March 19, 2005

Friendship Means A lot To me

Since there were some people who were so "perasan" when I posted the poem There Is Greatness Within You with a dedication to someone, this one is dedicated to ALL those who have become my friends whether you have been invisible (reading in silence) or have left some comments. I do appreciate everyone of you who I am thinking of as very special friends.

As friendship means a lot to me..

Jadi semua tak payah nak perasan lagi dah OK, hehehe...


miz_ct said...

same here.. friendship means a lot to me.. but then .. some of my friends do not appreciate our friendship.. hmm..

AuntyN said...

Miz_ct : sapa2 yang ada intention baik untuk berkawan dengan aunty, aunty terima dengan hati terbuka.
I have lots more friends now then before. Alhamdullillah

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