November 23, 2005

What Am I doing in KL?

I did tell a few people that I would be in KL these few days. Thanks to Dewa many more have come to know about it. I was in KL last week-end ( a week after Raya) because Kak Long was going to start a new semester. I am in KL this week for work related business. We have audits, and meeting with the boss. Tomorrow, thursday, would be my last day in KL. After an important meeting tomorrow morning I and PS will be driving back to Penang.

As usual, when I am on "business" trip, I would not be seing my relatives. I use the opprtunity to meet up with friends. For this trip, I have had a few friends in mind. First when we arrived, PS called up a former colleague. She enticed him to the treat of my rendang ayam. It has been 2 years since we had met him. PS, AK and I were working in the same factory 10 years ago. Althoughh we all have left the company but the friendship has not broken. We keep in touch and once in a while when we (PS and I) are in KL we would call him up for a meal.

At the same time I called Kak Long to find out where she would be. She had smsed me earlier to say that she would be going to watch the Harry Potter's movie. Since she was at the MidValley Megamall, I asked her to come to the hotel, to spend the night there. I would be sending her back to her hostel just in time for her lecture the following morning. She came.

AK came and the 3 of us had such a good gebang session until 11 pm. We were teasing each other, reflecting and reminiscing the past. It was fun. Dewa came in between to claim his rendang ayam. Dewa had been pestering me for the rendang eversince he had a chance to taste a little bit of rendang daging the previous week-end. I gave him only a wee bit of rendang since he professed that he didn't like rendang. I heard he had a good meal with the rendang with his sweetheart. Ye ke adik Dewa oi?

My intention for cooking the rendang is to give someone here in the KL office. She has been helping us with lots of things so I thought I could be just so kind to give her something that is specially prepared from the house.

I had also made a date with a blogger who also work within the area of my KL office. Our meeting schedule was on Tuesday. So early Tuesday, I smsed her to see if the date was still on. She said InsyaAllah. In the evening we set where to meet and I took her back to the hotel. Treat her with the leftover rendang and give her the balance rendang and kari daging to take home. I hope the yamtuan and herself would not be having diarrhea from the food!!!. What amazed me is that she admitted to having called another blogger to find out what type of person I am. I may have been like a "monster" in other people's eyes. I do hope that you, my dear, have found me to be NOT an intimidating person. I am the same in and out of blog.

Tuesday night we didn't go out. MA and 2 of the brood came with the KFC meal. So we lepak in the room and gebang until midnight!!!. If not for the adik who was so very bored being couped up in the room with 2 older ladies yakking (read: sampai tak ingat dunia!!) we wouldn't have stopped. That is MA and me, we both have been good friends since we found each other on the blogging world. Some people think we were "mengayam ketupat", well, no really.

Tonight, PS and I would be going out for a bit of makan nearby and later would come back to lepak at the room. Anybody taking us to teh tarik or something?

After tomorrrow's very important meeting, we will be travelling back to Penang. I hope things will be looking good for me one way or the other as the result of the meeting tomorrow. InsyaAllah.


MA said...

Teh tarik ?? Okay, stand by malam ni. I will take u to my favourite joint.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your enjoyable moments in KL. Have a safe and pleasant journey back to Penang, AuntyN!

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. next time Kak N turun KL, bawak rendang untuk saya pulak ek.. ehehehe... ;)

Anonymous said...

next trip i go penang leh ler kontek makcin N kan kan kan...

Anonymous said...

ralat : makcin = makcik

p/s: i did it again!!! typo typo typo!!!

Jo Kontan said...

Alamak Auntie !,

Kita kat bumi kenyalang ni, Auntie mai KL.

Laa, awat tak habarq. Kita boleh joint kar?

Syiok mengayam noo..

Ely said...

wah best nyeeeeerrrrrr!!!!

Anonymous said...

nak naik pangkat or gaji ke AN?

anedra said...

monster?? u are far from one!! oooohh...can just imagine how yummy the rendang is! meleleh ayarq lioq!

Anonymous said...

alahai aunty, baru la ni baca ur entry maybe u r on d way back to penang.

esok, saya nak pi kedah, maybe singgah penang on the way back to kl..mana la tahu berselisih ka no?..;)

aNIe said...

Wahh!! Aunty N turun KL bawak rendang ye...hmm..bila pulak nak mai Shah Alam...boleh pekena Asam Pedas lady...nanti kalau lady pi Penang...boleh cari Aunty N...nak jugak merasa rendang Aunty N yang dah terkenal dikalangan bloggers hasil promotion oleh Dewa tu..heheh..boleh kan..kan..kan?

Suriya said...

Did Dewa really cabut gigi?If he did how could he makan rendang? Errk sorry , I am like a detective..well that is what becomes of having to follow clues like signs and symptoms to make a diagnosis

DEWA said...

NURELHUDA...YEr lahhhh...orang cabut gigi lerrrr.. cabut sebelah kiri.Kunyah ayam sebelah kanan...sorry ek kak.. tumpang bertengkar ngan Dr Nuel nih kat sini jap...

AuntyN said...

MA : hehehe, mission accomplished.

cyberdad : Thanks, I did. Dah selamat Sampai Alhamdulillah.

Audra kan pandai buat rendang?

cl : Boleh.

Tj : dah tak de jodh tu, :-)

Ely : Bessssssstttttt!!!

atn : dah tak de pangkat dah nak naik tu... Gaji kalau nak naik tak payah meeting2, dapat surat terus je..

anedra : thanks!! I know I am NOT but I think sometimes people feel "shy" agaknya.

noha : you ke yang dok flesh2 headlight semalam tu? hehehe

lady : asam pedas no? Nanti nak tengok calendar bila nak gi pulak hehehe

Nurelheda : Aunty tak lah suruh dia bukak mulut nak tengok betul ke dah hilang sebatang, takut pengsan....... hehehe

Dewa :haah lerr, buat lah macam komen box sedniri OK!!!

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