June 16, 2005

Happy Father's Day From Kak Long

As far as I can remember we never did celebrate father's day or mother's day. Only the girls birthdays, mine or hubby's are celebrated by having a meal outside as a family. Somewhere a little bit more special than the usual. The day before yesterday hubby received this SMS from Kak Long:

"Eventhough you have a stern face, but through your twinkling eyes, I can see the gentleness of your heart. BABA, you are the best!

Happy Father's Day!"

Not bad coming from my anak dara ni. I don't know where she got it from but it did make her father a very happy man. Hubby really missed her so much. I have never seen my hubby like this before. Usually, it was a bit difficult for him to express his emotion. It was me who always take the girls out for shopping or any other things that need to be done. Almost everything about their welfare was supposed to be my responsibility. But maybe then all of them are at home. So when one is away, he seems to be missing her so much. Every night he would be calling Kak Long, so far. This is their conversation after the SMS.

Baba : Hello darliiiiiiiig!!!!!! What are u doing?
Kak Long : *Giggled* Baba cakap kuat sangat. Awat baba telefon?.
Baba : Baba rindu anak baba lah..
Kak Long : Ya ka?

Amboi, boleh tahan anak dara aku ni tease baba dia. Ye lah turun dari mama dia lah tu.
Then he would asked her what she did for the day etc. etc.

Baba : Dah makan ka?
Kak Long: Dah, makan maggi saja tadi.
Baba : Awat tak pi makan kat kantin tu, bukan jauh pun
Kak Long : Malas lah.
Baba : Lain kali beli bungkus bawak makan kat bilik lah kalau malu, tak pun ajak room mate keluaq sama.
Kak Long : Tak apa lah Baba, nantilah.
Baba : Malam2 ni tak buat apa ka? Awat tak pi tengok TV ke.
Kak Long : Tak buat apa, boring sebab lecture 2 subject 1 hari saja. Malam boring lah. TV tak ada lah Baba. ramai yang tengok dari PC saja tu. Baba beli lah satu.
Baba : *Laugh*, nanti lah.

Pandai ngendeng rupanya anak dara aku ni. Maybe not lah I told my hubby, later she may be too tight up to watch TV. Right now because they don't have any assignment yet, so she is a bit bored.

Last night, when I was about to go to sleep I heard my handphone rang. She usually make a missed called to us. To save her prepaid cost. Hubby was already asleep, or so I thought, but he made me tell him every single detail of that conversation. I had to tell him that Kak Long said she was stuck in the lift with her friend ( a girl) with 4 boys. The girls were on their way back to the hostel after lecture. They rang the bell and one of the boys called his friend to ask for help. While waiting for the help to come one of the boys said they might as well get to know each other, and he said that they can write in their diaries today that they were stuck in the lift with who and who. Like they are so famous, right ?

She told me what she did in classes etc. etc. She was telling me about her room mate's idea of sharing books. They are in different class, eventhough in the same course. Her room mate is a nice girl. Kak Long must be very bored or missed me like hell and very likely both. It was already mid nite when she called. I asked her whether she will be OK in all her class so far, because I know she has limited capability especially in drawings. Whether she or her room mate is thinking to change course if any one of them receive another offer from the IPTA. She isn't sure yet she said. At least she has a few weeks to decide, being able to experience the classes. I don't want her to feel that she can just quit if she find this unsuitable for her. At the same time I think I know her capability limit. But Kak Long so far I have seen she does not complaint easily. We will see how things goes.

I don't know the exact date for the father's day, but would like to wish all fathers out there

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. May God Bless You and May You always love your children and be loved in return.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kak N.

Thank you.

MA said...

Aww..that is so schweeet....! Ni baru berpisah masuk IPTA. Nanti nak serahkan anak kat suami dia lagi haru kot ?

Suruh Uncle Z standby - tak lama lagi tuh..practice siap-siap.


AuntyN said...

Kampo : Sama2

MA : Lagi trauma lah agaknya tu hahaha. Masa tu dah tak boleh nak call2 dah, dah jadi bini orang kan?

shidah said...

Baba dia nangih tak baca SMS Kak Long... kalau nangih boleh tease dgn lebih hebat lagi... He must be a good father.... :)

AuntyN said...

Shidah : dia senyum meleret tu. He is a good father, Alhamdulillah

Anonymous said...

KL is soooo lucky, kalau dia dapat PC tu lagi laaaaa lucky

Anonymous said...


Mmmmm, this one really gets me thinkling, kerling kerling.. think, 5 -6 years down the road, it will be the similar road for me too.


ibuVouge said...

kaklong practice ilmu aunty N tu..
baru tadi call abah wish father day..
abah ckp.. tiap ari ari ayah dan mak..
doalah abah mak kalau ingat kat kami..

AuntyN said...

Tenah : biaq dia ngendeng kat bab dia tu.

Tj : Kena sedia dari sekarang lah, rasanya my hubby tak prepare emotionally to berenggang dgn anak2 dia.

ibuVogue : Hubby calls Kak Long my duplicate tu hehehe

anedra said...

Happy Father's day to Uncle Z too!

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