May 30, 2005


To Ian and Tess,

This is a special Day for you.
To celebrate it with joy and love
You have been married 12 years

You are made for each other, it does show
Your marriage certainly is made in heaven.

You have been blessed with each other's company
Through thick and thin you have made it together

Through sorrows and happiness
As what you have promised on the very first day
As friends and lovers forever true

So my friends,
Enjoy the happiness, God has given you
The blessings He has showered to you
May you have many, many more annivessary together
To love and to reflect till the end of your days.

Hugs and kisses from me



Anonymous said...

waaaaaah ingatkan spasticolon je dapat dedication today, syoknya (jumping up and down with joy)

eh is this poem originally written by you? If yes, fulamak manyak talented le you

i am truly touched, you are one special lady, kiss kiss

will get ian to read it

much love, tess

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary To Ian & Tess jugak. Amboi amboi amboi, glamernya nama :-)

The Phantom Of The Blog

AuntyN said...

Welcome Tess, it is original u. U think I can get hallmark to buy it?

Oi, the phantom pun tau ke?

MA said...

Tumpang semangkok boleh ke ?

Amboi Tess - :-)

Happy Anniversary to you and Ian. And many more to come !

ibuVouge said...

Ian and Tess ~ epi anniversary

nak tumpanglah poem yg aunty N dedicated ni
ari ni anniversarry ana (30/05/05) tapi tolak sepuluh dr Ian & Tess la !

Anonymous said...

ian & Tess nih..Italian friends Kak N ke?

MassyLassy said...

Kita Pun seboklah sini! Walaupun tak kenal Ian & Tess, but am delighted still to wish them a Happy Anniversary walaupun dah terlambat!!! Many, many more years together forever!!!

Mutiara said...

I may be late..but the thoughts that counts kan?
Happy Anniversary Ian and Tess. Hope there are many more to come.

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