March 23, 2005

Crank Call

I was driving to work this morning when my handphone rang. I picked it up and said :

Me : 'Hello'
Caller : "Boleh nak cakap dgn N ?" (Can I speak to N?)
Me : "Saya" (Yes, it's me)
Caller : "Nama saya Roslan" (My name is Roslan)
Caller : "Awak bagi no telefon ni kat saya". (You gave me your number)
: *Still thinking that this could be a business call. I am quite used to calls asking to see me on factory matters*. "Ye ke?" (Is that right?)

Sometimes my KL office or my colleagues gave my number to someone for business purpose, factory related matters.
Me : "Pasal apa ni?" (Why are you calling?) *Still in polite tone, I can't remember when I gave him my number and I don't recognise the voice*

Caller : Saje nak kawan2. (Just want to be friends)
Me : *Getting suspicious* "Bila saya bagi no. tel. kat awak?" (When did I give you my number?)
Caller : "Hari tu bagi". ( The other day)
Me: *Getting annoyed* "Awak nak apa sebenarnya?" (What do you want actually?)
Caller : "Esok ada ?" (Are you in tomorrow?)
Me : "Kenape?" (Why?)
Caller : "Nak ajak keluar makan2" ( Want to ask you out for a meal).
Me : "Macam mana kalau suami saya marah?" (What if my hubby gets angry).

Caller : "Tak payah bagi tau lah, bukan apa kawan2, makan saja". (No need to tell him, it's nothing just between friends and a meal only)
Me: "Takkan tak beritahu kat suami, dia mesti marah". (Surely I have to tell my hubby, he will definitely be angry) *Trying to get rid of the caller*
Caller : "Tak payah cakap lah" (No need to tell, OK)
Me : "Awak ingat saya ni umur berapa hah?" (How old do you think I am, hah?) *Getting exasperated*.
Caller hung up.
If he had continued, I would have said,
Me : "Aku dah 50 dah lah, awak ni tak malu ka nak ngorat pompuan tua yang dah kawin ni". ( I'm 50 years old and have you got no shame to pick-up an old married women).

The call reminded me to something that had happened many, many years ago. I had received obscence phone calls before. This happened when I was still staying at my mother-in-law's house. I already had 2 young daughters.
I had to have my home phone numbers available for the factory to call me in case there were problems at the factory. They were running 24 x 7, and I have to always be available.
The caller would call at any time of the day or even night. When a female voice replied be it my mom-in-lay or my sis-in-law or even my elderst daughter who was about 4 years old at that time, he would talk obscenities, telling them about how se*y I was, that he had slept with me and his p****s was how big, what he wanted to do with me etc, etc. I did pick-up the call several times, his voice was very familiar (like one of my subbordinates), so I naturally thought that was a call from the factory. (This factory is not where I am working right now. This was the factory where I started work. I have left the company almost 10 years ago).
I used to shout at him and threatened to make police a report. What made me angry was that he was so crude (that is too mild to describe him) to say such thing to an old lady (my mom-in-law) and to my young daughter. My daughter even told us, How come that man say all the bad words. I was so tensed-up that I even thought of changing the number. Didn't do that because it was mom-in-law's house and imagine all the trouble of telling all the relatives and friends of the new number.

After a few times of slamming down the phone on him, the calls stopped. Alhamdullilah.

So, En Roslan, I do know your number and if you try that again I will publish it here. I don't remember giving you my number, however way you obtained it, I'm not interested to have a meal with you. Thank you very much.


alia said...

wahhhhh terhangat juga yer Aunty nih.hehhehe

paperpun org yg gila camtu memang x patut dilayan...buat sakit otak jer...

*bak mai nombor dier..biaq ni mama laks nak kacau dier..hehehhe*


hmmm...ada lagi orang macam tu. desperate sangat ler tu...

Puteri said...

my mum got one dirty phone call. whispering, asking is there any ***** in da house. when she told us abt it, me n my sis laughing like crazy. my mom got so irritated. hehe.kesian mak aku.

