August 02, 2005

I was away

For those who have come to my blog for the past 3 days, thank you for dropping by. I know you all must have been asking where has AuntyN been, she has not updated her blog for 3 days. Which is so NOT like her not to be online for a day.
I was away for the past 3 days. Actually I went down to cyberjaya to fetch Kak Long. She is on 1 week leave, and being the "anak baba", we decided to fetch her, at the same time we would be able to visit my sis-in-law (hubby's eldest sister). My SIL was hospitalised about a month ago, right after we came home the last time we visited Kak Long in MMU. My SIL is also diabetic and her right foot was swollen. She was in hospitals for 2 weeks, the reason according to her was that she cut her toe with a plastic. The doctor said that if the swell did not receed then the toe may have to be cut off. But she was advised to seek a second opinion on that diagnosis. She is lucky to have an unmarried son staying with her to take care of her. As off Sunday, her foot was getting better, no need to cut off the toe.

I am getting somewhat close to her right now. I used not to like her very much when I was younger, I found her to be quite possessive with hubby, her other siblings and her sons as well, but as we grow older, I found that I now able to understand what make her like that. She hadn't had an easier life as well. She discovered that her husband of many years, have had a second wife only after 10 years he was married to the lady. When the husband was diagnosed with Parkinson diseases, she clinged to the idea that he was going to get well, giving the chance to her "madu" to "swindle" the hubby's business to herself. In the end after the death of the husband, the step-mother just rejected the eldest son from the company, leaving him jobless and helpless.

The journey to MMU was uneventful, smooth and safe. Alhamdullilah. We arrived at about 2.30 pm at Kak Long's hostel. While she was getting ready with all her things, I and Angah, siap menyakat, Kak Long's friend on the YM. The poor boy did not know that he was against a pro "penyakat" online. He assumed it was Kak Long all the while until we decided to let him know that it was us. I was not tolally NOT online. Kan dah kata penagih tegar ni. Mana boleh tak pegang keybord untuk beberapa hari. Sempat jugak baca update seseorang tu dari MMU on Saturday tu. Tapi masa tu belum ada beribu-ribu bintang lagi tu.

Spend the Saturday nite at SIL house, at least she had our company for the week-end eventhough it was for a short while. Terhibur jugak lah dia. On the way home we, went to Plaza Low Yat because hubby was looking for his PDA battery. Sampai sakit kaki aku berjalan dari satu tingkat ke satu tingkat. Aku bukan suka sangat kalau window shopping nowadays, tak larat jalan. I will usually window shop when I am stressed. But, in that condition actually I would be oblivious to the surrounding shops, I would not know what were there in the window. Dok layan perasaan saja masa tu. Beli pun tidak, just want to be in the crowd. Although I like driving, I do not want to be driving when I am stressed, it may be dangerous for me or other people.

After that we went to KLCC, hubby wanted to go to Kinokuniya to look up some books his friends asked him to buy. I went off to OSIM first to get the water filter cartridge before I joined him at the bookshop. Syia didn't follow us to KL because she had a TaeKwanDo test, to upgrade from her current blue belt to red. Nothing could persuade her to come along so stayed back home. But she called me a few times Sunday to ask when we would be arriving home. The first call was when we were still in SIL's home. I told her that we would not be going home on Sunday, we'd be home on Monday, but she said, it would be an absolute no, no for that. Later she called again we, were on the way to Plaza Low Yat, then the next call came when we were about to have dinner in KLCC. She was complaining that she was bored waiting for us. I guessed that she missed Kak Long, that the more true reason.

In the end it was nearly 9.00 pm when we actually head home from KLCC. Stopped by Tapah R&R for solat and because hubby said he was sleepy. I was trying to sleep as soon as we were in the car, but failed to do so. I drove after Tapah while hubby get some shut-eye. The gilrs were awake, but you could hear their phone SMS tone which was irritating the father. Change driver after Sungai Perak where we stopped to fill up the fuel tank (now increased by 10 cent per liter *sigh*). Eventually we arrived home at about 2.00 pm.

