May 10, 2005

I Am A Whiner Too, So What?........

Last week-end was a busy one for me. You must have noticed, since I didn't even have time to update this blog.

Friday I was on leave, I had to take leave to go and collect the training materials in Penang. I am starting a part time lecturing job for a business school in Penang. Due to kindness of their hearts two of my friends (Non-muslim friends, an Indian and a Chinese guys) had recommended me for the lecturing job at this school. I went to a Mock Lecture beginning of March and about 1 week before this module started last Saturday 7 May, I was called by the coordinator to ask whether I can do the lecture. I said fine when I saw the topic and the module guideline. I asked whether I need to prepare the notes, since it was such a very short notice given to me, I was told that they have the materials ready. But the materials were in KL and had to be sent down from there. OK then, it would save me the trouble of preparing the note. I waited day in day out and keep calling and was only told on Thurday that the notes would only arrive on Friday, just 1 day before the class. What the heck, I thought? Only 1 day to prepare? OK never mind no need to panic, sure you can handle it, you have done this before and so on and so forth, my inner thoughts keep on comforting me.

Come Friday 6 May, aku kantoi. Early morning, I did my daily routine of preparing my hubby clothes for work, then straight away I went into the toilet to bathe. Suddenly, hubby called, "No drink for me today? " he asked. OMG, I totally have forgotten. Daily, I prepare 1 mug of Nescafe each for both of us, black for him white for me. We will drink it while getting ready for work, in our room. Had to apologise to him, I said I was so worked-up because of the lecture thing. Yeah, I know it is not the first time I do part time lecturing but this is the first time for this school and it is for a masters program, and I don't have enough time to prepare. He said not to worry lah, you'll do fine. Tibai je lah (This is not hubby's word but someone else's). Nasib baik tak merajuk pasai tak buat ayaq no. Sayang hubby.......
The lecture went well although I was not well prepared. But the class was small so it was easy to control. They are very participative with positive attitudes.

You guys may be wondering why I took up the part time lecturing. Aiyah, tak cukup ke gaji yang lebat tu, nak buat part time lagi tu? Mesti ada yang cakap macam tu. Awat la, nak sibuk kan diri buat part time tu anak2 pun tak terjaga nanti?

If I were to rely on my "big fat salary" of course it is not enough. Should be enough what, 2 persons working ma? Where not enough lorr? Why not enough because I also have a big fat debt to go with the big fat salary. Sure you all will only see the big fat salary tu. Again, people will question, what you do, you so big fat debt? I renovated my house lorr last year, then I have 1 car and hubby has 1 car. Why you renovate house stay lah in that house no need to renovate what? I have too because my house was getting too congested and my children had to sleep in the hall. They are getting bigger and they are girls. And lucky I did renovate my house because otherwise I would not be able to accomodate my mom, when my father past away last year. So I have my house morgaged and when you start renovating there were things that you need to get to compliment the renovation, furniture pun dah koyak, need new one, dah 12 tahun kami beli tu. Curtain nak kena tambah, macam2 lagi lah. So la ni dok kena pekin lah untuk bayar semua ni. Then there are the utilities, the children expenses, food etc, etc. Common things lah kan. Mana pi hubby's gaji kan. We share expenses and he also help his brother in his agricultural project which is just shaping up. So buat masa ni kering lah lagi poket kami ni. Trying our best to recover and we both really syukur that although we are do not have much money to lavish around, we still have food to eat, clothes to wear and shelter over our heads. The childrens are not deprived of any basic needs so far.

To tell you all the truth, the part time lecturing money will not be able to make me richer anyway. They pay me less than RM100/hour and the module is only 25 hours. But, what was important to me is that I am using this as a stepping stone. Capten Azizi Ali said that you should do it even if they pay you RM50/hour. The connection is important, Insyaallah I could get more modules or I can lecture the same module at their other branches. The other reason why I do it because of not wanting to loose my skill. I want to be able to keep my brain active in the subject I am trained and experienced. I like meeting new people and share ideas with them. I am a very people person, so I do sometime need to get out of my family circle.

My class was scheduled at 2.00 pm too 6.30 pm on Saturday, I had to do English tuision for Sya and friends between 10.30 am to 12.00 noon. Nowadays, if we want to teach our child you have to teach their friends as well. On Sunday, class was between 9.00 am to 6.30 pm. So very busy lah last week-end. Hubby was sporting, and remembering it was Mother's day on Sunday he made the drinks for us that morning. Sayang hubby lagi.......

So to




DeLinn said...


bz nyeee auntie sorang ni.. :)

shidah said...

auntyn: happy mother's day too....

AppleB said...

AN, happy mother's day

alia said...

eppy mother's day oso..

bz sokmo...weiii

Ni said...

hari tu jeles ngan kak teh, sekarang jeles ngan auntyN pulok

auntyN! saya nak cerita sambungan pasal SMS!!!

still waiting

still waiting

still waiting

AuntyN said...

Delinn : aunty suka sibuk menyibuk ni, :-)

Shidah : Same to you Shidah.

Apple : Hugs tou your mom and wish her the same for me.

Bat : To you too OK

CikNi : awat jeles dengan aunty pulak. Pasai SMS tu rasanya dia dah reliase dia termengorat makcik. So far senyap je ni.

Anonymous said...

Kak N,

Happy Mother's day. When the mother is happy, so is the Father.

When the Father is happy, so is the the staff and doctors at the maternity ward.

he he he

Happy Mother's Day To You And All The Mothers in this world!

Puteri said...

i want to sit in your class one day. ;)

AuntyN said...

Kampo : Thank you, hehehe.

puteri : which class? :-).

Puteri said...

hehe..kelas kt kolej tu lah..takkan kelas english sya kot...hahaha..

atenah said...

selain drpd penyakit merajuk nampaknya penyakit whining juga sudah menular ke blog2 KKC.

slamat hari ibu

AuntieYan said...

N, seronoknya dapat mengajar...K/Yan memang suka kalau dapat mengajar tu...dulu memang minat sangat nak jadi cikgu. N'tah macam mana boleh end up dok buat benda lain pulak!
Masa tengah fit ni grab apa yang patut.Hang impun duit tu banyak-banyak...mai KL belanja Akak sorang nih....

Selamat mengajar!

atiza said...

auntyn, you're my inspiration la..
i've been invited by one consultant co to give lectures like you did but i chickened out. not because i can't do it but because i don't have the time to do it.

maybe after all my kids have grown up, then i can start re-thinking again, eh?

happy mom's day :)

AuntyN said...

Tenah : Biasalah merajuk sikit, whining sikit cam tu lah, at least we admit that we do that. Ada yg tak nak admit gitu kan? Hehehe, ada ke yang terasa ni?

Kak Yan : Pasai belanja tok sah risau lah, ada rezeki yang mana pun boleh belanja. Untuk Kak Yan jadi siap OK?

Atiz : Thanks, actually u shud not chickened out, sbb kadang2 tu kita selalu procastinate then it become too late. Try to make the time, do a little at a time.

Kak Teh said...

auntyN belated hapy mther's day to you...and AuntyN boleh!!!
(kak teh dok ketark lutut)

AuntyN said...

Kak Teh : You sure can one lah, Why worry, worry. hehehe