June 17, 2005

How To Make People Fall In Love With You

This morning, my hubby drove me to work. There is nothing wrong with his or my car. Just that once in a while we do that. He drives me to work then he will pick me up later. Like someone said to me, he and his wife go to work in one car during school holidays. Boleh lah bersembang bertampar mesra, or something of that effect. So yesterday and today I arrived early to work, no need for someone to "shoo" me off to work like the other day.

I was thinking of what to write for today, is it going to be the story of my younger sister (Adik S), the one who is having a marital problem with her husband or something else ?. My sister came to my house yesterday evening, she stayed until almost midnite. Her story will definitely be a long entry. Or the other option is to take up the idea from Atenah's entry about the "forbidden love" my grandfather and father's version. If I want to blog this, then it would have to be soon, so that the flow is still there. Still warm, and belum basi lagi. But then again, I feel a bit uncomfortable to "steal" someone's idea (not that I haven't done it before, hehehe). The other bloggers did the same thing what, so OK lah tu kan? Bloggers kan inspire each other kan, kan?. But maybe that is a story for another day. Or the other option is just put up a recipe. I still have a lot to put up, but I think, I should try to create a more systematic way of putting up the recipes. So that they are easier to access. I saw someone has opened a blog just for her recipes. A new project maybe?? Kalau rajin lah ni. Boleh bubuh segala rempah ratus yang dipakai dalam resipi-resipi tu, jadi kalau anak2 nanti nak masak senang lah kenal bahan2 sekali. Ni dah cerita ni mesti ada yang tolong pressure ni.

But, in the car, my hubby put a CD which is much more interesting to me. The title is "HOW TO MAKE PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU" by Dato Dr Fadzilah Kamsah. I was amused at first, but suddenly questions start creeping into my "pretty" head. Almost nak tukar jadi incredible hulk ni, hehehe.

"What?? Hubby bought this CD? "
" Who does he want to fall in love with him?"
" Am I not enough for him?"
" Is there another woman in his life?"
"No lah, cannot be lah, so very lovey dovey my Mr Z nowadays, sure not those lah "

Not good thoughts eh? Hmmm. So we listen together until we reached the factory. But, I told him that I want the CD to listen while I work. Ni nak make sure I know better than him, so any potential "enemy" is driven out before anything can happen. I am definitely taking the proactive approach, applying the Sun Tze' principle of Know Your Enemy stuff. Hehehehe.
I am also making sure that I "sense" his behaviour, as to check his not so becoming behaviour. Put as stop before the lump becoming cancerous.

Anyway, I think I would put down some tips from this CD, to help those who are looking for someone to fall in love with you. From the CD, I don't think that married couple should not listen to this, because, we could improve ourself to further enhance our attractiveness to our spouse. But singles are encouraged to listen, there is something to be learnt here. But feminists, I must warned you, take the good things discard the not so good things. Some I agree, some I don't. I will let you judge for yourselves. I am not promoting this CD, if I do, I might as well go anad get the commission from the distributor.

Ladies attributes that attract Men.

1. Attractive face (as a first impression, but good personality will preceeds a beautiful face when man get to know you)
2. Well behaves/pious
3. Good family background
4. Good personality (good behaviour, curteous, patient, not overly jeleous etc)
5. Smart girls (but never to overshadow the man smartness)
6. Sense of humour
7. Not too combative, and argumentative at all time. Can argue but not overly so.

Men attributes attractive to Women.

1. Attractive and macho (kah, kah, sian un macho man!!)
2. Wealth is a + point.
3. Good personality, a gentleman, polished, caring
4. Smart, mature
5. Able to control their ego, unable to control their ego is repulsive to ladies ( I fully agree)
6. Appreciative of women's need (Man, take NOTE!!!, generous, not kedekut)

Some tips to make people fall in love with you.

1. Be a positive magnet by cleansing your heart, do your prayer,repent.
Forgive everyone around you, Have positive thoughts.
Love begets love, hatred begets hatred.