I was telling hubby that I was going to come to work on Monday, but, my whole body ache so much (almaklumlah, badan dah lama ni :-), bukan tua tau :-)), that after Subuh, I just crawled back under the blanket. Sleep the whole morning off until almost noon. The office called and I said I wasn't feeling well. Ponteng kerja lah semalam tu hehehe, sebab tak apply cuti before hand tu. Dah tengah hari, both hubby and me decided to get up and start the rest of our days. I went off to pay whatever bills that I could not do online. Came back after 3.00 pm, solat zhuhur, and online sekejap sementara menunggu masuk waktu Asar. (Note to someone : I took off my telekung while I was surfing tu, :-) ). Lepas asar baru nak jenguk kat dapur, lepas maghrib baru nak boleh online balik. Cuma masa kat rumah SIL saja lah yang tak online tu.

As we were driving to KL, my friend NS called to asked if the re-union on 6th is on. I eventually told her that she should proceed to organise it in KL, we from the North would be joining if we can. She SMSes back to confirm, and as I would be sending Kak Long back next week-end, would be able to join the re-union. I called up a few friends and looks like we would be going after all. I will try to post photos of us before (29 years ago) and now. For sure there are lotssss of difference in sizes right now since we all have become makciks already. There definitely a lot to catch up.

It was a tired week-end for me. I hope all of you have had a productive week-end.


Anonymous said...

hoho..ponteng keje marin yek? takpee...badan lama (not tua, right??), sesekali nak rehat jugak kan Aunty?

Anonymous said...

Aunty N,

Which badge were u masa kat STF tu (SPM ?). When i look at your photo (yg menari tu, ada yg mcm i kenal, whom were my classmates ). Let me know, eh ?

tunfatimah sk82

Adnilsa Malia said...

Aunty N

You batch 1976 ker? Just a wild guess from reading you entry

adnilsa sk92

AuntyN said...

oren : hehehe,ponteng le sekali sekala tu.

tunfatimah & adnilsa : 1976 spm. Some of those yg kat dalam gambar nari tu were juniors. Possibly your classmates. That one was the green house team tu.

anedra said...

spm 1976? i was only 1 yr old then! NOT that I'm saying that u'r old lah!! hehehe! jangan marah aunty!!

Anonymous said...

AN i baru jer balik survey flatscreen samsung 17" its rm980 laa...kat mana yg boleh dpt rm350 tu..nak gak p tgk :)))
happy reunion to u n frens

Anonymous said...

wkend was gr8. the whole of last week was gr8. one of my mak n adeq angkat was in town. sronok jumpa depa, bw jln, makan2, but parting was all too soon. i love to play host so, bila nak mai Kch? heheee..

yes.. reunion are gr8 events too. enjoy!

patut la dok menyepi past few days.. ;)

Nazrah Leopolis said...

auntyN amek spm 1976? masa tu umoq saya baru setahun, kecik tet lagi aunty.

*mohon tunjuk ajar*

i hope kak long will do well at MMU, ada apa2 hal, feel free to contact me okay? i still have good contacts over there.

Anonymous said...

chewah...Intan tunjuk power...

Anonymous said...

ingatkan aunty dah nak abandon blog..
sib baik dah updet

Anonymous said...

aunty penagih tegar, mana bleh abandon blog hehehhehehe


Anonymous said...


sk1995 (ceh muda lela u)

AuntyN said...

anedra : huhuaaaaaa, memang dah tua pun.

Kak Safiah : Hubby yg habaq tu, tapi maybe bukann true flat TFT kut sebab tu murah tu.

lilheaven : nanti aunty pi Kch, kut tak larat nak layan... Insyaallah sampai lah nanti OK.

nazrah : So far Kak Long is doing OK, thanks for the offer and will take it up if needed. Thanks again.
Ye lah kita memang dah tua ni huhuhuhu.

Ailin : welcome!, welcome!, nazrah memang POWER bukan tunjuk power jer tu.

Atiz : Tak lah nak abandon blog, insyaallah selagi termampu akan cuba update jugak blog ni.

SB : Haah la, belum berjaya mengurangkan ketegaran ni :-)

Atenah : Betui2 ke tu tang muda lela tu hehehe

Ely said...

auntyN,glad u had a good break from blogging hehehee. i meant good break past 3 days lah, alah u know what i mean :)

Anonymous said...

baru tau ada istilah penagih tegar untuk internet. :) kalau camtu i have to signup la for the so-called pusat serenti :) (itupun kalau ada lah)

Nazrah Leopolis said...

ha aunty, ailin pun cable dia besar kat MMU tu.heheh.

ailin: kita tak tunjuk la, kita "offer" power.boleh?

Anonymous said...

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