March 21, 2005

Live Life To the Fullest

Each day is precious
And so full of wonderful possibilities.
Do not waste your day by worrying about your problems.
Leave all your worries behind.
Instead, fill your life with peace and serenity.
Enjoy the simple pleasures in this complex world.
Happiness lies within you.

Yes, I agree each day is precious
But how do I throw away my sadness?
How do I deplete my anger?
How do I protect myself?
Against this cruel world
So that the happiness can engulf me
And happiness lies within me.

Should I reminesce in my past?
Drown myself in my sorrow?
Or should I turn my life around?
Pray to Him to pull me out of my misery?
To be guided to the right and righteous path
So that happiness can again be mine
And happiness lies within me.

So as I repeat to myself those precious words,
Each day is precious
And so full of wonderful possibilities.
I make a little prayer for Him to guide me through
To turn my darkness into bright sunny day
I succumb to the possibilities to enjoy the simple pleasure
This cruel and complex world would offer
So that happiness can again lie within me.

Note : This is for whoever, who are in need of strength and courage to get through our daily lives. Be strong and always Tawakkal, Insyaallah things will look better. If we think that our problem is the worst, think of others who have worse problem than us.


shidah said...

wise words. blik bercuti ni memang kena banyak dengr wise words.... kalu tak tu maleh je nak pi kerja :)

atenah said...

thanks, i try not to think that my problem is the worst but sometimes it's just too tiring to be strong all the time

Kak Teh said...

thanks, thanks, thanks....

Anonymous said...


hugs+kisses to you too

atiza said...


Puteri said...

nice words AN. but some people are just too cocky to accept words of courage. *hmmm*

AuntyN said...

Thank you all, harap2 boleh tolong sikit2 memudahkan perjalanan hidup ini.

Anonymous said...

3 words - ' inspiring, modest, encouraging'. Thank you AuntyN


miz_ct said...

AN.. "Each day is precious".. if only we really appreciate what a day can offer us .. hmm..

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