June 11, 2005

Something For All

I am going to be busy for the week-end. I have to finish the other 12.5 hours of my lecture at the college. I know, some of you will come to read this blog. Thank you for coming , I do appreciate your coming by. I will leave you with something to ponder upon for the week-end.


In a world of comparisons

and conformity,

make your own statement.

Honour your own truth.

Have the courage to be yourself;

risk speaking your own thoughts

and claiming your emotions

Share your vulnerabilities

fears, doubts and insecurities;

let others experience the real you.

Have the courage to be yourself,

and realise that you are

a wonderful person

- Diane Holcomb-


This is a word that lightens the heart and gives courage today to help face tomorrow.

Have a nice week-end everyone, be positive and do something productive, like me of course, hahaha....


Anonymous said...

waaaaa our inspirational mak cik

atiza said...

ya lor..inspirational indeed. berapa depa bayark? per hour ker blanket?

MA said...

Kak N : very inspirational indeed.

Macam Popeye kata - I AM WHAT I AM.

Ely said...

this is very nice. hope that u will blog again soon :)

shidah said...

auntyN: sudah part time jadi che'gu? Hebat sungguh!

Anonymous said...


OOD said...

Aunty N,
i know what you are up to. Forget the Akademi, you have a duty here. Blog Aunty N, blog!!

So Auntie Afundi sape?

AuntyN said...

Thanks All, can only take credit for putting in the blog ye because it wasn't my poem tu.

Shidah, part time saja ni.

OOD : What suspicious mind you have lah,hahaha, this year tak afundi sapa2 pun ni. tengok concert je lah every week-end.

Don't worry I will blog as long as i possibly can.

Pnut said...

laaa Javard tu anak sedara hubby kak N ker??

kita selalu gak leparking dan baca ulasan dia pasal af...

he..he..kita suak MAWI...he...he..

AuntyN said...

Pnut : suka jangan tak suka tu hahaha. Yes, Javard tu anak menakan kita lah tu.

Anonymous said...

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