2. Physical well being and presentation, well dressed, good Body adour, good mouth adour.

3. Open your heart for love - Are you ready for love?

4. Mental communication always in positve manner. Send your love one or potential live partner mental vibration especially at night when everything is quiet and at peace. The love of your live or potential live partner will feel it.

5. Do not procastinate inn indicating your feeling to someone you like. Jangan bai dia tunggu macam buah tak jatuh OK?

6. Communicate with passion, sincerity and don't be a hiprocrite (yang ni aku tambah). Be yourself.

7. Treat your potential live partner like an old friend, be comfortable with him/her.

8. Evaluate yourself for any unbecoming or repulsive habits (nose picking in public, spitting everywhere, a miser, etc)

Cukup lah tu. kalau nak lagi pergi beli sendiri lah CD tu OK.



Ruby M. said...

good tips! thanks for sharing ;)

atenah said...

mmmm susah nak cakap la AN, the best is to buat solat hajat mita jodoh je la. after all benda yg baik why not ask from Allah kan. but of coz these tips mmg elok even kalau tak memancing pun. anyway bab yg argumentative ayoo tak boleh den nak menolong :)

Ely said...

very good tips auntyN. thanks for sharing :)


5. Smart girls (but never to overshadow the man smartness)

anyone not agree?

i agree...

AuntyN said...

Maknenek and Ely: Good things kalau di share lebih berkat, You are welcome. Banyak lagi tu, I just pen down some tu.

Tenah : hang kata saja macam tu, entah2 kalau dengan laki hang (future tense) tu ikut saja apa dia kata, pijak semut pun tak mati hehehe

Anne : We can be samrt but not to always menunjuk2 kita ni smart. But to me ot works both ways lah.
Ely :

WRA said...

tumpang lalu...
good advice...paling suka yg last sekali...no nose picking in public :)

anedra said...

AuntyN, I saw this CD once at a Petronas Station along the highway..but N looked at me suspiciously (hehehe, like you!) when I picked it up. So, I put it backlah! So, thanks for the tips from the CD.

I don't know about sending "mental" vibes in the middle of the night to my loved one. Kalau dia dah tertidur, even if I punch him..he won't sedar..what more mental vibes!

Care to explain? ;)

Anonymous said...


Terkena dua das.

To make a man fall in love with you...

Be a woman.Not something in between.

he he

AuntyN said...

alex lacey : that's only one, there shud be many others..

anedra : now you can tell N that we bought it as well.
Anedra hembus kat telinga dia lah tu kuat2.

Po : hahaha. To make a woman fall in love with you be a MAN and NOT something between OK!!! *Pulang paku buah keras ni* He he he.

I Feel Good said...

Thank you for your well wishes. Alhamdulillah I just got back on Sat morning. Kak Teh just informed me of the post she put up regarding my departure. Thank you again and salam kenal,


p.s.Didn't feel like going home...

AuntyN said...

Nour : Welcome home, I know the feeling. So nostalgic you wouldn't want to come home. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

"..holidays. Boleh lah bersembang bertampar mesra, or something of that effect..."

Ha ha,. Camner lak pagi pagi senin rasa the statement so Spot on. Bull's eye..

On Repulsive Habits /Behaviour.., adjah parking is considered as one ka? He he,. Whatabout yang slalu repair- repair rambut /tudung ?


Anonymous said...

Off topic sat. Dalam byk2 banner yg kawan2 bubuh, saya paling berkenan dan suka dengan banner aunty ni. So peaceful dan sejuk mata memandang (banner tu). :)

btw, maleh nak komen pasal entry ni. Takde mood. hehehehhehe


ibuVouge said...

aunty N
my hubby beli cd ni untuk anniversary aritu..
my respond same with u..rasa cam nak terkeluaq biji mata.
tapi bila dengaq reason dia..terharu pula...hehhehe

AuntyN said...

Tj : Tak payah kira hari, hari2 pun boleh beramah mesra dengan isteri tu.

Delinn : Terimakasih. Nanti aunty cakap dgn Maknenek. Pasal yg lain tu aunty faham :-)

IbuVogue : kita ni kena dok basuh sikit otak janagn dok fikir negative saja ni. Goos CD this one.

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