August 08, 2005

The Wedding Plan

Thank you to all you who did come by, during the week-end. Still a bit too tired from the journey home to update this blog. We reached home at about 1.30 am last night. I come to work today and for sure today I am indeed going to need lots and lots of Nescafe doses.

Last thursday morning, my eldest brother (Abang Long) dropped by early in the morning and told my hubby that he would be dropping by, with my other siblings, who are residing within the area, at my house to discuss the wedding plan for Shah.

To those who doesn't remember Shah, he is my younger brother, 2nd last in the family. Had problem with his first marriage and a divorcee with 2 kids. We found him a suitor a few months back, a lady with a daughter, also a divorcee. They became engaged 2 months ago and we are now planning for their wedding. Sound grand, not really since this is the second time for each of them.

Abang Long, his wife, my sis S and Shah came just before maghrib. They said they had their dinner prior to coming to my house. A good thought on their part for not wanting to trouble me to cook something for them, I guessed. After maghrib we all sat down to discuss the wedding.

Abang Long looked at the calender and since it was going to be a school holiday soon, there would be lots of wedding during the week-end. To do it on week days would be too troublesome as almost all of us would be working. Only SIL would be free as she is teacher. In the end we picked 3rd September 2005. Shah said as long as it was not 2 September it would be fine. 2 September was his first wedding date, the marriage which had failed.

In the end these what have been decided.

Date : 3 Sept - Akad nikah and kenduri.
Venue : My house
Occasion : 3 in one - Kenduri Arwah ayah (dah setahun menurut tahwim hijrah Bulan Rejab and Sept 2004), Kenduri Shah, house warming for me.

I hope this time Shah will find happiness. He desserved it after many years of heart break. Maybe some will say that when a man divorces his wife he could find a substitute very fast. In Shah's case it was more of a necessity than the sexual thing. Right now his children are with his ex-wife, who in my opinion is not fit to be a mother. I am not going to elaborate but children are AMANAH from Allah, we have the duty to execute that amanah with love and responsibility. We, the brothers and sisters and Shah himself just cannot sit still looking at the children's future being spoilt (to put it in mild term).

It is going to be a busy month for me to prepare my house for the kenduri. It is not going to be a big, grand affair more of a doa selamat only, between family and neighbours, if you happen to be my neighbour you are welcome to the kenduri.


De'Kapai said...


Tak nak pakai event manager ke?, I coordinator wedding Datuk N & Norjuma kat mandarin oriental... glamour gitu...

Anyway my best wishes to both pengantin baru yang kali kedua..

badrul said...

auntie n...

errr... duduk kat puchong nih kira neighbour jugak ka? :)

selamat pengantin baru & selamat naik rumah baru...

AuntyN said...

De'kapai : Pengantin tak glemer, tak payah pakai wedding planner.

Bad : Duduk Puchong ke? Entah2 neighbour..
Rumah aunty tu dah lama dah duduk tapi sejak renovate tak pernah buat kenduri tu yang jadi house warming tu..

meandbaby said...

AuntyN, salam to your bro..we will share the same anniversary date...what a coincidence..

AuntyN said...

meanbaby : ye ke? An auspicious date tu kan?
Congrats to u. Annivessary yg ke berapa? Semoga jodoh berpanjangan.

Anonymous said...

heheee.. 3 Sept? a day before my burp-day tuh. cewaahhh promote sat. =P

anyways, semoga selamat berbahgia ke anak cucu. insyaAllah. weddings are such beautiful events. =) happy, happy occasions.

happy house warming too. hehee..semoga dimurahkan rezeki selalu n family sihat sejahtera senantiasa.

al-Fatihah buat arwah.

OOD said...

kerja baik nak langsung! Tahniah utk semua. Semoga benda baik ni membawa banyak lagi perkara baik2.

saya tumpang gembira, tumpang lega.

Anonymous said...

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Kak Teh said...

selamat berbahagia ke anak cucu - kalau lah kak teh boleh balik masa tu!!!!

AuntyN said...

lilheaven : Bday? OK Insyaallah aunty ingat untuk ucapkan. Thanks for the other wishes.

OOD : Terimakasih.

Kak Teh : Bila balik kita buat kenduri lain no..

Mutiara said...

Selamat pengantin baru..selamat masuk 'rumah baru' have fun jadi tuan rumah kenduri

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