May 22, 2005

Great Wall Of China - What It Represents to me

Actually, I was not going to write anything for this entry. I was really bored yesterday when I posted the picture. My intention was to post a new entry, to "run" away from my entry for MakAndeh's decision to close her blog. The idea is to get at least whoever is reading this blog to move on. As I have to move on, from the sadness and the "lost" feeling, I was having as the repercussion MakAndeh's decision. I do respect her decision but knowing that I would not be able to enjoy her blog anymore, was a little depressing to me.

So now at 2.25 am in the morning I am writing something, first because Atenah said I'd better (Yes maam, saya yang menurut perintah!!) and Kak Teh said is this for preventing the spam and anoynamous comments.

Everyone knows about the Great Wall of China. It was one of the wonders of the world and the only man-made structure that could be seen on the moon. (Again they say lah, sebab, aku belum sampai ke bulan pun. Nak pi Beijing nak tengok Great Wall ni pun dah sakit jugak ni). When you read about it, see it in pictures or TV, you may just took it like any other structure. You can't really appreciate those stony structures in two dimension like if you see it with your own eyes. To actually see it in front of you, touching the big blocks of stones in reality, the feeling of awe and wonder crept into you. You can feel the greatness of those people, their motivation amd the strength of their leader who had been able to unite and drive his people to create such a monstrous structure. It prevented the enemy from entering China, it represents strength and unity.

The wall was really magnificent, It was built on the tip of the mountains snaking along what once, the border of a Chinese Kingdom with her enermy, 6000 Km (I think!!!, please get that fact right from the Discovery Channels or the History Book or ask your teacher, hahahaha) across the country.

The same feeling I had when I saw part of the Collesium in Rome many years back on one of my business trip to Italy. Unlike the Collessium, Great Wall is much more preserved. They are areas where the wall was collapsing but the main entrance to the wall was still very much in tact.

To those who has seen it I hope this bring back memories, but to those who hasn't seen it (with your own eyes). Maybe you can dream of going to see it someday.

So, in spirit I am taking the strength and greatness of the Great Wall of China to move on in the blogging world.

P/s There you go Atenah and Kak Teh I have written something OK, and at 2.00 something in the morning some more you!!! I am not going to tell you why I write this at such a wee hour, I am going to let you wonder about it.I can almost see Atenah's horn coming out of her hijab, hehehe Tenah, jangan marah OK?


atenah said...

aik gambar nya pi mana plak? up till 2 am dok chat ke?

Kak Teh said...

aitk gambark pi mana? sorry jadi parrot pulak!

Nazrah Leopolis said...

aunty N ..jemput ke "rumah" intan.

alahmdulillah aunty dah move on. bila otai bloggers move on, kita2 ni mesti ikut

AuntyN said...

Semalam dok godek dah hilang pulak dah sat nak put up balik.Entah apa lah jadi dengan blogger semalam, asyik ada error masa post ni.

Anonymous said...

Salaam AuntyN. Ni CK. Saya pompuan, bukan lelaki hehe (tadi baca tagboard Joe) :)

AuntyN said...

Tenah & Kak Teh, dah letak dah balik dah gambaq tu.

Nazrah : Insyaallah aunty akan datang nanti OK, terimakasih atas jemputan tu.

CK : Salam CK, sori tersalah identiti tu. Thanks for coming OK, Mana nasi lemak tak bawak sama?

Ewok said...

wah..!! now u make me want to go there, so beautiful

atiza said...

sapa aweks yang baju pink tuh? macam nak terjatuh jer..

Anonymous said...

Kak N...

Tu laa..turun tangga laju sangat. Kan dah nak jatuh.

Lawa coat pink tu..kak N beli kat pasar malam sebelah Great Wall tu ka?

he he he.

AuntyN said...

Ewok : pegi lah. :-)

Atiza and Po : It wasn't me lah. hahaha

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