March 18, 2005

There Is Greatness Within You

Disclaimer :
1.This is dedicated to someone yang jauh di mata tapi dekat di hati. Hanya dia akan tahu siapa dia itu.

2. This poem was on the computer table when I got back, my hubby must have bought it from the bookshop. It was in a poster with a very beautiful view.

3. I thought that I would share it with you all because it is so beautiful and because I am a very sentimental person.


Throughout your life, always pursue
Sensitivity and kindness
As your chosen way.

A sense of humour is wonderful;
Hold on to yours,
Being able to laugh at the world
Will see you through many hard times.

Guard against bitterness and sarcasm;
They can destroy you. Be yourself;
The world will benefit from your talent.

Search for people who love and
Appreciate you for who you are
And who encourage you to improve

Don't be satisfied with less
Than all you can be
For you have Greatness Within You


MA said...

**tengah perasan nih**

Kak N, it is a beautiful poem. Eh, for me ke ? *perasan lagi*

Kak Teh said...

AuntyN, kak teh pun jauh jugak...(lagi perasan sendiri!)

alia said...

amboi...loving gitewww *jeles nih..idung kembang kuncup*

Anonymous said...

Sayapun perasan la AuntyN. Ni ramai orang yang jauh-jauh dan baik ngan AuntyN...siapalah insan bertuah yang dimaksudkan tu..

walaupun saya tahu bukannya saya :(


atenah said...

is it me you're looking for (lionel richie) pong perasan gak

CN said...

kiter pun jauh gak..hehehe

JoeBangla said...

oh tidakkkkk......tak sempat aku nak perasan dulu, dah ramai orang terperasan :-)