!!

Anonymous said...

Awatnya? Tak pa...tenang2 fikiran... lama2 hilang la that kinda feelings :)


AuntyN said...

pb : waalaikumussalam. Ni kes malas sangat ni. Tapi nak duduk rumah jadi full time housewife pun malas jugak ni. Salah tak kena manusia ni kan?

OS : Thank you. InsyaAllah the days will be more meaningful :-)

anon1 : Kita serupa lah ni :-) Thanks. InsyaAllah tak malas berblogging.

easylady : Very motivational words. THANKS so much. It's true, happy family and friends are a real morale booster.

MR : Jangat berjangkit pulak kat MR kemalasan AN ni :-)

Alinlai : Awat? Banyak sebab ni, kerja, problem family (not my own) etc etc. Too sensitive too blog about them.

Fara said...

AN!! lama tak borak no!!! tuh yg rasa tak semangat tu kot? hehehe ...

have agood day to u too :-)


UglyButAdorable said...

hi aunty..biaser la of them days..u's either malas or things just dun go the way you plan it.
you have a great day too..:)

AuntyN said...

fara : nanti kita borak2 OK ?

UBA : it's true. So just go with the flow yea...

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