August 19, 2005


I like CSI, yes, the TV series CSI=Crime Scene Investigation. I know a lot of you out there like CSI as well. In fact if time permitted I would watch all the 3 CSIs. CSI, CSI=Miami and CSI=NY. But I like the original CSI the best. Maybe it was the "chemistry-trained" in me that make me like the series so much. I am fully aware that since it is a TV series that they are potrayed as a very glamourous job, those acted the parts are potrayed as being such noble and professional criminalist or chemists as they are called in Malaysia.

Last year when I restricted my daughters to watch TV during the week-nights, I would still allow them to watch CSIs. Kak Long's interest in chemistry grew by watching CSI. Hubby does not like it because he said it is a slow show, no action. He prefers action packed, people shooting bullets at other people or smacking people's anatomy with their fists or legs. Too violent.

I remembered between third and final year in USM, we had a chance to do a practical or industrial training. I was very interested in analytical chemistry at that time. The lectures was an old, small size and disabled man (tempang, but the type with very strong willpower). He used to work in the Jabatan Kimia Pulau Pinang before he applied to further his study and became the lecturer in USM. A friend Ainon and I were accepted to do a practical training in the Chemistry Department (near the GH) in Penang during the holidays. If not mistaken we were there for 6 weeks. So we had the chance to actually be hands on with the work of the Chemistry department (2 weeks at each lab). We were not allowed to do even enter the crime lab for obvious reason.

2 weeks each were spent in the labs, strating with the microbiology lab where they will have to cultivate and study spores, algae and microorganism. More on the food and water contamination for those sample sents for evaluation by other government department (DOE and the likes). At that time this lab was run by a lady chemist. Then we were in the water lab where they calculate the BOD and COD of the water samples. Maybe Hana Kirana and OOD will be able to give a proper definition of the two terms. I think with more polluted rivers all over Malaysia, this lab is busier now then previously. The next lab which we were able to enter and help with actual work was the food lab. We heard that the staffs (they were understaff then) were looking forward for us to be there for 2 weeks. Free labour, who don't want right?. This lab would analyse the dye stuff used in the food whether they are what the manufacturer claimed that they were, the % of rice as per claimed on the packet, whether the tea leaves were added with colourings, those kind of stuff.

On the last day of our stay there we did request to enter the crime lab. Due to the fact that the lecturer used to work there, we were given the permission. I can actually relate the way the bullets were matched in CSI and in the crime lab was very similar. Using the microscope to match the groove made by the fired bullet. At that point DNA, were not as popular as now, and finger prints were still being matched manually by samples.

Back then, most things were very manually done. Even the chromotogaphy was done very manually for the die to be seperated in their different "wavelength". I hope the instruments have been upgraded. To see the CSIs do their jobs so fast and efficient with the help of the most sophisticated gadgets and software, I wonder whether our Chemistry Depts are as sophisticated. I wouldn't mind working in such environment potrayed in the CSI. In fact I think I would have loved it. I would be able to actually practice my chemistry knowledge. But, being a criminal chemist is a stressful job, you really have to be so thorough to be able to handle all the questions posted in court by the defense lawyer. I was told that one of the Chemists in Penang at that time, wrap and re-wrap the evidence 8 times!! to make sure she wrapped the right thing. It was troublesome because the evidence need to be sealed when they are brought to the court.

On the funny side, I was told sometimes by some people that they can "open up" to me because I seemed to have asked the "right" questions. I remembered some of my friends used to tell me their problems. Maybe I am just a good listener or maybe I also a good CSI ?

To those who like CSI which CSI character do you like?
I like Grissom, my daughter Kak Long like the DNA guy in CSI, what his name? I can't remember.


Anonymous said...

i love greg...he's a cutie-pie with hard to find one like that nowadays !!

Lou (a.k.a. rainpuddles) said...

I love CSI! And my favourite is also the original CSI Las Vegas. I love all the characters but I think my favourite would have to be Sarah. She reminds me a bit of myself.

