November 22, 2005

Thank you

Thanks all for the comments in my previous entry.

It is difficult to decide actually whether to get a new maid or not. The decision NOT to get a new maid is also because I do not want to risk getting a maid who is not reliable. I cannot take the risk of coming home to an empty house because the new maid has run away. Noone at home but my mak. My mak will definitely call me if that happened. But between the time I can get a replacement, what would be my action? That is why I have been pondering on what should be the best way for me and my family.

My mak being at my home is a blessing for me. Taking care of her is the responsibility that I will have to do. My mak is not the easiest person to live with. There are times which I would be afraid that I would hurt her thru my actions or words. There are times when I would be angry when my siblings would come to tell her their problems, or she worries about her other grandchildren.

That is her way of showing she loves and care for her family. She has regrets especially about her relationship with my late father, but, that is something I cannot undone. All we can do is offer duas to Allah to bestow HIS blessing and forgiveness to him. Other than that I will try to make her as comfortable as possible and care for her. I am also counting my blessing for giving me the jodoh as good as my husband. For he treats my mak like his own. He showered her with love as though she is her own mother.

I am actually trying to get my new SIL (Shah's wife) who is a housewife to come and sit in during the day at my house. My brother Shah is often not at home. I am not treating my SIL as my maid, I am not even asking her to do my housework for me. She will only to keep my mak company until when I get home, make sure food is served on the table for lunch for my mak. She can eat with mak and get to know her better. At the same time, she can learn some cooking skill from me ehem, ehem. The rest of the house work we will divide within the family. My daughters like Anedra said are all so far are reliable, we have tested them before even when they were younger (when my MIL was staying with us before her death). I know they will be helping me.

Blogging, Insyaallah will not be stopped, I need my sanity as well, hehehe, a place to vent my "frustrations" etc. But then I may not be able to be as active. What better way than to vent them out for the whole world to know right? But that may not be the only reason. Since I started blogging, I seem to have a love for writing. I may not have the skill to write a book but blogging is a way I can express myself.

Just be a little patient with me. I am trying my best to be the "wonder makcik" A career woman, a wife, mom, daughter and a blogger!!!. Is there a place for me to re-charge my energy and super power? :-).


Bergen said...

It's not easy to take care of an elderly.

oren said...

baguih jugak cadangan nak mintak tolong your SIL, tapi takut dia plak takmo..maklumla, dia nak jaga her MIL..mungkin dia seriau or gabra ka..

anyway, semoga semuanya selamat le hendaknya..

Anonymous said...

You don't have to try to be a 'wonder-makcik' AuntyN, you are already one..

semoga dipermudahkan Allah segala urusan, insyaAllah.

aNIe said...

auntyn...menjaga orang tua ni susah...diorang tu kadang terlalu sensitif...kadang2 bila maid tersilap cakap diorang tak majuk...tapi bila anak menantu cakap diorang cepat terasa hati...btw auntyn ade baca tak blog my sis (sya) pasal ex maid dia...dia dah ade pengalaman dengan lebih 10 orang maid...macam2 ragam... are certainly a 'wonder makcik'...heheh..

Anonymous said...

Kak N,

Betul cakap diorang ni.. you're already a "WonderAunt" (Wonder Makcik tu bunyik tak berapa glamer.. hehe)

Memang banyak cabaran taking care of the elderly.. ada pepatah "Mak boleh jaga 10 anak, tapi sorang anak tak boleh jaga mak" - in which I don't agree partly because of various reasons (nanti kalau cerita reasons jadik satu blog entry pulak!).

Anyway, I'm sure you'll sort it out. There's no problem that cannot be solved and always make sure that you have Plan B, Plan C etc etc if your Plan A doesn't work. ;)

RojakBuah said...

tak tahan bab - Super Power tu...hehee..mcm Power Rangers pulak..

OneEE said...

ya, semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan Aunty-N..bukan senang nak jaga elderly kak lady mentioned - dgn maid tak merajuk, tp dgn anak cucu, cepat pulak merajuk..oh well, merajuk dgn yang sayang, betul tak?..Good Luck and God Bless.


Ely said...

auntyN, thats ok, dont worry about us.

ur mom comes first kan? i will do anything for my mak too.

Jo Kontan said...


Bapakcyber oredi said it..ur'r oredi 1..

Suriya said...

There is another choice, ie retire!Not an option if you love your work or need the money though!I have been thinking my own mum would need this help as well in the future..Omigosh I forgot her birthday ..gotta go call her!

AuntyN said...

bergen and klady : it's true it is difficult to take care of the elderly. The difficult part is not to take care of the physical needs but the emotional needs.

audra, cyberdad, tj and JB : tak der wonder woman pun, saja buat lawak bodoh je tu hehehe.

onde and ely : InasyAllah di permudahkan segala urusan.

nurelhuda : retire ? A good option actually. Love my job? I do. Need the money? In a way yes, but NOT impossible to find a way. But right now I'll consider the other options first. If everything else fail, retiring would be a drastic but necessary options. As it is I have other back up plans.

Anonymous said...

apa pun keputusannya, semoga dipermudahkan oleh Allah...take care auntyn..

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