Anonymous said...

kasi gertak sama dia patutnye dari awai2 lagi. Buat sore garang sure dia takut dah nak kacau.. :)

Anonymous said...

Orang gila mana tu Aunty N...

Kat malaysia pun ada prank call jugak ya..

berhati-hatilah Aunty, takut jgn ada orang kenal cuba nak memainkan auntyN.


miz_ct said...

byk betui duit org tu nak wat prank call.. isk isk isk..

atiza said... should report it to the police since you have the number. Maybe your hp number is printed in your name card?

Zareda Norman said...

Hai aunty N. First time zar keisni dari blog MA.

Dulu zar pernah kena macam, zar hantar sms

'I already send your sms and phone number to the police station. Thank you'
After that no more irritating sms lagi from this fellow.. ahakss.. Padahal tak hantar pun kat mana mana balai polis. Saja jer gertak

AuntyN said...

Bat : yg hari nye tak teruk sangat biarlah.

Anne : biasalah manusia.

Puteri : Jangan gelak, when it happen to you memang tension.

Delinn : Masa tanya umur tu dah garanglah tu sbb tu dia letak terus.

AuntyN said...

Om : kat mana pun ada, yg pelik tu dia siap tahu nama and boleh cakap nama dia lagi.

Atiza : Sabar dulu lah kalau ada lagi mungkin lah report tu. I;ll tell my bro-in-law (an ACP nanti).
My handphone not printed on my name card.

miz-ct : Kalau sedekah pun dapat pahala kan?

Zar : I've seen ur name at MA's blog. Thank u for the tips, I'll do that if he calls again.

Anonymous said...

waa aunty, still hot huh?

kiter pun dpt panggilan2 seks*a tuh, huhu..tension tension tension

shidah said...

auntyn, kalau dia kacau lagi, pakat ngan kengkawan cll dia ramai2 tak kira time, kasik padan muka dia!

Puteri said...

bat, it did happened to me. asked if i wanted to have a phone sex. i told him to shove the phone up his ass. u shud listen to how my mom relate the story. u'll laught too.

Puteri said...

eh, bat pulak. to AN actually..apehal aku tingat bat lak nih..hehe

Anonymous said...

aiii.. ingat kat bat? ahaks.. *LOL*

AuntyN said...

cn : dia tak nampak rupa boleh lah nak try ngorat kalau dah tengok kut lari kut?

shidah : rasanya tak kacau lagi dah, kalau dia try jugak aunty publish lah no dia & suruh semua geng2 tepon OK?

Puteri : Ingat kat Bat tak pe, jgn dok ingat "hantu" tu dah lah. Malam2 ceroboh umah org tu.

Delinn : la kata nak study?

JoeBangla said...

oh tidakkkk....dah dapat idea ni nih, nanti nak call AN, nak menyamar jdi Bangla, rasa2nya AN boleh kenal ker? tungguuuuu!!!!! :-)

alia said...

hahahha engko rindu aku ekkkk???

come here my darling..hahahhaha:-)

AuntyN said...

Joe : Budak bertuah ni, nak takutkan kita pulak.
Akan aunty tungguuuuuuu!!!!

Lollies said...

tak ada kerja lain ke dia orang ni

Ewok said...

tsk tsk tsk...sabar je lah

DeLinn said...

amboi bat..kemain.. *come here my darling* lagi.. tak tahan aku kekeekekeke

alia said...

hahhaha delinnn.. itu baru cakap jer tu.. blum aku meliuk lentuk lagi..hhahahha

AuntyN said...

Lollies : Tak de keje lah tu , makcik pun nak kena ngorat.

Ewok : Sabarlah ni, sebab tu baru kasi warning je.

Bat & Delinn : Buat lah macam umah sendiri ye, hahaha

MA said...

Kak N, saya dulu kena (masa bujang).

Idiot : Hello

MA : Hello

Idiot : Err..pegang kejap ye ! (and he went off - or so I thot)

MA : *hold on for abt 30 secs before he got back on*

Idiot : yek awak pegang saya punya *toot*

MA : celaka !

hang up the phone.

AuntyN said...

Mak Andeh : celaka betul orang tu.

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