(I found your blog hitting the "next blog" button. Hope you don't mind me stopping by.)

ibuVouge said...

i'm also love Grissom...but for the conclusion i like all the character..

K~ said...

I too found your blog by hitting the "next" button. But I just also happen to LOVE CSI. Only the original one though. As for characters it really depends on the day as to who I most feel like.
I like Grissom for his not always logical approach to things.
I like Sarah for being grounded.
I like everyone for different reasons but those two in particular.
Great Blog. I'd comment on more but I can't read the second one at all lol.

1na said...

My hubby and i suuuukaaaaaaaaa Grissom.. Cool, sophisticated tp tenggelam dalam dunia sendiri hehehehehhe

AuntyN said...

OMG, I am hit by spams. Terkejut kejap tengok banyak nye komen, tau, tau dari orang yang tak dikenali.

AuntyN said...

minah blur : Greg is the guy.

lou (a.k.a rainpuddle) : Thanks for stopping by, I don't mind as long as you come with GOOD intention. But be forewarned you may not be able to read some entries.

ibuVogue : sama lah kita suka Grissom tu. Yang lain pun OK jugak tu.

K~ : Thanks for the compliment (about the great blog). You won't be able to read some entries unless you learn our language. LOL

1na : Hubby pun suka sekali CSI tu, best nye boleh share tengok dgn dia. My hubby tido bila i tgk CSI.

Anonymous said...

Both my hubby and I love the show- each one of them differently . Hubby I personally like Grissom character , tapi I suka dgn Horatio. Cannot miss onelah .

Anonymous said...

CSI (only program I watch)here is shown on Tues, Sat and repeats on Fri. Fit my schedule around them.Hubby thinks I'm mad. Prefers Horatio a lot.


Ni said...

done my practical training at cement factory lab, an all male environment. Also a chemist, once.

Anonymous said...

Haha....CSI used to be my favourite. Until they started to show NCIS. CSI became slow to me. But I still watch it if there is no NCIS. My hubby and I always make fun of, how they talk about not-contaminating the evidence and crime scene, wearing gloves and all, but no protective gear caps or plastic clothes or plastic footies. Like, one of them can easily be the murderer and find their own hari and fingerprints, and just say "of course my hair was there. I was investigating the crime scene"---ha?

Anonymous said...

i sometimes imagined myself as calleigh duquesne..(minus the perfectly toned body and the blond hair and the blue eyes that is)

Anonymous said...

semua suka, tapi suka kat coroner esp alex (CSI New York)..

tapi sian kat H, season baru kakak ipar dia merangkap secret admire dia tuh dah ade pakwe.. uwaaaa

anedra said...

I'm a CSI hantu. Every Monday, Tues, and Wednesday will leave the office earlier to make sure will be home in time for CSI. The Las Vegas season finale was superb too. My fav? It's that Warrick guy in CSI Vegas. He's just Y.U.M!

Anonymous said...

I love CSI, all three of them! It's great that Astro now shows them all together on a Sunday. If I miss any during the weekdays, Sundays I'll be glued to the TV hehehe

Grissom is by far the BEST CSI leader. Horatio and Taylor still have a long way to prove themselves.

But like I said, all three CSI are the best and I wouldn't miss them unless I have too :o(

AuntyN said...

Wah ramai rupanya yang suka CSI ni ye.

Zareda Norman said...

zar also loveeeee CSI, the feberet guy of course ler Horatio.. he is cute.. to me lah.. grissom is too serious but nicky also hensem .. hehheh

Anonymous said...

DNA Guy.. Is it Greg or Nick...
previous CSI Greg was the DNA guy..
but now he's doing the field jobs..
sian Greg kene buli ngan senior2..

Anonymous said...

Count me in, AuntyN!

Rasanya my current work ada sikit2 cam CSI gak la.. (nak jugak kait tu!). Anyway, I like the Vegas' CSI 2 hrs season finale hari tu.. yg Nick kena buried alive tu.. pergh!

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